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Love and Adore 16.04.2019 06:03:04

unique love #webedifferent draw sameness image humanity #webethesame doodle adore uncommon life chatter
      I love the uniqueness of us but I adore the sameness of us.                     ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Not Untouchable 02.04.2019 06:03:22

love learn gentle illustrate decency draw humanity untouchable doodle virtue kindness acceptance witness life chatter
  I saw you I saw you touch someone Someone who believed they were untouchable You made a difference In two lives That day.                       ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

It’s Either Gonna F*ck Us Up or Set Us Free! 11.03.2017 03:31:34

personal share seeking approval beliefs peer pressure life superhero attitudes foster homes confidence family advocacy positive self talk programming school adoption baby starter kit humanity damaging lessons stoner dud raising babies positivity shad helmstetter mean girls auto-bio-me losing confidence happy truth
Hi! 🙂 I hope this week has been filled with lots of positive things and that you were all, at one point or another, superheroes out there doing good in the world! One tiny, kind and giving gesture is all it takes, and I just happen to know firsthand, that you are all capable of that kind […]... mehr auf comingoutcrooked.com

Word For The Day… 08.04.2018 13:34:32

word for the day life humanity reflections action accountability gratitude truth
The more you sense the rareness and value of your own life...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

When in the desert 28.12.2017 09:24:08

wisdom prayers praying acknowledgement life asking for god's grace god lessons on humility faith battle searching for clarity humanity ponderings appreciation for life's lessons philosophy searching for purpose epiphanies of life epiphany healing being prayerful soliloquies human nature ignorance writing spirtuality life isn't promised angels musings inspiration meditation evolution
"release from..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The standard of our paths 09.01.2018 10:48:01

praying acknowledgement receiving an epiphany faith revolutionary thinking epiphanies of truth humanity ponderings philosophy epiphany healing revelations to ourselves inspecting your expectations blogging human nature writing spirtuality musings inspiration meditation evolution
"if we opt not to ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The Whimsical Lesson 14.04.2018 19:24:41

mlmm first line friday writing challenge life relationship lesson transparency secrets revealed humanity dance lesson reflections truth
The dance lessons were not working because his girlfriend could not stop twerking... ... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

That communion of silence 13.01.2018 21:02:25

metaphors of living humanity ponderings philosophy epiphany healing metaphors of life metaphors for what life gives us soliloquies human nature writing death as a metaphor meditation
"And silence wouldn't ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

A path without conditions 03.02.2018 08:06:54

inspiration for writers discovering purpose god discovering faith faith revolutionary thinking negativity is contagious praying for guidance the paths of our lives humanity embracing our failures ponderings epiphany healing epiphanies of thought culture stress revelations to ourselves crying out to god soliloquies human nature writing spirtuality searching for our faith musings inspiration evolution epiphanies from god
"cowardice will always obscure..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

A fool’s applause 13.01.2018 07:01:28

hypocrites politics humanity ponderings racism is a spirit a crazy world we live in soliloquies blogging writing losing faith in humanity american political climate musings controversy water racism in the age of trump
"their own self loathing ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

James Pt 1 of 2 04.04.2018 08:48:30

judgment teachy peace life god spirit spiritual awake ptsd love faith awakening oneness daily living beyond the veil journal anger health humanity stories appreciation sharing awareness communion a course in miracles self ego spirituality learning diary connection relationships focus understanding beauty surrender religion inspiration truth communication
He smiled and rolled his eyes in the direction of the boys.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

I stand in protest against … 06.02.2018 03:00:53

hypocrisies abound we are the biggest hypocrites lessons that i learned hypocrites essays musing life faith epiphanies of truth protest movements praying for guidance speaking truth to ourselves is the hardest endeavor finding truth humanity ponderings lies that we tell a mind of a writer philosophy epiphany healing protest movement social media lesson society soliloquies human nature humanity's hypocrisy ignorance writing spirtuality musings contradictions abound our skeletons in the closet inspiration honor meditation
"the blindness of my own ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

