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On the cusp 17.06.2019 05:59:14

internet poem about hope poetry for the spirit a love letter poems writing poems of passion ponderings poems of longing poetry for the soul poem poetry
"... not to be had ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The aristocracy 15.06.2019 14:30:42

hypocrisies abound poverty observations micropoems writing micro-poetry poems of reflection poetry for the soul poetry poem
Those persistent pockets of poverty in compelling contrast – with the hypocrisy of aristocracy.   Copyright © 2019 ShunPwrites.com All Rights Reserved.... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

From those ivory towers 15.06.2019 08:37:15

a mind of a writer racism is a spirit humanity denying it's ugliness spoken word writing humanity epiphany evolution ponderings poetry
Those who wield darkened countenances in ivory towers –   shower the gathered with hollow platitudes that euthanizes humanity while killing the body.   In the effort to secure the elusive prize –   that is their absolution of  the encumbrance of guilt.   Copyright © 2019 ShunPwrites.com All Rights Reserved.... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Hiding In The Almost 14.06.2019 13:54:12

truths secrets lies omission life chatter hidden poetry poem fears withheld
  Hiding in the almost Where truth is withheld But lies are never spoken.   \                         There are truths in the unspoken. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Waiting for you 13.06.2019 21:30:47

photography & art women photography & art poetry love poetry
  Written: Maxima The rain is again on the streets of my cityUnshackle it from the damp and cold, coffins, despair…Loneliness, and time is runningDrummers , and grin at the darkness of my window,Already , on the third day. Fondness was, hidden in the apple of the eye,In soul and waiting …Waiting for you,So that …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

The night of the dark whispers 10.06.2019 16:06:06

flower poetry love poetry
  Written: Maxima     The night of the dark whispers Scattered blue shadows Color the walls of hope I am waiting for the soundof your breathing Waiting for the sound sound of tlove’s bell.IIt is different this time,the heat of lips,The ivory breasts, my restless hands in your hair. The magic of our movementthigh …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

I’ll come here every day 08.06.2019 20:18:04

poetry love poetry
Written: Maxima In the afternoons You took long walks by the sea Or the ocean With a stick in your hand You stopped Drew a heart in sand And wrote ’I love you’ In the middle. Joyfully you exclaimed This is my favourite place... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

As Did I 08.06.2019 14:50:27

photography draw awaken morning life chatter poem poetry doodle write
The sun rose As did I Neither knowing What we will find Waiting on us To decry or sigh Celebrate or What odds we defy The sun will set As will I Neither knowing .           ©   Advertisements... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Tender kiss on your eyelids 06.06.2019 21:40:31

poetic creation love poetry love poetry love poems
  Written: Maxima Silence the early morning gardenersthe rose collectors, silence them quickly.The bluebirds under the shade treesing the song of the voicelessso they do not awaken you.You’re so beautiful when you sleep I’m lowering the shutters at the Windows Not even the sun may wake you. I’m not permitting anything other t... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

to situations new 06.06.2019 14:08:00

uncertainty time soul mystery wonder amedeo modigliani peace poetry answers life anticipation emily dickinson change spirit questions here/now portraits sleep universe
On that specific PillowOur projects flit away —The Night’s tremendous MorrowAnd whether sleep will stayOr usher us — a stranger —To situations newThe effort to comprise itIs all the soul can do —~ Emily Dickinson(The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #1554) This poem brings to mind the restless sleep or sleeplessness we might ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Of Elders and Ancients 02.06.2019 06:02:18

spoken word writing poetry wordplay poetry about faith a poem for the broken poem for the spirit poem
"... that this place ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Nerve 31.05.2019 15:00:10

writerslife writing books fiction creative writing editing poetry poems poem
be brave and have the courage to keep writing, even when you’re afraid...... mehr auf millyschmidt.com

Will you, I wonder 30.05.2019 16:38:30

women photography & art flower love poetry poetry photography & art poem
  Written: Maxima Will you, I wonder, When those soft pillows steal all your dreams with those beautiful freckles across your nose At last, awake to the early morning sun With a short, transparent nightgown, with the freshness of a bird’s eyethen I nag, Bring me some more sugar, please.And then I sayNo, I do …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Lieber Papa, 30.05.2019 13:17:34

papa gedicht vater writing poesie poetry männertag poems vatertag geschriebenes
dieses Gedicht ist für dich. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute zum Vatertag, ich hab dich lieb.     Heute, Papa, geht es um dich Du, der uns niemals von der Seite wich Du, der uns so viel beigebracht hat Du, der uns immer satt bekommt, und das nicht zu knapp.   Deine Witze bringen mich … ... mehr auf heldenfuereinentag.wordpress.com

