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It’s Not About The Rock 23.05.2018 06:05:42

positive metaphor draw doodle choice empower negative decision self life chatter
I could. Instead. I Pause. I can’t I don’t.                      ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Rezension | Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Liebe: Nele & Josh – Mila Summers 22.05.2018 11:41:46

rezension taschenbuch self rezensionsexemplar ebook 4∞
In dem Buch geht es um Prinz Darrens und dessen Vergangenheit. Es zeigt wie er groß geworden und was er für eine Last tragen musste.... mehr auf carlosiareadsbooksblog.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: 19.05.2018 21:35:25

literature metric love self poetry poems
"Valentine to Myself"... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

To All Ourselves 17.05.2018 23:52:28

literature metric self sisterhood poetry poems
Sister self, you sit back down I got somethin' here to say Not enough smile, too many frown Don' like to see you go that way...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

A Realistically Bleak Outlook! 16.05.2018 14:50:54

life mental health life recovery philosophy anxiety black humour beauty self end mental health suicide poetry
A Realistically Bleak Outlook!... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Thoughts Highway 15.05.2018 22:35:58

life time mental health life recovery philosophy spiritual journey beauty life journey self memory spirituality writing poetry
Thoughts Highway... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Postcards 16.05.2018 10:25:58

life night winter snowing just poetry philosophy beauty day life journey self memory spirituality writing poetry snow
Postcards... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Tomorrow Is Another Day. 15.05.2018 12:50:27

necessity life expectation story mental health life knowledge recovery philosophy aspergers & me friendship autism relationships spiritual journey understanding thinking confusion journey obligation life journey love logic self happiness memory society spirituality poetry memories sadness
Tomorrow Is Another Day... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Hanakotoba – The Japanese Language Of Flowers 15.05.2018 10:45:40

life fantasy relationships spiritual journey beauty dreams sensuality love sexuality lust romance hanakotoba self spirituality writing poetry
Hanakotoba – The Japanese Language Of Flowers... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Delightful Slices 14.05.2018 10:05:32

life self-harm mental health life anger depression journey rage life journey self stress society mental health writing poetry
Delightful Slices... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers 13.05.2018 14:55:52

rose life just poetry relationships beauty life journey hanakotoba self spirituality writing poetry
Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Dysfunctional Communications 13.05.2018 14:15:29

life talking knowledge just poetry philosophy aspergers & me humour relationships light hearted fun understanding logic funny self communicating society communications writing poetry
Dysfunctional Communications... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe 12.05.2018 13:35:46

life sweet tooth food just poetry humour light hearted fun blast from the past sweet sweet shops life journey family funny candy self memory society yesterday writing poetry
Faraway Olde Sweet Shoppe ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Bear Necessities 12.05.2018 11:35:33

life mental health life inclusion just poetry recovery philosophy aspergers & me relationships spiritual journey teddy bears understanding life journey self memory spirituality mental health writing poetry
Bear Necessities ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Hidden Day 12.05.2018 10:00:18

winds life discovery recovery relationships spiritual journey understanding beauty angers life journey love jigsaw self memory spirituality writing poetry
Hidden Day ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers 11.05.2018 21:55:09

rose awakening beauty hanakotoba roses self new spirituality writing poetry
Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

What Was Once 11.05.2018 17:25:36

philosophy relationships spiritual journey understanding beauty life journey self spirituality writing poetry
What Was Once ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Anger Within 11.05.2018 16:05:39

wrath life consequences mental health life anger aspergers & me bullies bullying understanding emotions rage life journey self stress society poetry
Anger Within ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers 10.05.2018 21:45:42

autumn life knowledge philosophy understanding beauty sensuality hanakotoba self spirituality writing poetry
Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

an everyday sort of magic 10.05.2018 13:00:31

presence here/now connection charles de lint sulamith wülfing quotes synchronicity magic people illustrations self place pictures
I do believe in an everyday sort of magic — the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we’re alone. ~ Charles de Lint (Grief One Day at a Time: 365 Meditations …... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers 10.05.2018 17:00:18

knowledge philosophy relationships understanding beauty hanakotoba self spirituality writing poetry memories
Hanakotoba: The Japanese Language Of Flowers... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

‘Tripping The Light Fantastic!” 10.05.2018 16:00:22

night sunrise beauty romantic dreams sunsets day life journey romance night time skies self spirituality writing poetry memories
'Tripping The Light Fantastic!" ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

River Still Be 09.05.2018 16:50:35

life calming knowledge philosophy flowing waters spiritual journey understanding beauty rivers peaceful self serenity spirituality writing poetry
River Still Be ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Wilderness 09.05.2018 14:50:01

life knowledge philosophy recovery spiritual journey understanding beauty self society spirituality mental health poetry
Wilderness ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