When we fight for likes 18.01.2018 05:09:51

hypocrisies abound speaking truth to ourselves is the hardest endeavor humanity ponderings lies that we tell commentary speaking truth epiphany culture society a crazy world we live in blogging human nature humanity's hypocrisy ignorance taking on our fear speaking truth to ourselves writing duality of humanity musings controversy
"before we try to shake down the temple ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Living with your parents; The value of family. 05.06.2018 00:56:46

living family humanity opinion society blogging news related opinion pieces news
Come leech on me.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

The make up that we wear 02.06.2018 16:37:45

life lessons lessons that i learned hypocrites social media gangsters faith ignorance in social media humanity ponderings appreciation for life's lessons philosophy epiphany social media asking a question society soliloquies blogging human nature getting out of our way nothing to fear but fear itself finding yourself when lost entertainment writing spirtuality musings vanity as our worse enemy controversy stereotypes inspiration learning from our mistakes. meditation talking out loud
"while ignoring the screams of conflict..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Massen-Simulationsspiel HUMANITY™ – wie Lemmings, nur mit Menschen 30.01.2018 17:15:35

digitalschmiede simulationsspiel humanity japan lemmings werbung tha ltd. millionen
Wer erinnert sich noch an das pixelige Abenteuer „Lemmings“, bei dem es in jedem Level darum ging, hundert der nicht sonderlich intelligenten Viecher im blauen Anzug über ein Hindernis zu helfen? Klar, ganz ohne Kollateralschäden war das nicht zu machen und manchmal haben wir auch einfach unserer Zerstörungswut freien ... mehr auf klonblog.com

Protecting your heart – Part II 16.06.2018 03:18:53

metaphors are abundant acknowledgement growing in faith observations faith love is hard to do fighting back growing up is hard to do humanity thoughts on love epiphany love don't love you are you going through things inspecting your expectations soliloquies blogging writing how to protect your heart musings inspiration essay learning from our mistakes. evolution what is love? truth
"But love is sometimes unrequited..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

James Pt 2 of 2 04.04.2018 08:54:19

judgment awakened teachy peace god spiritual awake ptsd love faith awakening oneness daily living journal anger health humanity aware appreciation sharing awareness communion a course in miracles all is well anxiety spirituality diary connection relationships understanding beauty surrender inspiration truth communication
“I have problems with PTSD,” he said.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 10.04.2018 12:51:06

word for the day life faith feast goodness transparency humanity scripture heart gratitude truth
Goodness of heart is...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Token of Humanity ~ Week 2 09.02.2018 18:35:56

humanity update acknowledge dreampack humanity lives on kindness compassion token token of humanity
The Token of Humanity, brought to you by Humanity Lives On and Dreampack, is aimed at creating awareness on the impact of what an act of humanity could carry not only towards the life of another but your own as well. It is in dedication to bring knowledge that by surfacing compassion, spreading kindness and … ... mehr auf kruidroermenietje.wordpress.com

Grinning gamely – A soliloquy of observation 17.02.2018 02:34:26

hypocrisies abound hypocrites politics nature videos poem spoken word humanity ponderings listening to god's voice fighting writers block epiphany wordplay asking a question society soliloquies human nature humanity's hypocrisy short stories writing american political climate poetry a poem for the powerful speaking truth to power controversy stereotypes essay videos racism in the age of trump evolution poems of reflection
"Are you..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Good Ole Nintendo 22.03.2013 23:58:00

yoshi 2013 life happily ever after dating classics living games humanity human duck hunt for laughs parental control parenting merging families nintendo
So much in my life has changed since my last blog. I started the job in childcare and quit less than a month later. I have a boyfriend now and his children are growing on my heart the more time … Continue reading →... mehr auf lovejunkey.wordpress.com

So The Legend Tells – A Short Tale 01.04.2018 20:39:21

fiction lost night sun mlmm sunday writing prompt - it's all in the title mlmm humanity challenge legend dark the willow realm tale
The Willow Realm was once a beautiful place to dwell...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Unfair Despair 08.08.2018 00:28:24

limbo lost life emotion haiku humanity pain reality disabled
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. ♥ Cemented In Limbo — refer to Hello Frankenstein (story) & Fae On Fire — UNFAIR DESPAIR — * Torn Tortured Then Trapped * Disabled and still A future I cannot see Pain my soul’s embrace Justice, A Mournful Disgrace. … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