Supernova 29.05.2019 15:00:12

literature writing poet fiction writer poetry poems
love is a glittering bomb of stars, a blazing trail of galaxies, the...... mehr auf millyschmidt.com

Tender Treasure 24.05.2019 15:37:42

women poetry love poetry
Written: Maxima Look at me You look at me and just know,kiss me with your thoughts like thisand I kiss you.I’m sorry I always screw things up.When I wait I am sad,I won’t say angrybut really I am angry.So am I to be angry with my angelWhen you are only a minute late?I know you’re …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

When my sea of desires keeps calm 23.05.2019 11:16:09

women poetry love poetry
Maxima ​ There comes a timeA time of silenceWhen my sea of desires keeps calmAnd trying to find youLooking for youWith weary eyesYou, a lonely girlStanding at a tram stopMy desires let goLeave you to the lookOf strangersFeeding off the tracesOf your tendernessOn my face  I love you... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

It’s Easy My Love 22.05.2019 21:39:40

photography & art rose poetry love poetry photography & art
Written: Maxima My Dearit is easy for me to be the hero,to be the heroic warriorwho rides the wide and so warm heart,a miracle of clouds that are the colorof your heart and soul that understands me. With you it is easy to walk a trail of starswhen I you are beside me. My beautiful …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

I will always love you and me 20.05.2019 21:02:24

women poet poetry love poetry love
  Written: Maxima   I will always love you and me When our eyes meet,we exchange fire.How can you know howhigh that fire grows fromso far away?To touch one strand ofyour hair, hold you for onenight, I haven’t’ the wordsto tell you of my thoughtsand hopes.My guitar knows the wordslisten to my sound that saysI …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

the force of happiness 18.05.2019 13:22:11

birch time self dwarf river birch blessings loss poetry joy trees life leaf happiness emily dickinson consciousness inf hjemme gardens
Such is the Force of Happiness —The Least — can lift a tonAssisted by it’s stimulus — Who Misery — sustain —No Sinew can afford —The Cargo of Themselves —Too infinite for Consciousness’Slow capabilities — ~ Emily Dickinson (The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #889) We planted this tree in our ga... mehr auf ingebrita.net

You are my sunshine 17.05.2019 20:47:38

poetry love poetry love
Written: Maxima My love You are an angel You are a queen You’re in my veins You’re every beat of my heart You’re the beauty of life You are my sunshine And a dew of joy On the flower of my life Watching your beautiful face This morning Kissing it gently As you lie asleep …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Your hands’ melody 16.05.2019 17:40:56

women poetry love poems
Written: Maxima A Storm Rider In my mind I set off naughtily Right into your arms Placing my palms On your frilled silver Evening dress And once again I become a storm rider Savouring your sensuality.... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Embrace poetry 15.05.2019 16:22:58

poetry love poetry
Written: Maxima Different from all the others With the soul and heart that Embrace poetry When my lips Touch her eyelashes gently I’m at a loss for words Which would describe The power The magic power I feel As I disappear In the depths behind them One can drown In the whirlpools of beauty Her …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

On knees that refused to bend – Dear Momma 12.05.2019 08:27:17

happy mother's day dear momma poetry about grace mother's writing mothers day poems for mothers poetry mothers being thankful for mothers dedication to mother's faith love poem
"... clothed in the armour ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

A love evinced – A Mother’s Day poem 12.05.2019 07:47:35

writing spirtuality lessons that i learned poetry dedication to mother's inspiration mother's day poem faith poem
"... that analgesic for ..." ... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The Fairies Wait 08.05.2019 06:03:48

lore wisdom si`dhe fairy hosts fairies fun ireland travel poetry draw legend life chatter irish poem doodle
  The fairies wait They know I come. They hope to entice me To step and dance To live among them To know their secrets To guard the precious hazel To share the stories And  learn their ways. The fairies wait They know I come.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Das grüne Land 07.05.2019 09:17:27

land fotografie lyrisches leben leben grün gedichte uncategorized winter winter poetry frühling frühling alt werden natur/makros landschaft grün poetry land gedichte geschriebenes
Grünes Land – Frühling Die Zeit der Wunder ist vorbei, sagst du. Vernunft regiert. Und doch: ich gehe durch ein … Continue Reading Das grüne Land... mehr auf altwerdenisnixfuerweicheier.wordpress.com

pastoral 06.05.2019 11:28:35

willard metcalf spring wonder poetry emily dickinson scenery may nature months
Besides this May We know There is Another — How fair Our Speculations of the Foreigner! Some know Him whom We knew — Sweet Wonder — A Nature be Where Saints, and our plain going Neighbor Keep May! ~ Emily Dickinson (The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #976)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Laughing at the fates 06.05.2019 01:41:22

spoken word writing metaphors are abundant micro-poetry poetry poems of reflection poem humanity's hypocrisy
"... at the prospect ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

