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the spent sun shines from its zenith 20.06.2020 23:43:00

blessings sunflower coronavirus pandemic hills corn solstice summer journey fire sun story wheels paul nash
The spent Sun shines from its zenith encouraging the Sunflower in the dual role of sun and firewheel to perform its mythological purpose. The Sun appears to be whipping the Sunflower like a top. The Sunflower Wheel tears over the hill cutting a path through the standing corn and bounding into the air as it … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Self Propelled 18.06.2020 12:22:31

move educate voyage change life chatter improve motion doodle advance draw evolve movement journey self propelled mature grow woman
                      On my way. ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Eine Wanderung voller Gefahren [Rezi] 08.06.2020 15:19:49

rudel wanderer überfall wolf wuffen wolfsvater paarung einsam welpen coppenrath verlag jagd prowolf raubtier jugendbuch flausch rabe stachelschwein schleich ã¼berfall waldbrand wissen angriff flucht angst wald flink zuhause bücher (rezensionen) lehrgehalt journey
Rosanne Parry Als der Wolf den Wald verließ 208 Seiten Coppenrath [15.06.2020] ISBN 978-3-649-63475-1 ~°~ Eindrücke / Meinung ~°~ Vielleicht kennt ja der eine oder andere noch die Serie „Als…... mehr auf gedankenteiler.wordpress.com

Flåm 17.07.2015 21:23:00

awe daniel r. flora timothy journey nature place fauna light frances
Morning light in Flåm, Norway, looking off the balcony of our hotel room. (above) Morning is my favorite time of day and this particular morning we did not have to rush off to catch a train or a ferry or a bus so we could enjoy a a few leisurely hours in the village before our […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Nærøyfjord & Aurlandsfjord III 23.07.2015 23:09:30

place nature frances timothy daniel r. flora awe journey
I’m pretty sure these pictures were along Aurlandsfjord, as I mentioned before, I’m not certain when we left Nærøyfjord and entered Aurlandsfjord… What I love about the picture above is that you can see a woman in a blue jacket peering into the window of the church. Our first glimpse of Flåm from the fjord. The Norwegian Star R... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Nærøyfjord & Aurlandsfjord II 22.07.2015 22:40:41

journey timothy flora daniel r. awe frances fauna place nature
More pictures from our ferry ride on Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord… …our traveling companions, Tim’s brother, Dan, and his wife, Fran… …yes, it was COLD!… …sheep, I think… That tiny little house (above) captured my imagination. I wonder what it would be like to live there, especially in the winter. The... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Nærøyfjord & Aurlandsfjord I 21.07.2015 22:24:02

frances nature place fauna journey awe flora daniel r. timothy
After we took our bus through the mountains we emerged in the tiny village of Gudvangen, located at the end of Nærøyfjord, which is an arm of Aurlandsfjord, which in turn, is an arm of Sognefjord. Getting off of our bus we immediately boarded our ferry for an eleven mile ride on Nærøyfjord. Nærøyfjord is named after Njord, a Norse god […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

fairy tale forest 06.03.2017 12:58:31

questions joy loss mystery magic portraits quotes journey edvard munch ocean charles de lint scenery story periodicals seashore mountains fairy words trees j. r. r. tolkien stars beauty
All forests are one. … They are all echoes of the first forest that gave birth to Mystery when the world began. ~ Charles de Lint (Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, Spring 1990) The realm of fairy-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Flåm Railway 10.07.2015 14:26:00

earth journey awe timothy daniel r. light frances place nature robert louis stevenson
After we got off the train at Myrdal, we got onto the Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana), “a steep railway taking you past spectacular waterfalls, in and out of snow-capped mountains and ending up by the Aurlandsfjord.” The little village of Flåm is 2838′ (865m) below Myrdal and the train ride took about an hour. There was a stop along the ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

enjoy the ride 24.03.2017 21:29:33

lyrics people james taylor planets zinaida serebriakova portraits journey life albert einstein time here/now perception space self reality love music
The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time Any fool can do it There ain’t nothing to it Nobody knows how we got to The top of the hill But since we’re on our way down We might as well enjoy the ride The secret of love is in opening up your heart … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Bergen Railway 30.06.2015 17:45:07

