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What Have I Missed 23.05.2020 15:39:59

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                What have I missed. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Often Change 22.05.2020 12:36:51

loving hope change often change inspiration souls great creator heart axis chance happiness tolerant choice love blessings gratitude happy god spirituality planet uni-verse happiness is life patient confucius soul humble kindness earth motivation philosophy expectations higher power beautiful
. “They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” . ~ Confucius . When you stop our galaxy from soaring through the universe, when you stop our earth from flying around the sun, when you stop our planet from rotating on its axis. then you can say I stopped things from […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Being Human 08.05.2020 12:36:32

kind inspiration great creator change beauty hope loving gratitude blessings viktor frankl choice tolerant happiness chance heart friendship faith being human spirituality god happy attitude higher power peace harmony motivation joy philosophy kindness is life patient humble kindness soul
‘ ‘Being human always points, and is directed, to something or someone, other than oneself – be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter.” ‘ ~ Viktor Frankl . Get out of yourself, be happy, be kind, be loving, be the person your Higher Power wants you to be. To be […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

What Counts 01.05.2020 12:36:53

life is tolerant choice gratitude blessings love heart great creator kind inspiration loving hope abraham lincoln beauty joy philosophy beautiful expectations peace higher power kindness soul life patient forgiving what counts compassion faith attitude happy spirituality
. “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” . ~ Abraham Lincoln . Time flies by  too fast as it is so don’t waste it worrying about yesterday or tomorrow, just try to put as much living into today as you can. Today, […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Feel The Sweetness 17.04.2020 12:36:46

choice gratitude love chance love is great creator inspiration hope change philosophy motivation beautiful higher power peace expectations humble kindness soul feel the sweetness life patient attitude spirituality annie sullivan
. “Love is something like the clouds that were in the sky, before the sun came out. You cannot touch the clouds, you know; . . . You cannot touch love either, but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything.” . ~ Annie Sullivan . Faith, even though you cannot see it or […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

No Duty More Obligatory 10.04.2020 12:36:15

feel god happy spirituality no duty more obligatory expectations peace beautiful joy kindness is cicero life patient kindness soul souls great creator feelings change beauty love gratitude blessings happiness choice chance free
. . “There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness. “ . ~ Cicero . Someone was kind to me and then I dumped on them. Not returning a kindness is a real source of guilt and shame. If you have no guilt or shame for being crude, rude and obnoxious, then […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

feeling warm and comforted 30.03.2020 08:35:00

walking timothy rodgers stones trees energy frances hodgson burnett healing coronavirus mind moore woodlands woods kindness sun signs pine cone connecticut people parks
Perhaps kind thoughts reach people somehow, even through windows and doors and walls. Perhaps you feel a little warm and comforted, and don’t know why, when I am standing here in the cold and hoping you will get well and happy again. ~ Frances Hodgson Burnett (A Little Princess) Last week was a little tricky. … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

” Everything is interconnected and we have infinite influence, yet no control” 26.03.2020 21:08:38

wisdom insight assertiveness loving kindness encouragement love appreciation mindufness courage inspiration kindness life intention motivation acceptance spirituality compassion awareness buddhism
~ A quote, below, from Dungse Jampal Norbu… wisdom that I read several years ago Insights that I had printed out and taped under my computer monitor, beneath our kitchen cupboard doors and onto several walls of our home…. such … ... mehr auf pocketperspectives.wordpress.com

open hands and hearts 30.11.2015 18:48:52

autumn raccoon hjemme frances hodgson burnett quotes kindness humor time nature blessings
If Nature has made you for a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart; and though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that – warm things, kind things, sweet things – help and comfort and laughter … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

