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Morning Trip (270) 19.03.2017 14:10:06

boundaries valuation of self morning trip expectations elisa people pleasing fear guilt elisabeth connelley the dunwells--communicate blame elisa's spot brene brown resentment rising strong communication
“Boundaries are hard when you want to be liked and when you are a pleaser hellbent on being easy, fun, and flexible….When I do something because I feel pushed, pressured, guilt-tripped, or shamed into it, I expect people to be appreciative in addition to being respectful and professional. Ninety percent of the time they are … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (191) 16.08.2015 14:53:44

morning trip divine spark elisa spirit beethoven shinya imaizumi elisabeth connelley uncategorized higher power feeling nature aware action "elisa's spot"
“Here, surrounded by the products of nature, often I sit for hours, while my senses feast upon the spectacle of nature. Here the majestic sun is not concealed by any dirty roof made by human hands, here the blue sky is my sublime roof. When in the evening I contemplate the sky in wonder and […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (255) 14.01.2017 13:52:14

self adyashanti morning trip seeker cairn-breeze(original mix) elisa mind elisabeth connelley being elisa's spot delusion divine union
“The problem is that the self that you became convinced was the real you is a phantom that exists only as an abstraction in your mind – animated by the conflicted emotional energy of separation. It’s about as real as last night’s dream. And when you stop thinking it into existence, it has no existence … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (254) 02.01.2017 12:59:16

soul dust: the magic of consciousness expression nicholas humphrey morning trip perception projection elisa living elisabeth connelley being elisa's spot action omnia feat melissa loretto- halo(original mix)
“Sensations, from the beginning, involve a sort of doing. This means that, in an important sense, it is your doing self that brings your core self into being. You are responsible at the very deepest level for what it feels like to be you. But then, for your next trick, well, how about spreading some … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (199) 10.11.2015 13:00:58

relief morning trip elizabeth gilbert elisa suffering big magic smallest to the biggest thing in the universe elisabeth connelley joy emotional pain "elisa's spot" creation
“Emotional pain makes me the opposite of a deep person; it renders my life narrow and thin and isolated. My suffering takes this whole thrilling, and gigantic universe and shrinks it down to the size of my own unhappy head.” –Elizabeth Gilbert, Big MagicFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", Big Magic, creation, elisa, ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (205) 21.11.2015 13:47:25

thanksgiving inner-flame passion expression morning trip shamaan ochaum climbing eagle life grounded elisa george winston elisabeth connelley stillness feeling "elisa's spot" gratitude creation
“Keep your passion alive– it will warm you when the world around you grows cold. It will not allow comfortable familiarity to rob you of that special glow that comes with loving deeply. It can lift you over stone walls of anger and carry you across vast deserts of alienation. But its greatest gift is […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Black and White Thinking 01.02.2016 15:11:09

photography pursual inner-flame digital art happiness elisa grounding black and white photography elisabeth connelley purple shoe photography seeking from outside of self black and white thinking purple shoe photography--images taken by elisabeth connelley sunset personal expressions chasing happy "elisa's spot"
Sometimes we dont’ have to persue happiness, we just have to pause and let it catch up.–unknownFiled under: Personal Expressions, Purple Shoe Photography--images taken by Elisabeth Connelley Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", black and white photography, black and white thinking, chasing, digital art, elisa, elisabeth connelley, grounding, happine... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (249) 01.12.2016 20:57:24

inner-flame morning trip annie dillard elisa spirit phonetic- inner flame bear the nights elisabeth connelley pleasure higher power elisa's spot noticing joy pilgrim at tinker creek
“But if I can bear the nights, the days are a pleasure. I walk out; I see something, some event that would otherwise have been utterly missed and lost; or something sees me, some enormous power brushes me with its clean wing, and I resound like a beaten bell.” –Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker CreekFiled … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (273) 26.03.2017 15:54:58

listen morning trip ernest holmes denial intelligence dark road elisa conflict affirmation the science of mind mirror trust elisabeth connelley higher power free elisa's spot sarah jarosz nature confusion joyous happy listen to the energy
“We find ourselves torn by confusion, by conflict, by affirmation and denial, by emotion congested by fear, congealed by pride. We are afraid of the Universe in which we live, suspicious of people around us, uncertain of the salvation of our own souls. All these things negatively react and cause physical disorders. Nature seems to … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (271) 21.03.2017 13:06:09

inner-flame sunlight of the spirit expression morning trip study elisa william ellery channing spirituality union elisabeth connelley michael schulte - end of my days (official video) higher power elisa's spot think act talk
“To study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly, to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart, to bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hungry never– in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden, and unconscious, to grow up through the common. This is to be my symphony.” –William …... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (258) 17.02.2017 13:22:07

