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Climate Affairs ~ Cloud’s Care and Concern 31.03.2020 09:01:38

general interest environment climate poetry environment/deep ecology/climate change anjum wasim dar environmental injustice poem
Clouds gather in the sky some are dark some light up high here they come rumbling wonder why they are grumbling? raising a storm, hue and cry!                                                     Clouds gather […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Die Knospen knospen … 31.03.2020 08:53:53

poetry knospen hans manz poetry fotografie gedichte lyrisches geschriebenes hans manz knospen gedichte uncategorized natur/makros
Dieses Gedicht fand ich im Netz und fand es so wunderbar leicht, leicht albern und ausgesprochen frühlingshaft. Bin gleich los … Continue Reading Die Knospen knospen …... mehr auf altwerdenisnixfuerweicheier.wordpress.com

April Seventh 30.03.2020 09:01:28

poem poems/poetry poetry adrian slonaker
I hadn’t gazed at you since we giggled through that game of Trivial Pursuit on the sofa of the café that doubled as a discotheque when you answered that the Australian soprano who inspired a peach dessert was called “Cobbler.” In two decades you’d gained gold stars for sustained spousehood and dadhood while I’d wed […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Tender kiss 29.03.2020 20:05:30

love poetry love poetry
With love maxima Suddenly, you trembled, my darlingAs if craving to turn a fluid waveA magnificent wave thatOverwhelms the endless spacesof our heartsInto eternityAnd, I, my dearest,I feel pure joyDazzled by this feelingThe endless tender kissHas formed a magic circleThe source of our beingSomewhere among the starsOf the brightest constellationI lo... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Traurige Augen 28.03.2020 13:09:55

schreiben inspiration poem leben gedicht traurige augen sad essay poetry lyrik deutsch poems traurig writing blog geschriebenes poesie
Traurige Augen trüben meinen Blick. Ich sehe nicht, wie der Sonnenschein deine Augen erstrahlen lässt. Ich kann den Wind nicht durch die Felder und Blumen streifen sehen, nicht, wie er sanft und behaglich ein Blatt mitnimmt und ihm die Welt zeigt. Ich verharre an einem Ort. Blick abgewandt. Ich kann mich nicht ein wenig in … ... mehr auf heldenfuereinentag.wordpress.com

a love so pure 27.03.2020 15:40:10

up to all the dodges poetry magic freundschaft und liebe pureness poem englisch love innocent
A love so pure is strange to a mature and sophisticated world too innocent to one who is up to all the dodges too magical for daily lifes banality too deep that it could be understood a love so pure is rare but despite all doubts that flooded my heart it simply happend to me... mehr auf brigwords.com

Alphabet of Love 27.03.2020 08:01:19

poetry poems/poetry poem linda chown
Living this life again as though I were six sick again and grasping about in silence. I will learn to breathe again, how to go beyond it So that I can dance and fly to those zones of magic. Stones and burning light and the kind of openness you can never plan. Tones of people […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Lost Gardeners 26.03.2020 19:05:34

john anstie gardens poem cornwall ww i poems/poetry gardeners history poetry lost gardens of heliga uk
There was such colour and bustle where now reflective calm. In the thunderbox room nearby the melon yard haunting echoes of silent voices once green fingers that pressed a trigger for King and country gently call from an early grave, who once scattered humus here. They shed tears for weeds that stained the fresh leaves […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