A Matter Of Love 13.07.2018 12:36:50

a matter of love spirituality god attitude higher power peace joy philosophy motivation memory kindness soul life great creator inspiration love is feelings change beauty loving stranger illusion gratitude blessings vladimir nabokov love choice happiness chance heart
. “I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” . ~ Vladimir Nabokov . Love does many a strange thing and one of the strangest is how it can warp the thinking of a normally sane thinker. Love can make a memory […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Acts of Kindness (Reprise) 29.04.2018 18:21:32

metric kindness poems poetry sonnets literature
Please take this blanket -- let me think of you, When in my bed tonight, a little warm...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Your Own Actions 20.07.2018 12:36:14

friendship uni-verse happiness is happy god dalai lama spirituality attitude beautiful your own actions harmony peace philosophy joy motivation kindness life great creator friends kind inspiration feelings change beauty dalai lama xiv hope gratitude blessings happiness choice chance friend heart
. . “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” . ~ Dalai Lama XIV . . Happiness is an action. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself, the happier you will become. Thinking about being happy will never make you happy. Today, be spontaneous, without […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Our Obligation 11.01.2019 11:36:07

lazy faith attitude procrastinator our obligation motivation philosophy higher power peace expectations fearful beautiful patient life habitual procrastinator kindness soul forgiving feelings elie wiesel kind inspiration loving change beauty choice tolerant life is love chance
. “Our obligation is to give meaning to life, and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life.” . ~Elie Wiesel . . Lazy, fearful or just an habitual procrastinator, there are many reasons why someone may just be content to mumble through an indifferent life. Today, do not shirk your obligation, move a […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Three Things 21.06.2019 12:36:46

great creator inspiration tom bodett kind feelings change loving blessings gratitude love happiness tolerant choice chance heart faith compassion happiness is happy god spirituality attitude beautiful expectations higher power philosophy motivation three things soul kindness humble patient life
. “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” . ~ Tom Bodett . Someone to love, start with yourself and then move on to the rest of this world. Do something nice, the next right thing, […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Love Things 29.06.2018 12:42:46

spoken grace draw kindness doodle decency life chatter courtesy speak illustrate love what matters
  I believe in telling people love things. Because Truthfully  Hate things just aren’t as endearing. I know I’ve lived Holding on to spoken love things said to me. Because they matter. And can be kept forever.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Happy birthday grandma 05.06.2019 06:17:45

grace grandma birthday kindness uncategorized grateful fun love happy birthday grandma lucky
Happiest of birthdays to the best mumma/grandma in the world. Our mumma is kindness and grace personified. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. We love you infinity infinity. {I love this photo, taken in Paris. Ah, the memories!}... mehr auf bumpyroadtobubbadotcom.wordpress.com

Thankfulness And Gratitude 06.07.2018 12:36:37

motivation henri frederic amiel joy philosophy higher power expectations beautiful thankfulness life patient kindness soul kindness is attitude spirituality god choice happiness love gratitude blessings heart thankfulness and gratitude words actions chance feelings kind inspiration great creator loving change
. “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” . ~ Henri Frederic Amiel . Kindness is both words and actions. Smile, say thank you, hold the door, pay a compliment, be positive and share the love. Today, be it […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Introducing Sister Site “Timeless Wisdoms” 27.04.2018 00:45:22

ascension uncategorized love community happiness pleasure compassion kindness
Pleasure! Happiness! Kindness, beauty, sweetness...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Their Own Attitude 29.06.2018 12:36:00

higher power peace beautiful motivation philosophy patient life kindness humble happy god attitude gratitude choice tolerant life is heart inspiration great creator feelings change loving
. “The last, if not the greatest, of the human freedoms: to choose their own attitude in any given circumstance.” . ~ Bruno Bettelheim . There was a wise old man that taught me one of the greatest lessons about life: ” you can choose to start your day over again, anytime you want to and […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

kindness milk 01.05.2018 04:28:53

catch phrases pour kindness quips people figures of speech mean well milk human aphorisms
People mean well, but sometimes pour the milk of human kindness before it’s pasteurized.... mehr auf drybredquips.wordpress.com