instinct self reaction wrong henry miller morning trip perception elisa kalpataru tree elisabeth connelley elisa's spot decoding prayer action
“There’s nothing wrong with the world. What’s wrong is our way of looking at it.” –Henry MillerFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: action, decoding, elisa, elisa's spot, elisabeth connelley, Henry Miller, instinct, Kalpataru Tree, Morning Trip, perception, prayer, reaction, self, wrong... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (274) 28.03.2017 18:18:13

inner-flame silence expression morning trip elisa inner desire love union elisabeth connelley roger rosenblatt blame forgive personal inventory elisa's spot thomas murphy lie inventory richard bass-flowing waters (original mix) internal voice voice amend betrayal creation
“There are two kinds of silence, it seems to me. One is that place where we tuck out thoughts and feelings. You can betray in silence, brood in silence, envy, pity, plot, year, admire, condemn, lie to yourself, lie to your conscience, forgive yourself, forgive others, all in silence. Love. You can love in silence. … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (195) 22.08.2015 13:31:31

thought science of mind expression morning trip ernest holmes elisa revelation spirit union elisabeth connelley higher power the voice celtic woman "elisa's spot"
“Oh, for a tongue to express the Wonders which the Thought reveals! Oh, for some Word to comprehend the boundless idea! Would that some Voice were sweet enough to sound the harmony of Life. But Within, in that vast realm of thought where the Soul meets God, the Spirit knows. I will listen for that […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (253) 28.12.2016 13:25:38

future morning trip past grace pitts elisa secrets t living elisabeth connelley run elisa's spot acceptance now
“The secrets to living are these: First, the past cannot be improved upon. Acknowledge what was and move on. Next, the future cannot be molded. Then, why bother? Last, nothing can ultimately be controlled; Not the past, nor the future, nor the present. Accept this moment as it is. Honoring these three, one lives without … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Not My President 10.11.2016 17:42:28

not my president! anti-gay donald trump protests elisa protest offensive racism donald trump hate elisabeth connelley sexist intolerence personal expressions trailer trash trailer trash trump
Not My President! I cannot be in a city using my voice in protest of such a disgraceful example of a human being, put forth to represent me as leader of my country. So, I shall let my voice be heard here. Filed under: Personal Expressions Tagged: anti-gay, Donald Trump, donald trump protests, elisa, elisabeth … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (263) 04.03.2017 13:18:23

experience struggle morning trip presence success elisa guide fearless faith union next right thing fear elisabeth connelley merge higher power middle space elisa's spot brene brown jerzyk feat. ariette florence-next to you(ronny k. remix) next to you action
“Experience and success don’t give you easy passage through the middle space of struggle. They only grant you a little grace, a grace that whispers, ‘This is part of the process. Stay the course.’ Experience doesn’t create even a single spark of light in the darkness of the middle space. It only instills in you …... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (269) 18.03.2017 12:41:12

vibrantly alive the dunwells--animal sunlight of the spirit passion morning trip dan wells elisa ready union don't tolerate give it up elisabeth connelley renew elisa's spot fire don't settle definition of life release don't get by live
“In my biology class, we’d talked about the definitions of life: to be classified as a living creature, a thing needs to eat, breathe, reproduce, and grow…. Fire, by that definition, is vibrantly alive. It eats everything from wood to flesh, excreting the waste as ash, and it breathes air just like a human, taking … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (248) 30.11.2016 16:43:47

november witchery autumn morning trip lucy maud montgomery elisa ancient pines wheel of year "loreena mckennitt" gems jaded rest elisabeth connelley fall elisa's spot seeking within drawing in sleep
“November – with uncanny witchery in its changed trees. With murky red sunsets flaming in smoky crimson behind the westering hills. With dear days when the austere woods were beautiful and gracious in a dignified serenity of folded hands and closed eyes – days full of a fine, pale sunshine that sifted through the late, … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (278) 05.04.2017 14:36:19

(electronic)mitis--for miles and miles energy tags morning trip own elisa disease spin identify esoteric empathy conversion clare vaughn energy emotion elisabeth connelley being raven digitalis weave learning ritual magic elisa's spot purge anger john michael greer earl king jr. identity discordant become
“Feeling anger, it is easy to conclude that you are angry. The problem with this conclusion is that it can go beyond a mere descriptive statement. It can become a policy statement, or a basic plank in the platform of your sense of who you are. This, in turn, means that you come to see … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (262) 03.03.2017 14:46:06

need healing morning trip the book of love rumi elisa your defects lack union purpose elisabeth connelley naden use merge drive making elisa's spot attachment look at self what do we create? change what i can empty mirror creation naden-anemone (original mix)
“YOUR DEFECTS An empty mirror and your worst destructive habits, when they are held up to each other, that’s when the real making begins. That’s what art and crafting are. A tailor needs a torn garment to practice his expertise. The trunks of trees must be cut again and again so they can be used … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (190) 15.08.2015 15:26:19

