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Fotoeins Friday: Innsbruck’s Maria-Theresien-Strasse at noon 21.09.2018 02:01:15

mountains seasons oesterreich urban photography nordkette photography tirol culture altstadt tyrol austria europe travel old town architecture innsbruck fotoeins friday maria-theresien-strasse spring
Maria-Theresien-Strasse, late-morning in May.... mehr auf fotoeins.com

My Innsbruck: Zaha Hadid’s legacy with the Hungerburgbahn 17.09.2018 02:01:19

mountains urban transit seasons oesterreich urban photography nordpark railway stations photography tirol culture tyrol funicular austria europe travel bergiselschanze architecture innsbruck zaha hadid spring shell and shadow bergisel ski jump hungerburgbahn urban transport
Zaha Hadid's recent redesigned Hungerburgbahn funicular in Innsbruck... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Morning sun-glasses (Innsbrucker Altstadt) 14.09.2018 02:01:11

optik seasons oesterreich urban photography photography tirol altstadt tyrol austria eye shop riesengasse europe optician travel old town innsbruck fotoeins friday spring morning optikerin
Illuminating optics in morning sun... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Innsbruck’s Triumphal Arch at 730am 07.09.2018 02:01:55

seasons oesterreich urban photography photography tirol culture altstadt tyrol austria europe travel old town architecture innsbruck fotoeins friday spring morning triumphpforte salurner strasse triumphal arch
Innsbruck's Old Town and Triumphal Arch, in morning light... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Munich: Memorials to the 1972 Olympics Massacre 04.09.2018 02:01:37

jewish-german history seasons wailing beam olympiapark photography culture munich bayern europe olympic park travel germany bavaria sports munich massacre spring deutschland gedenktafel fuer die ermordeten israelischen sportler erinnerungsort olympia-attentat muenchen 1972 1972 summer olympics klagebalken muenchen denkmal fuer die opfer des olympiaattentats 1972 connollystrasse 31
When the Summer Olympics became a killing ground.... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Tango evening at Vienna’s Karlsplatz 31.08.2018 02:01:11

dance seasons oesterreich photography street photography culture austria europe travel fotoeins friday resselpark vienna spring wien karlsplatz arts tango
Warm late-spring tango at Vienna's Resselpark... mehr auf fotoeins.com

A Tirol Tour: short jumps from Innsbruck 27.08.2018 02:01:56

austrian federal railways mountains urban transit seasons alpbachtal oesterreich nordkette south tyrol photography tirol stubaier alpen stubaitalbahn stubai valley railway tyrol brennero austria europe travel stubai alps innsbruck hall in tirol oebb oesterreichische bundesbahnen spring wilder kaiser vvt ivb scharnitz south tirol stubaital urban transport brenner alpbach
Short excursions into Tirol from Innsbruck... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: the D in Vienna Nussdorf 24.08.2018 02:01:52

urban transit strassenbahn seasons oesterreich urban photography photography streetcar austria europe nussdorf travel fotoeins friday wiener linien vienna wien spring urban transport nussdorfer platz
Wiener Linien: Strassenbahn D... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Austria’s Silent Night: 200 years, 300 languages 20.08.2018 02:01:02

josef mohr seasons christmas eve german music oesterreich photography culture salzburger seenland christmas stille nacht museum joseph mohr franz xaver gruber stille nacht kapelle oberndorf bei salzburg austria europe travel stille nacht salzburger land christmas song stille nacht platz spring music silent night arts
"Stille Nacht" 1st performed on 24 Dec 1818 in Oberndorf b. Salzburg... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Vienna dusk over cobblestone Ballgasse 17.08.2018 02:01:40

seasons oesterreich urban photography photography ballgasse culture world heritage night photography austria europe travel unesco world heritage unesco fotoeins friday vienna wien spring
Fading light on one of Vienna's oldest streets... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Fillgraderstiege steps in Vienna Mariahilf 10.08.2018 02:01:05

seasons oesterreich maximilian hegele photography culture world heritage fillgraderstiege austria europe travel unesco world heritage mariahilf unesco architecture fotoeins friday vienna wien spring
Vienna's beautiful steps in Mariahilf... mehr auf fotoeins.com

take time by the forelock 09.08.2018 15:27:01

wisdom ireland life waves discovery cancer time seasons presence summer here/now mind thoughts quotes nature lion change people eternity self henry david thoreau play
A wise man will know what game to play to-day, and play it. We must not be governed by rigid rules, as by an almanac, but let the season rule us. The moods and thoughts of man are revolving just as steadily and incessantly as nature’s. Nothing must be postponed. Take time by the forelock. … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Fotoeins Friday: Aktuelles Wetter (current weather) 03.08.2018 02:01:53

urban transit seasons oesterreich urban photography landstrasse photography austria europe travel fotoeins friday wiener linien vienna u-bahn wien spring bahnhof landstrasse urban transport
Waiting for the U4 at Landstrasse in Vienna... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: mountain goats on Austria’s Karwendel 27.07.2018 02:01:02