The Edge of Purple 26.03.2020 05:03:39

desire poem horizon life chatter inspiration doodle draw reflect inspire reflection poetry goal dream imagination
              From the stillness of my self I can fill my soul.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Four Poems by Diana Raab 25.03.2020 08:01:19

poems poetry diana rabb
Elegant Air I inhale breaths and ethers ………..    offered by this place,  ……yet wonder where in this universe ………………………………..lies the rest of my needed oxygen. …………………………………... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Balanced 25.03.2020 05:08:57

health balanced not a poet poetry well being universe draw doodle illustrate nature mindful tree spiritual balance life chatter poem
                          We all need ‘that’ place. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Three poems by Kirsty A. Niven 24.03.2020 08:01:09

poem poems/poetry poetry kirsty a niven
Luna When lilac clouds conquer the sky, it’s easy to forget she exists. The moon lurks behind its thick veil, a lunar laugh rising in her throat. Flanked by the flashes of constellations, she has nothing to fear. I can still feel her watchful eyes critiquing every word, every movement. Our content orbit an object […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Saturn im Wassermann 22.03.2020 21:19:37

mars lã¶we nürnberg vollmond markus termin pluto im steinbock venus pluto löwe jungfrau selbstbeschrã¤nkung europa plutarch krebs schütze merkur cz selbstbeschränkung saturn philosophie volk astrologie sonne bã¼rger waage î î»î¿ïï„î±ïï‡î¿ï‚ fische chiron wassermann astrology freiheit jupiter mondknoten neumond pflicht prague poetry lilith widder astronomie praha πλούταρχος aufklã¤rung magie prag stier steinbock bürger fall deutschland skorpion nã¼rnberg zwillinge aufklärung neptun schã¼tze mond markus
Fotos Termin ©   „Siehe, ich lebe. Woraus? Weder Kindheit noch Zukunft werden weniger ……. Überzähliges Dasein entspringt mir im Herzen.“ Rilke Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, Saturn im Wassermann ist der Freiheits-König, der gerade durch die „Gefangenschaft“ hervorgebracht wird, weil sie den Sinn und die Sehnsuc... mehr auf markustermin.wordpress.com

Set Free 21.03.2020 05:03:47

quiet poem life chatter contemplate peace consider lull not a poet poetry freedom poet purpose thought
        There are some things in life Meant To give us pause. Meant To spike our curiosity. Meant To draw us into a stare. Meant To mesmerize us. Meant To hold us captive. Meant To lull us. Meant To allow us quiet. Meant To hold our gaze While it sets our thoughts […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Near Your Side – For Bill 20.03.2020 14:11:31

uncategorized love poetry romance
I feel safe near Your side — you are my shelter, my Turning homeward, my inner Horizon. Your embrace is my Infinity, your heart, my sustenance. You are my muse, the earth Beneath my Feet, my gravity. Near your side, I am sunlight and Shimmer, I am Moonlight and mystery. Near your side, I am […]... mehr auf jenniesisler.wordpress.com

A Man, A Woman, and A Stick, a poem; Social Distancing and Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence [Resources] 19.03.2020 08:42:57

maggie royer jamie dedes poem domestic abuse resources poetry persephone's daughters news/events
a man, a woman, and a stick (1921) the stick stood in the corner of the kitchen a constant threat; stoking, as it was meant to, chronic intimidation he had a man’s right to deliver his blows to vent his anger and his self-contempt to cause suffering for the insufferable someone had to make it up […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

No Room To Spare 16.03.2020 05:05:31

poem life chatter prayer illustrate cottage doodle pray draw poetry woes kettle believe faith
                                  ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Environmental Justice ~ Poseidon’s Plea 14.03.2020 03:13:34

anjum wasim dar poem environment general interest poems/poetry environment/deep ecology/climate change poetry
  Oceans are one of the many miracles of the Creator as the Earth itself is. The water holds itself yet moves, full of life, rebirth and deaths and fathoms of fluid space, stable for all ships and boats, salty roadways, for travelers transport and sport. / Anjum Wasim Dar O’ Poseidon bestowed with the […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Happy International Women’s Day from The Zine Team and a poem for the occasion 08.03.2020 16:07:49

poem jamie dedes poetry international women's day general interest
I Read a Poem Today I read a poem today and decided I must deed it to some lost, lonely fatherless child… to embrace her along her stone path, invoke sanity I want to tell her: don’t sell out your dearest dreams or buy the social OS Instead, let the poem play you like a […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Never Seen 06.03.2020 05:03:46