mary oliver self others morning trip character elisa freedom willing teachable learning elisabeth connelley uncategorized pharrell williams "elisa's spot"
“I stood willingly and gladly in the characters of everything – other people, trees, clouds. And this is what I learned, that the world’s otherness is antidote to confusion – that standing within this otherness – the beauty and the mystery of the world, out in the fields or deep inside books – can re-dignify [... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (285) 06.05.2017 13:56:16

morning trip elisa concious contact george washington carver thoughts of god listening for the answer elisabeth connelley merge elisa's spot higher power naden--mountains tune in nature meditation
“I like to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” –George Washington CarverFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: concious contact, elisa, elisa's spot, elisabeth connelley, George Washington Carver, Higher Power, listening for the answer, meditation, m... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (200) 11.11.2015 13:01:12

philosophy worth morning trip decisions value elisa tools aldo leopold thoughts wishing elisabeth connelley sand county almanac choice inspiration the silent forest "elisa's spot"
“But there is one vocation–philosophy–which knows that all men, by what they think about and wish for, in effect wield all tools. It knows that men thus determine, by their manner of thinking and wishing, whether it is worthwhile to wield any.” –Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, NovemberFiled under: Morning Trip Tag... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (268) 12.03.2017 13:55:16

som bubbling stream disunion science of mind discord morning trip denial elisabeth connelly elements elisa conflict grounding pride faith elisa's spot water nature confusion
from within Learning to Trust Will Make Us Happy “…We find ourselves torn by confusion, by conflict, by affirmation and denial, by emotion congested by fear, congealed by pride. We are afraid of the Universe in which we live, suspicious of people around us, uncertain of the salvation of our own souls. All these things … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (250) 02.12.2016 13:38:34

coastline(original mix) dream morning trip new life annie dillard elisa spirit light passive elisabeth connelley wind higher power elisa's spot fresh air joy movement moved breeze pilgrim at tinker creek present maiga
“I watch the running sheets of light raised on the creek’s surface. The sight has the appeal of the purely passive, like the racing of light under clouds on a field, the beautiful dream at the moment of being dreamed. The breeze is the merest puff, but you yourself sail headlong and breathless under the … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (259) 27.02.2017 13:35:40

elisabeth khubler-ross honesty success confused with love morning trip prostitution expectations enough elisa dive people pleasing if only love union enoughness elisabeth connelley merge higher power elisa's spot salvatore ganacci feat enya and alex aris
“Love has no claims. Love has no expectations. Most of us were raised to become prostitutes. We have the illusion that with good behavior, good grades, lot of awards, pretty clothes, nice smiles, we can buy love. How many ifs were you raised with? I love you if you make it through high school. I … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (275) 29.03.2017 14:21:03

heyoka lucifer birdsong gordon hempton morning trip satan elisa god good and evil hell heaven elisabeth connelley evening bath roger rosenblatt good elisa's spot thomas murphy evil world going to sleep truth
“How do we know that God isn’t in Hell, and Satan in Heaven, where he started out? Whose word do we have to go on? Dante? Milton? Literature is literature, my esteemed geniuses, but those poems of yours are just grand guesses. What if God simply couldn’t take Lucifer’s complaining and posturing and Sturming and … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (277) 31.03.2017 14:37:57

not emotion powerlessness morning trip elisa powerless next right thing elisabeth connelley hope abel korzeniowski--come gentle night elisa's spot brene brown cognitive process goals pathway agency action
“The feelings of powerlessness that often accompany failure start with those all-too-familiar ‘could have’ or ‘should have’ self-inventories. And our fear grows in tandem with the strength of our belief that an opening has been forever closed. Pervasive feelings of powerlessness eventually lead to despair. My favorite ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (196) 31.08.2015 12:49:06

search illusion darude morning trip middle sandstorm elisa purpose elisabeth connelley control endings robert frost beginning chasing present "elisa's spot"
“You’re searching, Joe, for things that don’t exist; I mean beginnings. Ends and beginnings – there are no such things. There are only middles.” –Robert FrostFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", beginning, chasing, control, Darude, elisa, elisabeth connelley, endings, illusion, middle, Morning Trip, ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (193) 20.08.2015 13:17:29

what if bassnectar morning trip discontent jack kornfield elisa grounding restlessness fear irritable elisabeth connelley desire body restless surrender ping pong "elisa's spot"
“So when these states of mind arise – restlessness, desire, fear, wanting, worry, agitation, or judgment, if only it were somehow different than it is, “I don’t like this” – what to do with them? Sit in the very middle of them and study them. Note how they feel in the body. There’s desire. Desire […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (281) 22.04.2017 16:50:52

