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Date mit einer Göttin: Meine erste Cacao Zeremonie 04.08.2020 17:54:18

spirit zeremonie cacao healing cacao ceremony
Sandra dachte eigentlich, Cacao Zeremonien sind spiritueller Hokuspokus. Weil sie der heiligen Pflanze aber trotzdem eine Chance geben wollte, ließ sie sich auf eine Zeremonie mit Ana-Sophie Rose ein. Ein Erfahrungsbericht The post ... mehr auf fuckluckygohappy.de

The Empath 03.08.2020 18:00:29

nature energy love nurture healing empath self humanity creative writing emotional expression oneness pain consciousness
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries → Layout/Design Best Viewed Directly From My Site ← Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. ♥ artwork redesigned by PDD/KLF ©2020   I am an empath. I feel, hear, see and sense everything… the fright of the trees sensing the heat of fire, the roars of … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

The Empath 03.08.2020 04:50:29

creative writing empath self humanity nurture love nature energy healing pain consciousness oneness emotional expression
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries → Layout/Design Best Viewed Directly From My Site ← Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. ♥ artwork redesigned by PDD/KLF ©2020   I am an empath. I feel, hear, see and sense everything… the fright of the trees sensing the heat of fire, the roars of … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

The Empath 02.08.2020 02:18:29

creative writing empath humanity self healing nurture love nature energy consciousness pain oneness emotional expression
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries → Layout/Design Best Viewed Directly From My Site ← Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. ♥ Unknown artist artwork redesigned by PDD/KLF ©2020.   I am an empath. I feel, hear, see and sense everything… the fright of the trees sensing the heat of fire, the … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (262) 03.03.2017 14:46:06

healing your defects elisa lack naden-anemone (original mix) elisa's spot rumi use elisabeth connelley look at self creation union change what i can what do we create? empty mirror drive purpose naden need morning trip the book of love merge making attachment
“YOUR DEFECTS An empty mirror and your worst destructive habits, when they are held up to each other, that’s when the real making begins. That’s what art and crafting are. A tailor needs a torn garment to practice his expertise. The trunks of trees must be cut again and again so they can be used … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

It’s not the hurt that hurts 23.10.2017 01:20:10

writing words gedanken emotions poesie liebe poetry ocaean poetic end english gedichte love hurt englisch drown feelings healing expectations stimmung clearness wilderness
Falling into the depth of the places I already know, years of searching in the wilderness for clearness to show. It’s not the hurt that hurts, but it let my heart split, that it took more than it had to admit. Take me to the edge you know, tell me that I’m stronger than mind […]... mehr auf nicoleinez.wordpress.com

Father and son Epiphanies 26.01.2018 01:49:57

soliloquies writing essays genealogy epiphany faith acknowledgement fathers human nature flashbacks ancestors lessons on humility a letter to my son family the power of fatherhood parenthood parenting lesson healing spirtuality learning from the past evolution musings god being redeemed by faith reflections on fatherhood lessons from our parents inspiration growing in faith
"I promised that I ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Is yours for sale? 18.03.2018 04:34:17

inspiration evolution a proclamation healing musings writing stories under 50 words soliloquies quotes to live by ponderings epiphany philosophy faith
"Are we living in the world or is it living in us?"... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

When in the desert 28.12.2017 09:24:08

lessons on humility praying ignorance acknowledgement human nature epiphany philosophy prayers faith life isn't promised being prayerful soliloquies writing asking for god's grace ponderings searching for purpose appreciation for life's lessons battle meditation life searching for clarity inspiration angels humanity healing epiphanies of life spirtuality evolution musings god wisdom
"release from..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The standard of our paths 09.01.2018 10:48:01

blogging ponderings writing revelations to ourselves faith philosophy epiphany human nature acknowledgement praying epiphanies of truth inspecting your expectations receiving an epiphany musings revolutionary thinking evolution healing spirtuality humanity inspiration meditation
"if we opt not to ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

wishing for snow 29.01.2017 17:06:04

january family timothy rodgers hjemme healing february snow
It’s been three weeks (and two days) since Tim’s surgery and healing is coming along nicely, slowly and steadily, without any of the possible complications making an appearance. Visiting nurses continue to come three times a week to take measurements and change the wound dressing. Since we were told to expect a four to six … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Growth: My Journey Of Spiritual Growth To Emotional Healing And Forgiveness (English Edition) 19.11.2016 16:33:57

emotional edition forgiveness english journey growth healing spiritual ebooks
... mehr auf dofollow.de