light frances dream nature weather journey daniel r. timothy awe
On May 23rd we took the Bergen Railway (Bergensbanen) from Oslo (altitude 75′, 23m) to Myrdal (2,844′, 867m). The line crosses the Hardanger Plateau of Norway (Hardangervidda) at 4,058′ (1,237m) above sea level. All these pictures were taken through the window glass from the train. Some by me and some by Tim. The scenery was so [&... mehr auf ingebrita.net

rapture in the lonely shore 21.05.2017 15:30:54

rapture self nature unity frances seashore poetry mountains pleasure music timothy rodgers universe family people daniel r. fjords george gordon byron norway journey woods ocean scenery
There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is rapture in the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not Man the less, but Nature more, From these our interviews, in which I steal From all I may be, or have been … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Hardangerfjord 11.08.2015 22:53:36

frances light poetry mountains morning sky stein mehren journey timothy daniel r. people fjords
On this day we woke up in Bergen, rented a car, and made our way out of the city to Hardangerfjord. We spent most of this day driving the length of the fjord (179 km or 111 miles) and enjoying the scenery, making a couple of stops. The first thing we spotted was this tiny … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

THE JOURNEY BEFORE 05.11.2015 00:42:12

schmerz pain fotografie b/w persönliches s/w tod journey reise 1x1
  Edit: 29. November. Die Serie wurde geringfügig verändert und ergänzt.... mehr auf lichtbildwerkerin.com

gull portrait 11.07.2016 19:31:37

time goose light timothy rodgers gull crow journey quotes birds bernard moitessier simplicity questions sky ocean sun
You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea. It goes, that’s all, and it is as simple as a ray of sunshine, as normal as the blue of the sky. ~ Bernard Moitessier (The Long Way) Now that our son and daughter-in-law have … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

flying history 09.06.2015 17:48:39

unity ancestors place grandfather history courage logic dimitri wonder larisa horizon katherine frances light john v. awe daniel r. beverly timothy transcendence grandmother zoë (cat) memory papa earth mom uncle dave mary chapin carpenter journey magic
My mother and her parents loved to travel but were afraid of flying. During my childhood we never flew anywhere so I didn’t notice this and it somehow never came up in conversation. It didn’t even occur to me when I was 15 and my father was offered a job in Greece and my parents decided […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

answers are not the point 06.01.2017 20:58:17

galaxy quotes journey mystery questions space nirmala self answers illusion sunflower spirit
We’ve all been on this spiritual path looking for answers, and the joke is that answers are not the point at all; the point is to have a blast with the questions. The point is not to hold back from the Mystery just because there is no final understanding. Along the way, incredible understandings come … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Aurlandsfjord & Sognefjord 01.08.2015 16:22:13

carl von linné words frances dwellings poetry mountains fjords rain clouds timothy daniel r. bjørnstjerne bjørnson mist magic waterfalls journey
Late in the afternoon we left Flåm, boarding a high-speed ferry which transported us to Bergen in 5½ hours via Aurlandsfjord and Sognefjord. When we left the rain clouds seemed to be surrounding the mountains in misty ribbons. Enchanting… Again, I’m not sure exactly where we entered Sognefjord, but it is the longest and deepest fjord in... mehr auf ingebrita.net

ABZÛ 13.12.2016 07:00:16

giant squid 505 games unterwasser adventure tests journey
Tief Luft holen! ABZÛ ist ein ganz besonderes Unterwasserabenteuer. Der Beitrag ABZÛ erschien zuerst auf arrcade.de. ... mehr auf arrcade.de

Viking Ship Museum 24.06.2015 11:30:16

daniel r. timothy awe journey exploration history by the sea fauna culture frances
…on the road to Oslo – a farmhouse, barn and food storehouse… …at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo… In 834 two important Viking women were buried in the 72′ (22m) long Oseberg ship (below), which had been built of oak around 820. The deck and mast were made of pine, and the ship could be […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