leave nothing unsaid expression morning trip magic mel robbins elisa using the front door connection fear elisabeth connelley merge vulnerability intimacy autumn--mostly strings vulnerable "elisa's spot"
“….live by this rule Leave nothing important unsaid. Intimacy takes courage. Risking getting emotional or upsetting someone so that you can express yourself is scary, but the result is magical.” –Mel RobbinsFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", Autumn--Mostly Strings, connection, elisa, elisabeth connelley, expre... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (284) 05.05.2017 22:13:35

seeing sheldon kopp motives perspective expression morning trip tony anderson--like a child (beautiful orchestral) perceptions dream of others elisa reality inner truth dream of self intent elisabeth connelley understanding elisa's spot agreement acceptance knowing
“When we lay claim to the evil in ourselves, we no longer fear its occurring outside of our control. For example, a patient comes into therapy complaining that he does not get along well with other people; somehow he always says the wrong thing and hurts their feelings. He is really a nice guy, just … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (287) 13.05.2017 18:50:57

self morning trip elisa transmutation tony anderson--the way home grounding clarity esoteric empathy conversion mooring energy elisabeth connelley ritual grounding and elemental realignment center raven digitalis elisa's spot home
“When excessive energy is funneled into the cognitive/thinking process, we energetically lose our footing through life’s twists and turns. When our energy becomes entirely directed inward, it can become unforgivingly maddening!” –Raven Digitalis, quote pulled from Ritual Grounding and Elemental Realignment inside Esoteric Em... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (210) 27.01.2016 15:45:35

fullness whole expression morning trip elisa ellie goulding grounding gift union energy elisabeth connelley seven lions merge don't leave spontaneous spontaneity "elisa's spot" gratitude
“The ability to be spontaneous is granted when we touch something deeply important: a moment of clarity in which we see an eternal truth. We give our truest reactions and utterances when we stand at the moment in question, all previously prepared words and actions suddenly voided in the face of the moment. A spontaneous […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (231) 21.05.2016 22:27:30

tom day crossroads music morning trip elisa transcendence detached purpose elisabeth connelley attached robert bly elisa's spot beauty joy aim
“Transcendence or detachment, leaving the body, pure love, lack of jealousy–that’s the vision we are given in our culture, generally, when we thing of the highest thing…Another way to look at it is that the aim of the person is not to be detached, but to be more attached–to be attached to working; to be […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (260) 28.02.2017 13:35:47

craig connelly feat. sue mclaren--home dance of existence coleman banks morning trip attraction elisa universal law love union energy thoughts of god elisabeth connelley merge elisa's spot home sufi
“There is a witness who watches the obstreperous play of flame and eros and says, This is the dance of existence. A great mutual embrace is always happening between the eternal and what dies between essence and accident. We are all writing the book of love. All the particles of the world are in love … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (261) 01.03.2017 14:18:49

morning trip self-doubt denial elizabeth gilbert elisa halsey-control(audio) inner sight control issues mirror elisabeth connelley elisa's spot labels control inventory
“So I buck up and admit it. ‘OK, I think you’re probably right. Maybe I do have a problem with control. It’s just weird that you noticed. Because I don’t think it’s that obvious on the surface. I mean–I bet most people can’t see my control issues when they first look at me.'” –Elizabeth Gi... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (211) 13.02.2016 12:41:00

paul van dyk ft. arty the ocean morning trip elisa grounding concious contact intuition gift union jonas salk elisabeth connelley weaving "elisa's spot"
“It is always with excitement that I wake up in the morning wondering what my intuition will toss up to me, like gifts from the sea. I work with it and rely on it. It’s my partner.” –Jonas SalkFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", concious contact, elisa, elisabeth connelley, gift, grounding, intuition, Jonas Sal... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (279) 17.04.2017 14:34:55

lies serenity morning trip peace don miguel ruiz elisa believe belief janet mills ruiz elisabeth connelley agreement don jose mile on the moon--sarah jarosz knowledge doubt knowing "elisa's spot" truth
“When we doubt the truth, we start to believe in lies. Soon we believe in so many lies that we no longer see the truth, and we fall from the dream of heaven.” –Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz, and Janet MillsFiled under: Morning Trip Tagged: "Elisa's Spot", agreement, belief, believe, Don Jose, Don Miguel … ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (192) 18.08.2015 13:48:49

mary oliver morning trip elisa solitude cyberia elisabeth connelley noticing joy acceptance loneliness afrocelt soundsystem "elisa's spot" gratitude
“When loneliness comes stalking, go into the fields, consider the orderliness of the world. Notice something you have never noticed before, like the tambourine sound of the snow cricket whose pale green body is no longer than your thumb. Stare hard at the hummingbird, in the summer rain, shaking the water sparks from its wings. […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com