I Am Solitary Tree 07.05.2018 19:50:54

life knowledge proud aspergers yourself philosophy aspergers & me mindfulness understanding be different self society poetry acceptance
I Am Solitary Tree ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Just Nuts! 05.05.2018 13:30:14

geek mental health life knowledge aspergers awareness aspergers & me humour autism anxiety light hearted fun understanding funny self misdiagnosis society mental health poetry
Just Nuts! ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Cynically Twisted 05.05.2018 12:00:59

geek life knowledge aspergers & me humour light hearted fun funny self society writing poetry
Cynically Twisted ... mehr auf aguycalledbloke.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “No Longer See” 29.04.2018 03:46:49

literature metric beauty self poetry poems authenticity
...until your own true pref'rences you can no longer even see...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “The Rainbow’s Ostensible Ends” 28.04.2018 17:49:46

literature diversity metric self poetry poems
Our needs are very individual...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Quotations 27.04.2018 02:08:22

gaia quotations self healing
The Wounds Inflicted... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Fulfilled and Happy Be 26.04.2018 06:41:16

literature spirit hope psychic metric parenting self happiness fulfillment poetry poems
They departed, a hundred pounds apiece Rolling away new lifted shoulders from...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

there is simply this moment, as it is 24.04.2018 13:34:10

flow life spirit discovery presence here/now quotes universe change celebration joan tollifson search self wonder answers exploration gardens
Spirituality is life itself. Being life. Being this moment. Not as a practice or an attainment or something an imaginary person does in order to get somewhere else, but just because it’s What Is. It’s the natural state, the ever-present, ever-changing thusness of Here / Now. The part that falls away (if we’re lucky) is … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

self mirth 23.04.2018 20:26:03

many catch phrases quips figures of speech aphorisms self frown laugh
Too many of us frown on laughing at ourselves.... mehr auf drybredquips.wordpress.com

almond self-enclosed 21.04.2018 16:03:20

peace inf light almond presence blossom here/now portraits universe stars change body eternity rainer maria rilke self unity antonio mancini poetry space
Center of all centers, core of cores, almond self-enclosed and growing sweet — all this universe, to the furthest stars and beyond them, is your flesh, your fruit. Now you feel how nothing clings to you; your vast shell reaches into endless space, and there the rich, thick fluids rose and flow. Illuminated in your … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Rezension | Keiner trennt uns – Jana von Bergner 16.04.2018 17:13:55

rezension 5∞ taschenbuch self ebook
In dem Buch geht es um ein Mädchen das sehr hofft das ihre große Lieb bald vom Studium nach Hause kommt. Dies ist jedoch dann aus einem anderem Grund als gedacht!... mehr auf carlosiareadsbooksblog.wordpress.com

James Pt 1 of 2 04.04.2018 08:48:30

judgment peace life god spirit awake ptsd awakening beyond the veil anger health humanity appreciation awareness ego diary connection relationships understanding beauty surrender inspiration teachy spiritual love faith oneness daily living journal stories sharing communion a course in miracles self spirituality learning focus religion truth communication
He smiled and rolled his eyes in the direction of the boys.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Struggle 03.04.2018 16:41:37

fun awakened life god spirit light awake awakening beyond the veil health overcoming old patterns overcoming struggle relationships surrender inspiration my way or the highway teachy love faith daily living take it or leave it self struggle learning focus advice wake up truth
Our way is made clear by the very nature of our way.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Spring Love Touch – Jo Berger 31.03.2018 10:51:33

rezension 5∞ self ebook
In diesem Buch geht es um eine Kaufmannstochter die nach dem Dschungel sehnt. Sie will wissen was es da draußen gibt. Zudem folgt sie dem Ruf aus einem anderen Grund und erfährt mehr als sie je gedacht hätte.... mehr auf carlosiareadsbooksblog.wordpress.com

E Pluribus Unum 29.03.2018 19:11:35

judgment life lessons enlightenment best self peace life god light freedom awakening daily offerings beyond the veil forgiveness emotional pain health daily practice simplicity dealing with upset awareness daily wisdom honesty all is well highest self gentleness heaven on earth decision making good living equality connection fear relationships finding yourself understanding healing wounds growth choice facing adversity consistency inspiration debate fresh start teachy spiritual healing emotional pain love faith oneness choosing daily living ease grace daily inspiration facing upset sharing communion self realization self healing happiness self-help clarity learning spirituality guidance focus eternal love inner life healing upset back to basics compassion higher self self mastery gratitude truth
This is the way of Truth.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (316) 28.03.2018 17:08:44

self-knowledge elisa's spot reality choice vok-bto ideas shoulds elisa j. krishnamurti elisabeth connelley self morning trip belief
The Untethered Mind “The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself, because the self is the product and a part of the total process of human existence. To transform oneself, self-knowledge is essential; without knowing what you are, there is no basis for right thought, and without knowing yourself there ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com