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Stacks and Stacks of Books 12.07.2015 22:37:23

diy interior design diy books art design interior decorating literature home decor decor|design decor
I’ve been noticing a design trend where homeowners place stacks of books on the floor.. I love that.. since most of us already have a collection of hardcover books on hand. This one is great... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and ... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Father Earth, Spring Rain & David Whyte 28.03.2015 17:49:22

author life writing home crafts quotes garden diy poetry trips poet's corner photography decor|design literature gardening/flowers decor workshop
♥ Our dry earth is welcoming our first spring rain.. I imagine it greedy, gulping it down like my dog slurps water from her bowl. As long as these drops don’t turn into something flaky and... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and mo... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

How to Make Your Word Into Law (Reprise) 01.06.2018 00:04:55

power literature poems history words metric goddesses poetry
Three sister goddesses there were In the ancient Egyptian day Beneath the torrid desert sun They held their sacred sway...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Alles dreht sich 25.07.2013 12:56:54

Neulich durfte ich mal wieder eine Buchrezension für die Bibliophilin schreiben und nachdem mein Text dort schon vor ein paar Tagen veröffentlich wurde, möchte ich ihn Euch auch hier noch einmal vorstellen. Alles dreht sich von Rosemarie Eichinger Chicken-House im … We... mehr auf msgoingtomoon.wordpress.com

Book Cover-GIF von javier jensen 29.08.2015 12:11:04

literature art
supppergeil → Du kannst auch ohne facebook Fan sein ;) ... mehr auf doktorsblog.de

“Above all, be alone with it all” 23.04.2015 05:26:29

appetizers literature recipes poetry food poet's corner recipe life
“Above all, be alone with it all, a hiving off, a corner of silence amidst the noise, refuse to talk even to yourself, and stay in this place until the current of the story is strong enough to... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen an... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

On Synchronicity 24.06.2015 06:56:48

life deepak chopra quote poem poetry quotes literature
I found this quote to be so positive and encouraging, I thought I’d share it with you tonight. Imagining a world of accelerating synchronicities that transform into the miraculous... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and more.. }... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

A Winter Home Tour 13.02.2017 00:42:20

home decor tablescapes|vignettes, breakfast in bed trays & decor literature photography decor|design decor design home bella life diy tablescapes|vignettes
In a previous post, SAVOIR, PENSIR, RÊVER. TOUT EST LÀ I dreamt of living in my very own home, having that peace and stability would mean so much. I sometimes feel like a bit of a traveller in life... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Got a Moment? I Want to Show You my New Baby Pictures!… Oh, You’re Busy? No Problem — Catch You Later!… 03.06.2018 03:24:52

metric humor poetry birth literature family poems
I got to hold My new great-grandchild In my arms today...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Hear the Voice by William Blake 31.03.2015 18:54:30

poet's corner poem poetry life william blake hear the voice inspiration literature photography
  Hear the Voice Here the voice of the Bard, Who present, past and future, sees; Whose ears have heard The Holy Word That walk’d among the ancient trees; Calling the lapséd soul, And... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and mor... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Sound Recording: “pulsar” 02.05.2018 03:27:45

literature poems communication free verse writing poetry
As can be discerned by the flapping of the poet's tent/capsule, it's windy in the billions of voids this evening...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

2. Februar 2015: Aboud Saeed interviewed for renowned Coldfrontmag 03.02.2015 22:05:20

poetry poem revolution syria aboud saeed coldfrontmag english presse mikrotext minbej literature germany
Long interview by Jennifer MacKenzie and Omar Andron with lots of insights into Aboud’s view on the revolution in Northern Syria, in his hometown Minbej, as well as his view from Germany, where…... mehr auf mikrotext.de

Feel 02.06.2018 22:35:11

meditation poetry heart metric poems literature
No need for fancy practices To make your meditations real...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

My House of Belonging 27.05.2016 00:19:01

poet's corner poem poetry book reviews life writing hiking literature alone photography
being alone can bring with it the sensibility that one is somehow lacking ♥ that one has somehow failed if not racing off to some heady experience or cycling through a myriad of social appearances... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and ... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Making of Californium / Neue Level bei ARTE Creative 06.02.2016 12:26:59

literature games
Dick als Spiel! → Du kannst auch ohne facebook Fan sein ;) ... mehr auf doktorsblog.de

Grace II (Reprise) 02.06.2018 22:53:15

self literature poems seeker metric poetry
Oh, I have been A-travellin' A-followin' my mind...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “In This Moment Be” 31.05.2018 03:55:40

metric sonnets poetry literature poems courage
Stand fast!... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Quote from and by Simone de Beauvoir about speaking/writing and (representing) reality 15.04.2015 12:37:55

literature theory von anderen zitate zitat existentialism and poststructuralism literature simone de beauvoir toril moi beauvoir literatur
L’original: “La realité n’est pas un être figé; c’est un devenir, c’est, je le répète, un tournoiement des expériences singulières qui s’enveloppent les unes les autres tout en restant séparées” An English translation: “Reality is not a fixed entity; it is a becoming; it is, I repeat, a spinning of si... mehr auf nestroyesk.wordpress.com