#52games – Der Weg ist das Ziel 10.07.2016 14:00:22

journey ps4 playstation games 52 games ps3 thatgamecompany
Heute mal ohne große Worte. Es wirkt vertraut, doch ist jede Reise eine neue Erfahrung. Manchmal ist der Weg das Ziel. Manchmal bedarf es nicht vieler Worte. Journey, mein liebstes Déjà-Vu. Immer wieder. 52 Games ist ein Blogprojekt von Zockwork Orange.... mehr auf redmaker.net

chickadee, titmouse, junco 27.12.2015 11:30:31

music body chickadee sunflower frost poetry moon perception nature stars winter time lang elliot ralph waldo emerson junco life wind titmouse snow journey videos clouds marie read
Up and away for life! be fleet!- The frost-king ties my fumbling feet, Sings in my ears, my hands are stones, Curdles the blood to the marble bones, Tugs at the heart-strings, numbs the sense, And hems in life with narrowing fence. Well, in this broad bed lie and sleep,- The punctual stars will vigil … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Sunday’s Song + some reflections on life on a journey (not for the faint-hearted!) 12.02.2017 06:00:04

spirituality who am i essence inward journey english versions song journey true love source of being search truth sunday's song music philosophien ireland
My dear Ones, It has been over a month since my last Sunday’s Song. I also want to take the opportunity of my recent birthday to write a little bit about what’s going on in the inside of things and what’s happening with the continuing gipzy life at age 33. [Above picture: A rainbow-portal over … ... mehr auf zoania.wordpress.com

Heddal Stavkyrkje 18.06.2015 11:30:09

olea crøger theodor kittelsen religion journey timothy flora people daniel r. spirit frances horizon place lars osa fauna pictures history
…scenery on the road between Skien and Notodden, Norway… …more scenery… …one of countless food storage houses (stabbur) we saw everywhere… …when I dream of Norway I see many birch trees… …Heddal Stave Church in Notodden… …memorial to Olea Crøger… Olea Crøger (1801-1855) was the... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Province Lands 06.11.2015 19:03:17

place seashore timothy rodgers dunes signs people dune grass videos clouds sky michael cunningham mystery sand quotes journey sun children life scenery
This is another of those strangely potent places. Everyone I know who has spent any time on the dune agrees that there’s, well, something there, though outwardly it is neither more nor less than an enormous arc of sand cutting across the sky. ~ Michael Cunningham (Land’s End: A Walk in Provincetown) Almost every time … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Musik-Trailer zu Abzû, dem spirituellen Nachfolger von Journey 28.07.2016 17:45:51

musik abzu trailer journey austin wintory score games soundtrack
Thatgamecompany’s Journey is as close as it gets to having a religious experience when playing a videogame. Abzû, which will be released on August 2nd, is a spiritual successor. Made by a different company but by the same art director, it definitely looks and feels like the sequel we never got. And now, thanks to […]... mehr auf pewpewpew.de

two by two 15.05.2015 11:30:25

dave matthews fauna flux love uncertainty celebration flora seasons journey months theodor kittelsen life
“May” by Theodor Kittelsen Celebrate we will Because life is short but sweet for certain We’re climbing two by two To be sure these days continue These things we cannot change ~ Dave Matthews ♫ (Two Step) ♫... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Auf gute Nachbarschaft… Das Fensterrausguckkissen 14.05.2013 09:38:47

fotographie foto kultur ruhrgebiet germany bilders culture ruhrpott großeltern picture photography alltag bilder journey ruhr reise travel
Na, wer würde nicht gerne mal der Frau Wolters aus 2b oder dem Opa Kupzinski von gegenüber dieses nette Fensterrausguckkissen schenken? Die Rahmen hinterlassen ja immer so blöde Abdrücke an […]... mehr auf ausruhrzeit.wordpress.com

Herring Cove Beach 14.10.2015 15:19:07

self flux perception letters by the sea rainer maria rilke here/now timothy rodgers uncertainty poetry e. e. cummings gull scenery mind journey
One morning in Provincetown we drove out to Herring Cove Beach, where we used to spend days at the beach when the kids were small. The waves here on the bay side are more gentle than they are on the beaches facing the open Atlantic. When they got older they preferred the excitement of Race Point Beach. This beach … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Sea Shell Motel 13.10.2015 17:34:48

dune grass sun scenery memory grandmother journey ancestors by the sea here/now grandfather timothy rodgers dunes morning light
An incurable early bird, on the last morning of our little weekend getaway I found myself unable to sleep and so decided to get up and read and gaze out of the sliding glass doors of our room at the Sea Shell Motel in Dennis Port on Cape Cod. It was about 40 minutes before sunrise and there … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Vøringfossen I 23.09.2015 15:15:39