Seek Not for Miracles in the Unseen 26.04.2018 21:39:01

literature healing sonnets poems metric poetry
Seek not for miracles in the unseen A thousand thousand healings have there been!... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

That communion of silence 13.01.2018 21:02:25

metaphors for what life gives us metaphors of life ponderings death as a metaphor writing soliloquies metaphors of living epiphany philosophy human nature healing humanity meditation
"And silence wouldn't ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

A path without conditions 03.02.2018 08:06:54

negativity is contagious epiphanies of thought embracing our failures culture god musings revolutionary thinking evolution spirtuality healing humanity inspiration the paths of our lives epiphanies from god discovering purpose ponderings discovering faith writing soliloquies inspiration for writers revelations to ourselves faith epiphany human nature crying out to god stress praying for guidance searching for our faith
"cowardice will always obscure..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Why do we squint when looking into the light? 08.03.2018 04:03:24

seeing past people lesson things that people say inspecting your expectations musings inspiring thoughts healing evolution inspiration people who plot against you jealousy is a spirit dealing with people ponderings blogging fake smiles writing faith being resolute hatred epiphany lessons learned philosophy when the realization hits acknowledgement keeping the faith receiving grace reflections of faith
"...they fear the prospect of going blind ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Where is the path to redemption? 02.06.2018 16:04:13

reflections of faith lessons on humility human nature hypocrites life lessons acknowledgement faith lies that we tell writing humanity's hypocrisy receiving an epiphany that epiphany healing spirtuality
"when the heart..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

I stand in protest against … 06.02.2018 03:00:53

humanity's hypocrisy meditation life inspiration humanity hypocrisies abound musings healing spirtuality a mind of a writer social media society lesson epiphanies of truth honor our skeletons in the closet musing contradictions abound protest movements speaking truth to ourselves is the hardest endeavor praying for guidance lessons that i learned human nature protest movement hypocrites ignorance we are the biggest hypocrites faith epiphany philosophy lies that we tell ponderings essays soliloquies writing finding truth
"the blindness of my own ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Making it Better 19.05.2018 19:02:59

healing literature solitude time poetry free verse poems
Together With time Perhaps we can make it better I love you... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Silent bonds 11.08.2018 08:12:35

unspoken peace upsetting scars pain silent bonds sharing pain beautiful bond struggles self sharing healing uncategorized silent love words of wisdom
I’m sure I’m not the only one who, when the upsetting moment stricks, thinks no one else has gone through or is going through this. No one every experienced what I’m experiencing right now. Not every person gets what it’s like to lose someone. Not every person gets how it feels to be this jealous. […]... mehr auf thesunoflife.wordpress.com

Our love frequencies 24.05.2018 06:27:02

achieving greatness learning from our mistakes. speaking to strength life a love spoken siblings betrayal of ignorance love culture commentary evolution spirtuality healing acknowledgement stress family abandoning fake friends lessons on humility metaphors of life holidays writing accepting challenges faith hawaii hatred fiction epiphany lessons learned
"often overflows its borders..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Those streams of fear 17.01.2018 04:48:56

being redeemed by faith fighting writers block inspiration law enforcement epiphanies that come while walking healing spirtuality evolution musings god human nature searching for our faith lessons on humility writing blogging essays appreciation for life's lessons searching for purpose epiphany mother nature faith
"under the false pretenses ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Quotations 27.04.2018 02:08:22

healing self quotations gaia
The Wounds Inflicted... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

The metaphor of layers 15.08.2018 02:40:32

ignorance as a metaphor human nature lessons that i learned writing soliloquies metaphors for what life gives us ponderings philosophy epiphany inspiration metaphors of our lives wordplay metaphors are abundant healing musings
"the savor of..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Der Delphin und das Mädchen 31.08.2015 16:43:40

inneres kind healing ozean illustration bild seelenbild healing art mädchen delphin fineliner girl riding dolphin artwork delphinmädchen art transformation malen frau meer woman's soul soul art kind indian ink
Das Mädchen taucht in den Ozean, lässt sich treiben, sinkt hinab. Klares, kühles Wasser. Eintauchen in die Umarmung des Meeres. Irgendwo ein fernes Klicken und Pfeifen. Dann ein sanftes Schnattern am Ohr. Engel des Ozeans. Seelegefährten. Getragen werden. Sich gegenseitig tragen. Der Delphin und das Mädchen. Freundschaft. Liebe. Mehr Bild: Female M... mehr auf pillangoblog.wordpress.com