30 Tage voller Freundlichkeit – Kindness Challenge 02.05.2018 21:57:44

glücksgefühle allgemein gute taten glã¼cksgefã¼hle kindness positiv challenges frühlingsgefühle mai challenge frã¼hlingsgefã¼hle freundlichkeit
Endlich sind die Tage wieder länger, die Natur blüht in einer fantastischen Farbenpracht, die Vögel singen freudige Lieder. Alles scheint auf einmal aus einem langen Schlaf zu erwachen und nimmt uns dabei gleich mit. Die getankten Sonnenstrahlen lassen uns überquellen vor Glückshormonen, endlich kann man wieder draußen Sitzen, den Grill anschmeißen... mehr auf makeityourchallenge.wordpress.com

Token of Humanity ~ Week 2 09.02.2018 18:35:56

token of humanity token humanity update dreampack acknowledge kindness humanity lives on compassion
The Token of Humanity, brought to you by Humanity Lives On and Dreampack, is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of what an act of humanity could carry not only towards the life of another but your own as well. It is in dedication to bring knowledge that by surfacing compassion, spreading kindness and … ... mehr auf kruidroermenietje.wordpress.com

Quotation 22.04.2018 13:47:36

nature independence tolerance advocacy kindness quotations
This Is What You Shall Do... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (319) 13.04.2018 14:30:23

elisa haux-touch generosity wonder surrender uncategorized maya angelou cruelty "elisa's spot" experience morning trip joy kindness life living elisabeth connelley unexpected despair
“I think we must surrender the despair of unexpected cruelties and extend the wonder of unexpected kindnesses to ourselves and to each other…We deserve each other and each other’s generosity.” –Maya Angelou Advertisements... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Your Job 03.08.2018 12:36:03

feelings kind great creator change beauty choice love gratitude blessings byron katie heart chance attitude spirituality god happy motivation philosophy joy peace expectations your job life kindness soul kindness is
. . “It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine.” . ~ Byron Katie . . Don’t be the people pleaser, it is not kind. It is not being kind to yourself to please others all of the time, it’s not your job to make others like you. Kindness begins at home, kindness begins […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Just Do It 11.05.2018 12:36:01

spirituality god jack kerouac kindness is soul kindness life beautiful higher power philosophy motivation loving inspiration kind just do it feelings chance heart blessings happiness
. . “One man practicing kindness in the wilderness is worth all the temples this world builds.” . ~ Jack Kerouac . . Be conscious, be aware, knowing that when someone looks at your face they will instantly know what your attitude is. Smile, it will make them wonder what you are up to. Smile, […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Courtesies 23.11.2018 11:36:41

friendship compassion god happy attitude courtesies expectations peace higher power motivation philosophy kindness is life kindness soul kind souls great creator feelings change beauty loving henry clay love gratitude blessings choice chance heart
. Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart. . ~ Henry Clay . Do a small kindness and one of three things may happen: the object of your kindness will not notice/ignore the effort, they will accept the kindness as something they deserve, or […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Price Tag On Kindness 03.12.2018 05:05:32

coffee chain reaction doodle kindness draw act of kindness adventure bagel eleven generous thoughtful road trip life chatter
Apparently I put a price tag on kindness. I didn’t know this about myself until today. A friend and I were heading out for the day.  We went through a local drive-thru for some coffee and bagels.  As we pulled up and started to hand our money out the window to the girl, she leaned […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Quit It 04.01.2019 11:36:05

great creator inspiration feelings change beauty loving blessings love quit it choice happiness chance happiness is spirituality happy god attitude beautiful peace expectations philosophy motivation richelle e. goodrich kindness soul life patient
. “It’s not my job to make you happy. It’s your job to learn that only those who quit selfishly seeking their own happiness find it.” . ~ Richelle E. Goodrich . . . When you think you’re happy, you’re not. Happiness is not a thought, it is a feeling. Today, don’t worry, don’t think […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Unseen 16.12.2018 14:20:52

love fade validate life chatter humanity altruism invisible draw soul kindness grace faded lonely
Look for the man you cannot see He is there Unseen With a heartbeat And a soul. We all need grace.         © Inspired by an interaction between two men. One unseen and one who saw him.  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Refraining From Hurting Others 07.06.2019 12:36:50

