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Both 15.05.2020 12:36:37

philosophy beautiful harmony peace both patient life attitude god spirituality tolerant happiness choice father gratitude blessings love heart chance love is feelings souls sarah kay inspiration hope change beauty
. “I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both.” . ~ Sarah Kay . I was so enamored, so impressed with her that I ever noticed that there was a worst in her. My father was reminiscing on how he and mum were able to enjoy each […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Being Human 08.05.2020 12:36:32

change beauty loving hope kind inspiration great creator chance heart gratitude blessings tolerant happiness viktor frankl choice happy god spirituality attitude faith friendship being human kindness is life patient humble kindness soul harmony higher power peace motivation joy philosophy
‘ ‘Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself – be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter.” ‘ ~ Viktor Frankl . Get out of yourself, be happy, be kind, be loving, be the person your Higher Power wants you to be. To be […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

What Counts 01.05.2020 12:36:53

faith compassion happy spirituality attitude expectations higher power peace beautiful joy philosophy forgiving what counts life patient kindness soul kind inspiration great creator abraham lincoln beauty loving hope love gratitude blessings tolerant choice life is heart
. “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” . ~ Abraham Lincoln . Time flies by  too fast as it is so don’t waste it worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, just try to put as much living into today as you can. Today, […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Awaken Joy 24.04.2020 09:36:20

problem awaken joy loving change feelings solution swami satguru sivaya subramuniya souls free chance choice happiness tolerant love blessings attitude spirituality god happiness is feel silence life patient motivation joy philosophy higher power peace beautiful
. “Listen for silence in noisy places; feel at peace in the midst of disturbance; awaken joy when there is no reason.” . ~ Swami Satguru Sivaya Subramuniya . Choice: feed into the noise or listen for the silence. Choice: be a part of the riot or feel the peace within. Today, God will give […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Feel The Sweetness 17.04.2020 12:36:46

spirituality annie sullivan attitude soul kindness humble patient life feel the sweetness beautiful peace higher power expectations philosophy motivation change hope great creator inspiration love is chance gratitude love choice
. “Love is something like the clouds that were in the sky, before the sun came out. You cannot touch the clouds, you know; . . . You cannot touch love either, but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything.” . ~ Annie Sullivan . Faith, even though you cannot see it or […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Kind Enough 14.04.2020 06:03:42

visit life chatter laugh turmoil humor doodle draw peace
                      I can’t help it.  I make myself laugh when I think of life. ©      ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

No Duty More Obligatory 10.04.2020 12:36:15

spirituality happy god no duty more obligatory feel kindness is cicero life patient kindness soul peace expectations beautiful joy change beauty great creator souls feelings chance free love gratitude blessings choice happiness
. . “There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness. “ . ~ Cicero . Someone was kind to me and then I dumped on them. Not returning a kindness is a real source of guilt and shame. If you have no guilt or shame for being crude, rude and obnoxious, then […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Choices 27.03.2020 11:36:20

love blessings choices tolerant choice friend chance heart souls seneca change loving expectations peace beautiful motivation philosophy life patient pray soul faith family silence feel happiness is happy spirituality
. “You are your choices.” . ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca . . God will give you the chance, the choice is yours. Doing the will of your loving Higher Power is a guarantee that the chances you will get will be filled with kindness, love, patience, tolerance and forgiveness. The choice is always easy when […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Im Irrenhaus 09.10.2012 01:49:00

vordermann blick auffangbecken verrückt calcium konseuquenzen alibi typ revoluzzer reinstoffe ziele erdgeschoss magnesium drogen tüte fragen terrasse herz körper probleme familie realität gesundheitszustand hals ionen mal sehen viva fidel möbel schikane zeit katarina sofa dinge junkies bob neugier menschen witz kurve wunsch bekannte aufzug haus pflanzen form eingangstür amt fruchtbowle naseweise augen worte mund hand mietparteien irre wahnsinn dachterrasse existenz geschichten energie hausverwalter amphetamin silizium leben planschbecken liegestühle sergej alltag treppenhaus spaß straße simone bewohner lsd ego absinth sessel paradiesvogel psychatriesystem peace oase erlebte freund stockwerke angst glas wohnung entzug nagellack nomalität kapitel irrenhaus
Ich lebe in einem Irrenhaus. Das ist kein Witz und auch kein Spaß, das ist der helle Wahnsinn. Hier leben so verrückte Menschen, Paradiesvögel, Junkies und so wenige normale Menschen, dass ich dieses Haus als Irrenhaus bezeichne, ohne mit der Wimper zu zucken. Kein bisschen! Und weil ich ganz unten im Erdgeschoss lebe, begegne ich […]... mehr auf mal7ehen.wordpress.com