Imprecise Advice 02.05.2018 02:50:01

literature poems communication language metric poetry
So often our communications be Hampered by inexactness definition in...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Hörspiel: Die Maschine steht still 29.05.2018 11:19:27

literature ai hörspiele allgemein sciencefiction podcasts philosophy
Schicke Hörspiel-Adaption des NDR von Edward Morgan Forster 100 Jahre alter Dystopie Die Maschine steht still, in der die Menschheit nach einer Revolution durch künstliche Intelligenz die technischen Bedingungen dieser Revolution vergessen hat und nun in einem Zustand totaler Abhängigkeit in ihren unterirdischen, isolierten Welt gefangen sind. Plat... mehr auf nerdcore.de

been put down (reprise) 12.05.2018 13:26:20

metric poetry bullying literature poems sorrow
ma ears are lower than ma el- bows... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

I Am a Refugee in My Own Land (Reprise) 20.04.2018 05:40:37

poetry free verse poems homelessness literature
I live in a tent I stand in line for free food I endure humiliation and despisal of affluent locals... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Message From a Dying Bee 22.04.2018 02:37:43

action poetry advocacy free verse poems literature nature gaia
This creature of God entered the poet's tent this morning, clearly in distress and so intent on delivering its message that transmission continued after the change we know as death.... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Household Blessings: In My Absence 02.06.2018 00:49:28

departure literature poems blessing free verse poetry
A beautiful blessing On this my sacred haven...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Outside the Garrett Door 10.06.2018 21:31:58

literature creativity poverty poems metric poetry artist's life
A lone purveyor of the arts Sits her tiny garrett in Her few possessions there arranged Neat as any pin...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Hörspiel: Schlange und Regenbogen 23.07.2018 12:43:45

podcasts audiobooks ncpin nca podcastsfrompinboard voodoo zombies literature
Der junge Ethnobiologe Wade Davis wird von seinem Professor nach Haiti geschickt, um das "Zombiegift" zu finden - ein Gift, das Menschen in einen todesähnlichen Schlaf versetzt und nach dem Aufwachen zu willenlosen Sklaven macht. // Von Wade Davis / Be...... mehr auf nerdcore.de

Sound Recording: “A Million Diamonds” 09.05.2018 13:59:26

metric sonnets gratitude poetry beauty literature poems
It's much easier to be contented in a tent in the springtime than it is midwinter -- but there were moments in which the poet managed to be so.... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

“Yes” to WordPress (Reprise) 02.05.2018 03:12:55

writing metric gratitude poetry literature poems
Put me in a place Where I have always longed to be To share my words with everyone I suddenly am free... ... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Diversity Rocks 2 09.05.2018 00:41:17

poems beauty literature diversity poetry metric
Your hair is short and curly Mine is long and full...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Mama Gaia Steppin’ Out (Reprise) 04.05.2018 00:29:32

poetry metric poems ascension literature
"Come on, let's go!" She said to me Preparing to pick up Her Pace... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

To All Ourselves 17.05.2018 23:52:28

poems literature self poetry metric sisterhood
Sister self, you sit back down I got somethin' here to say Not enough smile, too many frown Don' like to see you go that way...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “Ascending Perspectives I” 01.05.2018 00:43:44

poetry free verse ascension communication poems literature
Isn't it wonderful?... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

(ein halber) Lesetipp: Telluria: von Vladimir Sorokin 13.02.2016 13:55:52

Was ne geile Schreibe! → Du kannst auch ohne facebook Fan sein ;) ... mehr auf doktorsblog.de

Home From the Wars 02.05.2018 13:27:35

war metric poetry literature poems
...knows an endless hopelessness Stripped of all disguise Just as he saw it gaze at him Through enemies' defeated eyes... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “Ten Little Years” 01.05.2018 14:05:36

evolution free verse poetry literature ascension poems
... Running around like a nut!... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “Me? Um…” 04.05.2018 00:43:23

poetry free verse poems ascension lightwork literature
... So, pretty much the usual...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Thank You to the Bloggers! 30.04.2018 15:55:10

blogging musings pets literature poetry fiction cats writing life books creative writing
The other week I posted a rallying cry when I heard that the...... mehr auf millyschmidt.com

Break Free 31.05.2018 00:36:04

metric poetry solitude literature service poems
When folks are dedicated conflict to Don't even wish to kind agree Won't tell the simple truth to you Break free, break free, break free... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Seek Not for Miracles in the Unseen 26.04.2018 21:39:01

poems literature sonnets healing poetry metric
Seek not for miracles in the unseen A thousand thousand healings have there been!... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Zierquitten – Marmelade oder keine Marmelade? 23.10.2017 19:34:30

haltungsübungen chaenomeles speciosa wahrheit fruit lewis carroll suchen + finden marmelade grafikprogramm herbst gefühle deutschland früchte verwirrung puzzled quotations jam zitiertes, übersetztes, eigenes phantasie chinese quince preserve autumn photoscape chinesische zierquitte literature eigenes lüchow aufbewahren images germany bilder attitude computer / internet storage schlüssel graphic program notiz aber interessant zitat speicherplatz communication gedanken
Die Chinesischen Zierquitten fallen jetzt, im späten Oktober, vom Strauch und rollen auf dem Boden herum. Es sind nur wenige dieses Jahr, sehen auch nicht so schön aus, wie in den vorigen Jahren, als ich sie zu einer säuerlichen, beinahe zitronig wirkenden Marmelade verarbeitet habe. Ich glaube, dieses Jahr lasse ich sie liegen. Liegengeblieben ist... mehr auf 2puzzle4.wordpress.com