music timothy rodgers valley frances solitude self creativity scenery journey quotes waterfalls edvard grieg mystery daniel r. beverly
Back in May, after a long day of traveling up the north side of Hardangerfjord we ventured inland a little, up a steep valley, Måbødalen (more like a canyon!), to breathtaking Vøringfossen, a waterfall in Eidfjord. The road was full of hairpin turns and tunnels. We arrived at the Fossli Hotel just in time to … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

weekend in the mountains 15.12.2016 14:58:03

journey birds owl food exhibit sun daniel r. family signs trillium otter katherine mountains light frances celebration stones dimitri timothy rodgers shannon larisa maps north carolina cougar nathaniel coyote nature trees museums
Last weekend we flew to a different part of North Carolina, where Tim’s brother had rented a vacation house in the southern Appalachians. So we had a little family reunion and an early Christmas there. We spent the better part of Saturday at the Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville. It was very cold there in spite … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Marconi Beach 09.11.2015 20:13:21

theodore william chomiak (1922-2013) signs dune grass guglielmo marconi flow sand journey ocean scenery memory here/now history perception king edward vii nature change theodore roosevelt seashore scarp timothy rodgers
One of our favorite stops on Cape Cod is Marconi Beach in Wellfleet, part of Cape Cod National Seashore. The last time we were here was in May of 2009 and we were a little startled by how much of the sand scarp had eroded away since then. We knew the Cape had been hit hard by … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Brevik 12.06.2015 11:30:08

ancestors by the sea frances daniel r. timothy journey
Brevik is the place in Norway I most wanted to see. My grandmother’s sea-captain great-grandfather, Ingebrigt Martinus Hansen, was born there in 1818 and emigrated to America by himself in 1836. As far as I can tell, his parents, five brothers and two sisters remained in Norway. Was he a rebellious teen? Or simply restless, […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Family Style Chinese Cookbook: Authentic Recipes from My Culinary Journey Through China (English Edition) 20.11.2016 02:05:10

english cookbook authentic ebooks journey through family edition culinary china recipes style chinese
... mehr auf dofollow.de

Vøringfossen II 24.09.2015 19:22:07

signs daniel r. family scenery food journey waterfalls timothy rodgers frances
Dinner is served from 7-9 p.m. at the Fossli Hotel and we were treated like royalty – my goodness everything was so fancy! I had reindeer for the first time in my life and it was delicious. And the distinctive cool water in that pitcher was straight from a nearby glacier. The company was great, the view … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Hæreid Iron Age Burial Site 14.03.2016 17:07:11

journey scenery norge signs family daniel r. frances plateaus mountains kristi hendriksdatter (1710–1752) katherine sheep cemetery larisa timothy rodgers history trees ancestors
Hæreid Iron Age Burial Site, also in Eidfjord, is the largest collection of ancient burial sites in western Norway, with 350 Iron Age and Viking graves dating from 400 – 1000 AD., located on the Hæreid plateau in Eidfjord. This is where we spent the morning of our last day in Norway, after our enchanting overnight at … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

SundaySound #35 – Don’t Stop Believin 19.04.2015 01:03:20

music glaube believing sundaysound (english) journey tests
Immer wieder sonntags *sing* (That’s a line from an old German pop song by Cindy & Bert) Do you know this fun personality/psycho tests on the internet? Which color are you? Which magical animal are you? And so on and so forth. Recently I did the test: Which legendary song was written about your life? […]... mehr auf darkfairyssenf.com

Steindalsfossen 12.08.2015 20:27:55

timothy daniel r. waterfalls journey frances
Fossen means waterfall in Norwegian. The attraction at Steindalsfossen is that one can walk under the waterfall, which was an amazing experience for me. I’m told this is one of the most visited tourist sites in Norway. The souvenir shop (above) was near the bottom of the waterfall, where the path started which led up to … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Race Point Beach 12.11.2015 17:40:30

sand mary oliver journey scenery memory sun ocean dune grass poetry light seashore timothy rodgers dunes change
One evening on our Cape Cod trip we went to Race Point Beach in Provincetown to see the sunset. It felt so good to be outside in the salty air, walking on the sand. I will never forget this trip to Cape Cod with my dearly loved husband of 40+ years. Until 2008 we used … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net