ocean howl poet not a poet poetry wind life chatter poem dance
                        If the wind had thought would it feel the struggle to have such power And not be seen? Or would it be secure in its knowledge and purpose. Its power intensified Because of its confidence. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Illness ~ Mosquito’s Gift 04.03.2020 10:53:02

poetry illness poem anjum wasim dar
Oh what shall I say about this fever of mine in the morning it’s normal, in the evening 99 The body shudders and shivers and quivers sweat pours out like a rushing gushing river, the liver and spleen get  painful and enlarged with bitter quinine mixtures one is charged, you may forget that the mosquito […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Romantic Keys 01.03.2020 01:34:20

endings moments experience romantic piano free-verse chemistry poetry found form muse solo hearts unique love performance iconic chopin jpeg image feelings song lust music life fantasy the sunday muse
Going solo is never easy he didn't have time to orchestrate  he was unprepared for their romance...... mehr auf capriciouspoet.wordpress.com

Am I, Or Not 28.02.2020 05:03:05

poem life chatter dark bad evil illustrate draw doodle not a poet poetry good merge light
                                ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

My poetic secret 27.02.2020 11:19:46

poetry love poetry
Author: Stefan Maxima Light with holiness,Airy, deep, fierce,What lives in mefor those beautiful eyesSince the beginning.So let it rise to heightsA whisper from the lips,music of love.It is the prayer of the heartthat that He loves. You and I live myour poetic secretIn timelessness,we place ourselves in anInfinity that lives. Is there anything bett... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Three Poems by Assamese Poet Guna Moran, Translation Courtesy of Bibekananda Choudhury 25.02.2020 18:40:50

poetry disability/illness guna moran february 2020 blog post series bibekananda choudhury poem illness disability
SNAKE I frisson on seeing a snake As if the long venomous tongue jutting out Would bite me lethally Instantly on seeing But the number of death Bitten by long pointed tongues As thousand time less Than the number killed by Blunt tongues Failure far exceeds the achievements The fear of losing in achievement is […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com


poetry videospiele bücher gedichte blogtour lyx verlag feeling close to you gaming bookslam bianca iosivoni lyx lesen
Willkommen an Tag zwei der „Feeling Close to you“- Blogtour von Bianca Iosivoni. Noch einmal Happy late Bookbirthday an Bianca für ihr neues Buchbaby und ich hoffe, ihr alle werdet das Buch so sehr lieben, wie ich es tue. Um euch noch ein wenig heiß auf das Buch zu machen, hat die wundervolle Anabelle von […]... mehr auf thebookdynasty.de

Cancerland 23.02.2020 19:34:33

gerard sarnat poetry cancer poems/poetry february 2020 blog post series illness/life-threatening illness poem illness
Out with the old, in with the new could apply if refers to surgery to remove urinary bladders all studded with tumors that don’t respond to chemotherapy administered intravesically through thick catheters oy ugh inserted in penises.   With this dim prospect of employing such a big procedure which’d fashion a bit of large colon […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

endlich ankommen 20.02.2020 20:35:25

poetry lyrik poesie gedicht gedichte
ich bin manchmal schwer, und oft ist’s nicht leicht. ich leide dann sehr, der boden durchweicht von tränen und meer, ganz tief, selten seicht, ich wollte nichts mehr, und nichts scheint erreicht. ich mach’s mir oft schwer, und dir selten leicht, bemühst dich dann sehr, doch alle müh weicht dem uferlosmeer, das keiner erreicht. es […]... mehr auf denkzeiten.com

Billie Eilish while the Sun moves Pisces 20.02.2020 00:30:30

fans dc billie eilish pisces skilled fische-aszendent neptun schã¼tze art sagittarius sorry poetry moon jupiter conflict astrology sun pisces rising aquarius in and out ac merkur schütze britain fische mercury saturn hermes mars uranus opposition pluto manager
Dear readers, see Neptun, the green symbol down below the letters AC 17:18 – in the sign of Pisces, as Billie Eilish is rising Pisces with Lilith/Mars in this water-sign, too! She got to sing a song about „No time to die“ for old white man James Bond – her hair is in between green… ... mehr auf markustermin.wordpress.com