yes, yes, yes ... 40,000 activists against G7 04.06.2015 23:03:00

capitalism kills nwo 40 jaro gruber stop g7 nato pro peace activist activists g7 monsanto stop nato merkel peace obama gmo kilez more ttip ceta stopg7
stop G7, stop NWO, stop NATO, stop war ... as is as easy as that, my dears :-)munich tries to stop the G7 summit today ... G7 starts in elmau in 3 days ... garmisch-partenkirchen, munich, from 7tf to 8 th june 2015) ~ we were 40.000 activists against G7 (+ TTIP, CETA, NATO, war, monsanto, GMO, impe... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

munich helps refugees - charity concert 20.11.2015 21:00:00

blue eagles allianz sam and dave flüchtlinge gsk zinseszins peace war save the world refugees bmw charity concert blockbusters microsoft krauss-maffei munich thursday@8 groove control mbda charity
what is the main reason for the current massive streams of refugees? wars and economic imperialism, if you asked me ... the climate refugees will follow soon, if we allow our economy to follow the current mad path of endless economic growth and compound interest (zinseszins) in a fiat mone... mehr auf jarogruber.com

PEACE im Sand von Fehmarn 11.03.2016 18:35:34

peace gitarre jimi e-gitarre flügge fehmarn kunst love and peace jimi hendrix
(c) NinoGelo 10. März 2016 – auf Fehmarn bei Flügge – ein Festival, das im Regen versank – der letzte Gig von Jimi   http://www.meereslauschen.wordpress.com – ——– –    ... mehr auf meereslauschen.wordpress.com

wehrkundetagung ~ 'security' conference, munich 13.02.2016 14:00:00

wehrkundetagung pace nato siko refugees wecker obama peace konstantin wecker stop nato sicherheitskonferenz
the munich wehrkundetagung (=military congress) is better known as the security conference today. well, it is still a congress, where the weapon industry meets politics + military officials + secret services => it is a perfect western war planning and war business event sponsored by western i... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

A little peace 19.05.2017 20:59:24

fotografie graveyard tod friedhof bild blumen peace flower death picture photography
Just like a flower when winter begins Just like a candle blown out in the wind Just like a bird that can no longer fly I’m feeling that way sometime   But then, as I’m falling, weighed down by the load I picture a light at the end of the road And closing my eyes,... ... mehr auf klapperhorn.wordpress.com

Jean Jullien X The Artist Behind The “Peace for Paris” Symbol 17.11.2015 09:24:35

peace for paris terror paris france peace allgemein
Nach den grausamen und sinnlosen Anschlägen vergangenen Freitag in Paris, taucht ein Symbol weltweit immer wieder auf. Das Symbol zeigt den Umriss des Eiffelturms in...... mehr auf mokkaauge.de

gebt dem Frieden eine Chance….. 15.11.2015 21:14:43

chance kriegstreiber querschläger peace 2015 frieden
Zum gegenwärtigen Kriegszustand in dieser Welt An alle Querschläger und Kriegstreiber… gebt dem Frieden eine Chance John Lennon-Give Peace a Chance Einsortiert unter:2015, Chance, Frieden, Kriegstreiber, Peace, Querschläger Tagged: 2015, Chance, Frieden, Kriegstreiber, Peace, Querschläger... mehr auf zentao.wordpress.com

labor day ~ may, 1st 02.05.2016 00:26:00

labor day nato solidarity 1. may 1. mai mayday peace ttip
what about the labor day peace and solidarity celebration in the centre of munich?well, we have had rainy and cold weather, but it was nice to meet friends from many peace & other anti-system movements again :-)... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

love 18.03.2015 23:00:00

love jaroslove jaroslav kufstein peace best of all wives
....thinking about worldwide peace ... is love the solution?wer liebe sät erntet den frieden... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