I can’t hide joy 28.04.2019 09:07:58

women flowers poetry love poetry
  My heart wants you Oh! Goddess of love The eyes speak Speak for themselves What I feel in my heart for you. With these few words I can’t hide joy I can’t hide happiness I can’t hide What ripens in meTherefore, my only and eternal love,I let my heartCarry me To the magical worldOf …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Spring Meditation 27.04.2019 17:05:48

poet's corner poetry life poem
Spring Meditation a rosy cheeked sun teasing rises over a humming meadow while our heart chakra crystal bowl softly sings my mind begins planting words, seeds of love to tend my garden, where... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and more.... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Love is blind 26.04.2019 19:37:54

women poetry love poetry poem
with love Maxima The moment between the blink of an eyeTruth: That . I bow on my knees immersed in beauty. I travel through dreams,through the heat of your palms,and order my dreams to never end.I offer your eyes a world of love, Those eyes that I want to live in forever.I love you. Advertisements... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

​I need your hands’ melody 25.04.2019 20:29:55

women poetry love poetry
  Maxima ​I need your hands’ melodyWhen the nights are so longThey bring joy and happiness to meI need your eyesWhen the nights are so longAnd darkCome to me, my loveGive me the lightI need your warm embraceWhen the nights are so longDark and coldMagical is your touchIn your armsI feel safeFeel the love,Warmth and …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Somewhere among the stars 24.04.2019 18:21:58

women love poetry poetry poem
Wtih love Maxima Suddenly, you trembled, my darlingAs if craving to turn a fluid waveA magnificent wave thatOverwhelms the endless spaces of our heartsInto eternityAnd, I, my dearest,I feel pure joyDazzled by this feelingThe endless tender kissHas formed a magic circleThe source of our beingSomewhere among the starsOf the brightest constellationI l... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

To let it go … 24.04.2019 07:12:36

mary oliver fotografie lyrisches mary oliver leben - zuhause uncategorized zitiertes poetry natur/makros landschaft poetry geschriebenes
                Look, the trees are turning their own bodies into pillars of light, are giving … Continue Reading To let it go …... mehr auf altwerdenisnixfuerweicheier.wordpress.com

This day is perfect 23.04.2019 21:29:53

women love poetry poetry love
With love Maxima This day is perfect warm night do not hurry, please,do not come soon because it is beautiful here in the tender and passionate eyes of my magic woman.... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Tonight I ‘m 22.04.2019 18:44:21

poetry love poetry love poem
Written: Maxima You know … Tonight I ‘m Traveling the heat of your Beautiful body. Touching your lips and… Highlights descending Over your forehead And time goes by, hours passing, Leaking life, drop by drop. You know I can not wait to Embrace you beneath The waterfall.... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

New Year 22.04.2019 09:01:23

poetry john anstie poems/poetry poem
Same Rivers, New Waters … Last year passed the golden glove You know, the one with a fist of iron. She wanted no more of it. Nor I. Those glossy, glittering, glistening, shining products of a golden age had lost their sheen and the age of growth and worshipping at the alter of God. Demands.…... mehr auf intothebardo.wordpress.com

My darling 19.04.2019 11:32:16

women poetry love poetry
Written: With love © Maxima ” “> My darling, Let my smile Caress your cheek gently As the wind dances Let this march Echoing in my heart Enter your divine soul And stay there forever Let our happiness Sail through the silence Of this beautiful spring night! My dearest I love my life with you …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

First door in the wall 03.05.2017 17:18:32

bild photography fotografie fear depression angst lyrics english poesie lyrik depressions depressionen poetry picture bilder gedanken poem
I builded walls since i could grab a stone, but too much walls left me alone. So i learned to build a passage door; now i fear to leave my castles core.   © Jo Wolf... mehr auf klapperhorn.wordpress.com