The Forest Promise – 8-Line Poem 14.04.2018 17:09:02

life promise rest humanity insights soul breathe sammi cox weekend writing prompt dreams nature
Evergreen dreams of beauty and strength...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 15.04.2018 13:31:33

word for the day life faith transparency humanity reflections action gratitude truth
Nothing is a waste...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 02.04.2018 13:31:36

be a blessing word for the day life spirit faith transparency humanity prayer word action gratitude truth
My prayer is...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Heaven or Hell? 25.08.2018 06:35:02

life lessons lessons that i learned god lessons on humility faith finding sanity in an insane world humanity ponderings ignorance as a metaphor epiphany healing metaphors for what life gives us blogging writing spirtuality musings learning from our mistakes. evolution
"... the willful spirits..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Peace among Pieces 06.07.2018 17:08:16

abuse choices peace love humanity neglect life thoughts uncategorized death loneliness searching sadness truth
Chances to thrive were tossed aside Cold hearts numbed the one they made... mehr auf noelliesplace.wordpress.com

Heroism and the Business of Family 03.09.2018 00:04:08

family business wisdom lessons that i learned essays work life balance ancestors humanity being redeemed by faith grandmothers choosing our allegiances discovering your ancestry writing honoring our ancestors musings grandmother inspiration honoring the shoulders we stand on
"the equation of a workplace and personal value." ... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

I Need 3.03 Minutes 29.10.2018 05:05:19

peace people love heal dreamer imagine draw humanity love love love pain john lennon doodle thoughts help sorrow life chatter
Please.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

It Needs Help 15.12.2018 15:14:47

tree non-denominational love draw ornaments humanity unity christmas doodle decorate world wide compassion life chatter symbolic
    This Tree Needs help.       Each ornament I add, I think of your person, and wonder about their story. Who are you thinking of, loving, missing, caring about. ©   Advertisements... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Unseen 16.12.2018 14:20:52

love altruism validate draw invisible grace fade humanity soul faded lonely kindness life chatter
Look for the man you cannot see He is there Unseen With a heartbeat And a soul. We all need grace.         © Inspired by an interaction between two men. One unseen and one who saw him.  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Cries of Amnesty 02.02.2019 09:19:53

life lessons faith spoken word micro-poetry humanity epiphany poetic ponderings writing spirtuality
" Calling out..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Small steps for more humanity 20.04.2015 10:08:52

donate gesellschaft humanity society help menschen alles und nichts refugees
It is a small step, but it is better than nothing. And every small step helps to make this planet a bit better and it helps people who need this help. It is not important how … Weiterlesen... mehr auf steve-r.de

Word For The Day… 01.04.2018 13:29:01

word for the day life sun humanity simple life rewards appreciation of god's creation nature reflections gratitude truth
To find the universal elements enough...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 09.04.2018 13:15:13

word for the day life sun faith humanity reflections action gratitude truth
Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

Dancing with charlatans 25.03.2018 01:28:39

wisdom acknowledgement growing in faith discovering purpose being inspired faith betrayal of ignorance finding purpose humanity ponderings the foundations of friendship epiphany healing soliloquies blogging human nature taking back your power friends as enemies inspiring thoughts writing spirtuality musings inspiration purpose of action learning from our mistakes. evolution
"a presence that is reviled..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Life I Saw 27.06.2018 06:05:06

refresh love recover rain was real metaphor illustrate draw cleanse humanity rain insulate doodle isolate sorrow life chatter
At home On the porch With the rain Isolating me I rest From life I saw today.  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Kanye and the Ancestral Plane – A short story 03.05.2018 01:20:11

honoring the ancestors fiction being ignorant of history hypocrites fiction writing history bringing shame to our ancestors ignorance in social media humanity ponderings kanye west slavery comments writing spirtuality the legacy of slavery evolution genealogy
"the sacrifices that we made so that you could be..." ... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com