Morning Trip (279) 17.04.2017 14:34:55

morning trip don jose peace agreement mile on the moon--sarah jarosz lies believe knowledge doubt janet mills ruiz elisabeth connelley don miguel ruiz elisa serenity belief truth "elisa's spot" knowing
“When we doubt the truth, we start to believe in lies. Soon we believe in so many lies that we no longer see the truth, and we fall from the dream of heaven.” –Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, and Janet MillsFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", agreement, belief, believe, Don Jose, Don Miguel … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

they way we live (the lie we live) => wake up and save the world 03.05.2015 10:55:00

the lie we live love revolution 99% power save the planet peace world 1% money save the world
two videos about the way we live => it is time to wake up => stop the elites / revolution ... wake up now please ....... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

WTF!? // Oder auch: Was bei mir gerade so los ist 27.04.2018 14:59:51

wtf nicht ärgern-nur wundern blog peace frau zuckerbrötchen privat what the f*** privates mensch ärgere dich nicht nicht ärgern lassen klischees grummel was mich beschäftigt
Ich kapituliere                          Meine Tochter ist zu Zeit schneller unsere Wohnung in ein „Kriegsschauplatz“ zu verwandeln, als ich es schaffe, wieder Ordnung in das Chaos zu bekommen. Als ich sie neulich fragte: „Wie kann ein so kleines Wesen wie du, in so kurzer Zeit so ein Chaos anrichten?“, sagte sie nur trocken: „Talent“. ... mehr auf frauzuckerbroetchen.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (189) 11.07.2015 00:16:13

"elisa's spot" desired result serenity elisa thought stopping elisabeth connelley inner silence norah jones carlos castaneda morning trip peace
“Inner silence works from the moment you begin to accrue it. The desired result is what the old sorcerers called stopping the world, the moment when everything around us ceases to be what it’s been. It is this moment when man the slave becomes man the free being, capable of feats of perception that defy […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Quotations 19.05.2018 08:38:14

peace quotations
A Daily, a Weekly, a Monthly Process... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Silence 18.06.2018 20:14:31

2018 sea dunes nature photography dollarweed ocean sand peace beach zen waves sunrise june silence
  June 10, 2018 Advertisements... mehr auf debibradford.wordpress.com

Morning Trip 300 27.08.2017 16:00:34

possibilities peace elisa's spot morning trip shake it off unlimited choose frequency elisabeth connelley delerium feat. sarah mclachlan - silence (tiesto's in search of sunrise remix) elisa move wonder divine urge channel expression choose where to focus energy science of mind weave grounding opportunity
“‘My opportunities are unlimited. There is a Divine Urge to express. It permeates me and fills all space and all people. All of my affairs are in Its hands. To It are clearly visible the best ways, methods and means for my greater expression. I leave my affairs in the hands of this principle, and … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Internationaler Hummus Tag 13.05.2016 07:00:11

sesampaste :) kichererbsen israel eskalieren mit kürbis yummy pumpkin dip orient peace middle east tahini hokkaido naher osten kürbis hummus kürbis tahin verenas kochstudio so lecker orientalisch hummus for president חומוס tahina dips حمص aufstrich hummus
Heute feiern wir den 4. Internationalen Hummus Tag und da Hummus eines der größten Dinge ist (nach Jesus), die uns der Nahe Osten gebracht hat und das man morgens, mittags und abends essen kann, teile ich hier noch mal meine … Weiterlesen... mehr auf verenas-welt.com

mayday may day 01.05.2015 22:25:00

beer attac may day peace elmau google police hofräuhaus mayday g7 greenpeace
mayday or may day? proletarians of all countries unite :-) ... demo in munich and elsewhere today ...... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

easter march for peace ~ ostermarsch für frieden 20.04.2019 23:22:00

dkp rhythm frieden samba rhythm easter peace war 2019 mapc nuclear weapons pesco fc bayern münchen samba ostermarsch nato easter march hicks steven hicks
easter march for peace in munich 2019. enjoy some SOUND (samba rhythm), insights + pictures :-). the main topics were yemen, venezuela, nuclear weapons in europe, PESCO (permanent security coope... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

The Art of Peace (Shambhala Classics) 20.11.2016 15:40:57

classics shambhala peace ebooks
... mehr auf dofollow.de

FreeAssange - Freedom for Heroes 14.04.2019 15:29:00

assange freespeach freedom julian assange schutzengel truth hero wikileaks mainstream media ecuador peace freeassange viral assangehero lies julian
FreeAssange - freedom for heroes, jail for enemies of freedom, peace & humanity!i was not sure whether i should repost my old assange blog post from 2016 or write a new one con... mehr auf jarogruber.blogspot.com