Antibiotic Blues 19.02.2020 20:06:53

illness/life-threatening illness february 2020 blog post series adrian stonaker poem illness poems/poetry antibiotics poetry
I’m bulbling, bumbling like a dumb blond(e) from the Golden Age of Hollywood without the figure or the yellow locks, a himbo who isn’t very beau. How can a petite podwery, poerdy, poderwy- POWDERY damn it wite, white pill-or is it the pinkish-bluish capsule with the cryptic digits- besiege a brain and morph it into […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Two poems by Alana Saltz 18.02.2020 09:01:52

disability illness february 2020 blog post series poems poems/poetry disability/illness poetry alana saltz
Field Trip For you, Ms. Frizzle, I would fold my fingers around the curves of my stomach, dig my nails into the flesh, rip it open so you can go right in. Take your big-eyed bus full of curious children and explore my mysterious body. Watch organs lighting up a little too bright. Red blood […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Four poems by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko 16.02.2020 20:48:04

poems poems/poetry antonia alexandra klimenko disability/illness poetry february 2020 blog post series disability illness
Song of the Mad It wouldn’t be so bad if I lost it in one place at least I’d know where to find it! But Noooo… I have to lose it here! I have to lose it there! And just when I find it there I‘ve lost it again here!! People wonder why I never […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

So You Want to Know What Autism Is Like 15.02.2020 19:19:35

clarissa simmens disability/illness poetry autism poems/poetry illness and disability february 2020 blog post series poem
Autism* is standing still while Everyone runs for the cliff edge And you want to know why Before joining them But the surge pushes you down And they thunder across your back And you’re bloody but not broken Because the rage keeps you sane   Autism is always being chosen To be The Cheese In […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

I Refuse This Verdict 14.02.2020 18:34:43

february 2020 blog post series illness/life-threatening illness poem activism/social justice illness disability mbizo chirasha poetry disability/illness exile poems/poetry
At the inner council, of white heads and black hearts, My fate was sealed in a black plastic bag marked with the devil’s spike, That a peasants son, would from the baboon hills and groundnut planes, Dare sift through the Nations burdens and tell the cause in unflattering truths, To minds of mindless men in […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Happy Valentine's Day 13.02.2020 20:34:56

love women love poetry poetry
In my mindI set off naughtilyRight into your armsPlacing my palmsOn your frilled silverEvening dressAnd once againI become a storm riderSavouring your sensuality.... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Feeling Good Was Good Enough For Me 13.02.2020 17:16:34

february 2020 blog post series disability poem linda chown illness chronic/catostrophic illness poems/poetry disability/illness poetry
When being sick was all you knew Sweet Jesus, the doc last week asked “When was the last time you felt good,” Me and Bobby McGee and I saw black Roses. Could not thread my way to good. Life a Harlem-globetrotter procession of sham Dunks and wheezes. Born RH negative all my Blood exchanged. Lord […]... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

Come as soon as possible 12.02.2020 19:12:04

love poems poetry love poem
I love youCome as soon as possible The rain is again on the streets of my cityunshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair… loneliness, and time is runningdrummers, and grin at the darkness of my window,already, on the third day.fondness was, hidden in the apple of the eye,in soul and waiting …waiting for …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Emily Brontë – An Elegy 12.02.2020 12:53:44

allgemein no coward soul is mine poetry charlotte brontë emily brontã« emily brontë
Emily Bronte, an elegy... mehr auf medusasmile.wordpress.com

Enter The Day 12.02.2020 05:03:15

start enter peaceful poetry not a poet poet exit reticent morning poem life chatter doodle evening draw beginnings illustrate
                              ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Fotopoetry n°101 11.02.2020 12:11:25

fotolyrik & fotostories fotokunst poetry fotografie
... mehr auf 24notes.de