kind great creator souls feelings change hope loving love blessings gratitude choice tolerant refraining from hurting others chance olive schreiner heart spirituality god happy attitude higher power peace harmony beautiful motivation philosophy kindness is life patient humble kindness
. “My feeling is that there is nothing in life but refraining from hurting others, and comforting those who are sad.” . ~ Olive Schreiner . . Keep it simple, do the will of a loving Higher Power, be kind, be loving, be patient, be tolerant, be forgiving and above all else, refrain from hurting […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Not Untouchable 02.04.2019 06:03:22

illustrate life chatter humanity love gentle untouchable virtue acceptance witness decency learn doodle kindness draw
  I saw you I saw you touch someone Someone who believed they were untouchable You made a difference In two lives That day.                       ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Provide Enough 02.08.2019 12:36:25

joy philosophy smile shoes motivation beautiful higher power peace humble kindness patient kindness is provide enough family attitude happy god spirituality tolerant choice blessings gratitude love heart franklin d.roosevelt free chance feet f.d.roosevelt souls great creator inspiration kind satisfaction loving hope change
. “Progress isn’t whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much its whether we provide enough for those who have to little” . ~ F.D.Roosevelt . . Kindness begins with a smile. Kindness grows with a kind word. Kindness reaches its greatest pinnacle whe we share with those less fortunate than […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

The Accumulated Goodness 30.08.2019 12:36:18

god spirituality attitude libraries kindness is carnegie kindness life beautiful higher power peace library philosophy the accumulated goodness motivation beauty loving great creator gordon b. hinckley kind heart blessings gratitude love tolerant
. “The greatness of the world in which we live is the accumulated goodness of many small and seemingly inconsequential acts.” . ~ Gordon B. Hinckley . It is great that the world had the kind hearted Mr. Carnegie who built over 2,500 libraries, but the real greatness of this world is carried out by […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

apple picking season 06.10.2019 15:20:49

kindness iduna childhood healing god story theodore william chomiak [6] neil gaiman nils blommér apple goddess time bragi
Idunn was married to Bragi, god of poetry, and she was sweet and gentle and kind. She carried a box with her, made of ash wood, which contained golden apples. When the gods felt age beginning to touch them, to frost their hair or ache their joints, then they would go to Idunn. She would … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Not Just Today 25.12.2019 05:03:01

friends life chatter readers gratitude christmas wish kindness blessing peace firendship joy gift
                            Thank you for the gifts you give me every day. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

A Good Heart 20.12.2019 11:36:28

attitude rain spirituality feel compassion a good heart faith family life patient kindness soul kindness is rainbow anonymous philosophy expectations peace higher power beautiful loving change beauty feelings kind inspiration souls great creator heart gravity free love blessings
. . “A pretty face gets old. A nice body will change. But a good heart will always be good.” . ~ Anonymous . . Gravity always wins, however, some things never grow old and a kind heart is one of those things. The Great Creator has a kind heart, that is why He gives […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Expand Your Field Of Vision 14.02.2020 11:36:10

hope loving change beauty kind inspiration souls choice tolerant love blessings attitude spirituality life patient humble kindness kindness is expand your field of vision forgiving motivation joy philosophy arthur schopenhauer peace beautiful
. “Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.” . ~  Arthur Schopenhauer . Think small, be confined to a small world. Think big and the world is your oyster. Think outside of the box and watch your world explode. Be kind, be loving, be patient, […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

A Free Mind 06.03.2020 11:36:35

motivation philosophy expectations harmony higher power peace beautiful patient life kindness humble soul faith attitude god happy spirituality tolerant happiness choice life is love gratitude blessings heart franklin d.roosevelt friend chance free a free mind fate kind inspiration souls great creator destiny loving hope change
. “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.” . ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt . Destiny or fate, call it what you want, whether the outcome was influenced by human intervention or simply just happened as a natural act of providence, the only limitations that exist are the limits that […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

He Didn’t Know Me 14.03.2018 05:21:46

draw kindness doodle elderly aged beauty life chatter illustrate
  I sat across from him and asked him if he could see me. He said “I can’t see clearly, but I can see beauty in you”. His simple words given as a gift plopped the inner me on a cloud the rest of the day.    ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com