A Matter Of Love 13.07.2018 12:36:50

attitude a matter of love spirituality god philosophy joy motivation higher power peace kindness soul life memory love is feelings great creator inspiration loving change beauty choice happiness stranger gratitude illusion blessings vladimir nabokov love heart chance
. “I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” . ~ Vladimir Nabokov . Love does many a strange thing and one of the strangest is how it can warp the thinking of a normally sane thinker. Love can make a memory […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

The First Peace 28.04.2018 13:00:13

god spiritual 3 quote challenge black elk soul philosophical peace oneness quotation
I want to thank Aguycalledbloke and  Anita Bowen at Onelightonesource for nominating me for the 3-Day Quote Challenge.  The rules are simple: I must thank those who nominated me, post one quote per day for three consecutive days, and nominate new bloggers each day. Today’s quote: The first peace, […]... mehr auf peacewithmylife.com

Morning Trip (216) 24.04.2016 13:43:41

mitis present elisa humanaura kevin baker grounding expectation vulnerability vulnerable peace elisa's spot morning trip elisabeth connelley letting go
“Why am I here? A moment realized is long gone over, peace comes from those who require not from others.” –Kevin BakerFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: elisa, elisa's spot, elisabeth connelley, expectation, grounding, humanaura, kevin baker, letting go, MitiS, Morning Trip, peace, present, vulnerability, vulnerable... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Your Own Actions 20.07.2018 12:36:14

feelings great creator friends kind inspiration dalai lama xiv hope change beauty happiness choice gratitude blessings heart chance friend uni-verse happiness is friendship attitude god happy dalai lama spirituality philosophy joy motivation your own actions beautiful harmony peace kindness life
. . “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” . ~ Dalai Lama XIV . . Happiness is an action. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself, the happier you will become. Thinking about being happy will never make you happy. Today, be spontaneous, without […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Die Glossybox im April – Love, Peace & Beauty 22.04.2016 18:12:04

glossybox unboxing kosmetikbox peace beauty love beautybox
Anzeige Meine Glossybox Love, Peace & Beauty Editon ist angekommen und ich packte sie natürlich umgehend aus. Und da haben wir auch schon den Inhalt. Studio 10 – Brow Lift Perfecting Liner, Look Good Feel BetterEin parabenfreier Augenbrauenstift. Man kann ihn allerdings durchaus auch Zweckentfremden und die eine Seite als Highlighter verwenden.... mehr auf makeupbeauty.de

James Pt 1 of 2 04.04.2018 08:48:30

diary ptsd sharing spirit love journal communion appreciation humanity teachy beauty self judgment oneness truth a course in miracles inspiration understanding health connection surrender relationships life beyond the veil stories religion peace daily living learning ego god spiritual spirituality awakening awake faith anger focus communication awareness
He smiled and rolled his eyes in the direction of the boys.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (325) 05.08.2018 13:47:17

concious contact elisabeth connelley silence western us--gordon hempton one square inch of silence morning trip elisa's spot peace grounding listening fiona macleod serenity elisa
“In the hollows of quiet places we may meet, the quiet places where is neither moon nor sun, but only the light as of amber and pale gold that comes from the Hills of the Heart. There, listen at times: there you will call, and I hear: there will I whisper, and that whisper will … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (309) 30.09.2017 15:20:47

elisa merge understanding conflict "elisa's spot" empath moving on esoteric empathy release peace morning trip raven digitalis resolution elisabeth connelley letting go ferry corsten - piece of you ft haliene [taken from blueprint]
“Empaths naturally struggle to accept the fact that not every issue, conflict, question, or dilemma can be resolved. One strong empathic lesson is to come to terms with the reality that not everything has an attainable resolution or concrete answer, especially in the immediate sense. If the resolution or closure of an issue is truly … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Our Obligation 11.01.2019 11:36:07

love choice tolerant life is chance kind elie wiesel inspiration feelings change beauty loving peace higher power expectations fearful beautiful motivation philosophy forgiving life patient habitual procrastinator kindness soul lazy faith procrastinator our obligation attitude
. “Our obligation is to give meaning to life, and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life.” . ~Elie Wiesel . . Lazy, fearful or just an habitual procrastinator, there are many reasons why someone may just be content to mumble through an indifferent life. Today, do not shirk your obligation, move a […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Keeping the Peace (Reprise) 11.06.2018 10:56:49

literature haiku poetry poems nonattachment peace
I choose...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com