Kies om bly te wees 10.03.2019 14:01:58

colourful sparkle happy positive healing gesels saam! courage art
Kleure maak my bly. Die helder oranje van ryp lemoene, liggroen van lente se vars gras, blou in sy verskeidenheid variasies: lig, donker, diep, bleek, sag. Geel soos geil sonneblomme op die land, rooi soos oorle’ Randall se rooirok-dans! Ek wil kleure meng en spat. Verf en speel. Heeldag, aldag, elke nou en dan. Soos […]... mehr auf mytaal.wordpress.com

When tears hit ground 07.05.2018 19:03:22

family poetry for hardships poetry homegoing a poem to our burdens epiphany faith writing ponderings life poem a poem for the weary healing family business love poetry about grace
"A poem for Nick on your homegoing..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Bloemen Maan Ritueel 28.05.2018 09:00:42

healing rituelen doelen hekserij esbat spiritualiteit volle maan
Morgen is het Volle Maan in Boogschutter, en we noemen deze maan ook wel de Bloemen Maan. Vorig jaar rond deze tijd deed ik een ritueel en dit jaar wil ik een iets aangepaste versie met jullie delen. Vorig jaar was ik bezig met het bereiken van mijn doelen, van wat ik dacht wat mijn […]... mehr auf loenasdroom.com

Whole and Perfect 14.05.2018 23:39:49

healing literature time cocreation poetry poems metric
...Less than the rewriting Of fact'ual history But more than mere delighting In endings happily...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Fork In The Road 31.03.2018 07:23:45

awakening daily living friendship faith lifting up teachy health connection humor sharing shining inspiration healing hard day judgment listening surrender
I listened, smiling, because I can’t help it; Cal is such a character.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

The metaphor of layers 15.08.2018 02:40:32

ponderings metaphors for what life gives us soliloquies writing philosophy epiphany lessons that i learned human nature ignorance as a metaphor metaphors are abundant musings healing metaphors of our lives inspiration wordplay
"the savor of..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

When sentenced to wander 31.12.2017 02:11:49

faith epiphany blogging essays genealogy appreciation for life's lessons writing a letter to my family discovering my roots reflections of faith human nature ancestors god healing spirtuality evolution a love spoken a quest for ancestry faith of wanderings honoring our ancestors asking a question being redeemed by faith
"What's taking so long?"... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Protecting your heart – Part III 26.06.2018 03:53:11

life's lessons writing soliloquies talking to yourself ponderings blogging epiphany lessons that i learned protecting your heart inspecting your expectations those realizations that empower us commentary evolution what about love healing life's little victories musings love hurts self improvement
"as an afterthought..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Those waters of uncertainty (2014) 20.05.2018 05:11:06

time travel soliloquies writing blogging ponderings believing in ourselves essays epiphany flashback faith ignorance lessons that i learned history speaking truth to ourselves memories of times past facing hard truths wisdom lesson healing spirtuality society evolution musings talking to myself
"hoping that it will fade away..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Quotations 09.05.2018 23:47:43

quotations healing
Now More Than Ever... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Before You Can Fix It… 19.05.2018 22:51:49

literature recovery healing haiku poems poetry
You have to face it And name it...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

ALZHEIMERS… !! 21.07.2016 13:03:03

motivational healing godly healing music alzheimers spiritual testimonies god is good testimony
                       Ek en Annnetjie Getuienis 2014-2015 Ek en Annatjie met my 50e verjaardag 2011  Ek gaan hier ‘n getuienis deel wat ek voor my eie oë gesien gebeur het.Hier is ‘n kort agtergrond van Annatjie. Sy was my buurvrou oorkant … Continue reading ... mehr auf maletatsi.wordpress.com

Heaven or Hell? 25.08.2018 06:35:02

epiphany faith writing metaphors for what life gives us ponderings blogging lessons on humility life lessons ignorance as a metaphor lessons that i learned evolution spirtuality healing god musings finding sanity in an insane world learning from our mistakes. humanity
"... the willful spirits..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

We don’t run anymore 03.08.2018 08:06:51

a prayer for deliverance email monitoring a crazy world we live in angels evolution healing spirtuality inspecting your expectations fashion contradictions abound life lessons acknowledgement epiphany being prayerful faith writing genealogy blogging ponderings
"preferring the static..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

We the illusionists 21.08.2018 15:49:44

accepting challenges prayers epiphany philosophy writing speaking truth to ourselves acknowledgement that epiphany spirtuality epiphanies of life healing travel
"... smiles that ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com