karwendel mountains bergwelt karwendel alps seasons oesterreich flora and fauna photography mountain goats austria europe travel germany fotoeins friday spring deutschland karwendelbahn
Alpine quadrupeds in action, from a distance... mehr auf fotoeins.com

summer solstice 21.06.2015 11:30:03

life light seasons people flora self soul emily dickinson efim volkov
“Ukrainian Landscape” by Efim Volkov There came a Day – at Summer’s full – Entirely for me – I thought that such – were for the Saints – Where Resurrections – be – The Sun – as common – went abroad – The Flowers – accustomed – blew – As if no Soul the So... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Besuch im Schnee 17.01.2017 03:38:58

animals seasons winter birds vögel virgin das besondere chemnitz rotkehlchen children robin heike hultsch bilder und kalender zum kauf
Tagged: ANIMALS, BIRDS, CHILDREN, HEIKE HULTSCH, robin, Rotkehlchen, seasons, Vögel, VIRGIN, Winter... mehr auf paradalis.wordpress.com

two by two 15.05.2015 11:30:25

life months seasons fauna journey celebration love flora theodor kittelsen uncertainty flux dave matthews
“May” by Theodor Kittelsen Celebrate we will Because life is short but sweet for certain We’re climbing two by two To be sure these days continue These things we cannot change ~ Dave Matthews ♫ (Two Step) ♫... mehr auf ingebrita.net

strange places 15.06.2015 11:30:23

life discovery months seasons creativity alan alda intuition flora theodor kittelsen self wonder place exploration
“June” by Theodor Kittelsen When you embark for strange places, don’t leave any of yourself safely on shore. Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory. Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. It is not the previously known. You have to leave […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

winter solstice 21.12.2015 19:30:17

light einar skjæraasen seasons winter carl larsson perception winter solstice poetry
Lift up your countenance! The sun’s growing higher. The light’s pitching camp on free mountain tops. That hope you conceived on the winter solstice stands like a new day’s dawning in your eyes shining forth. ~ Einar Skjæraasen (Seasons)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Fotoeins Friday: King and Maynard (Seattle CID) 20.04.2018 02:01:44

north america seasons urban photography photography pacific northwest washington typography seattle travel cantonese fotoeins friday emerald city chinatown street usa spring pnw international district signage
Bilingual street signs in Seattle's CID... mehr auf fotoeins.com

sticks, bells, ribbons 01.05.2015 16:57:53

westerly morris men seasons william anderson celebration ancestors music memory timothy karl
Strike up a measure, sprightly this way And we’ll dance an idle hour away Dance in the garden, dance on the lea To a Morris music light and free Greenly call the rushes Budding is the willow Spring now is here and all is fair And she rides on the south wind Sweet and warm […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Autumn ️ 01.10.2016 23:40:13

autumn falltime orange instaautumn fallweather seasons instagood photooftheday leaves foliage red leaf nature autumnweather season instafall fall colorful instagram
... mehr auf niinagraphy.de

Fotoeins Friday: top of Austria from the top of Germany 19.01.2018 01:01:24

wettersteingebirge east tirol mountains alps seasons kaernten winter upper bavaria photography tirol wetterstein mountains grossglockner tyrol high tauern austria zugspitze europe oberbayern travel germany wetterstein fotoeins friday hohe tauern grossvenediger osttirol east tyrol werdenfelser land carinthia
Highest mountain in Austria, from the highest peak in Germany... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Poet’s Walk 09.04.2015 11:30:41

robert burns horizon history seasons katherine weather fauna dimitri larisa here/now nature flora allegra memory
Of a’ the airts the wind can blaw, I dearly like the west, For there the bonnie lassie lives, The lassie I lo’e best: There wild woods grow, and rivers row, And monie a hill between; But day and night may fancy’s flight Is ever wi’ my Jean. I see her in the dewey flowers, […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Fotoeins Friday: metro dash, afternoon rush in Sydney’s CBD 01.06.2018 02:01:45

australia square seasons urban photography curtin place photography australia travel myrtw traffic commuter cbd fotoeins friday sydney downtown spring new south wales
A rush of streaks to the CCD... mehr auf fotoeins.com

another stickwork sculpture 27.03.2015 10:30:13

seasons katherine weather dimitri larisa connection nature patrick dougherty playfulness suzanne lyons timothy pictures
For the first weekend of spring we decided to fly down to North Carolina to see Katie and her parents. Old man winter sent us off in the middle of a storm, a wintry mix that required de-icing of the plane. But we made it safe and sound and spent a relaxing Saturday hanging around […]... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Europe in May: the first 13 days (of 27) 02.07.2018 02:01:52

frankfurt am main jewish-german history austrian federal railways mountains seasons urban photography bratislava photography street photography stubaier alpen culture brennero austria europe travel stubai alps unesco world heritage germany innsbruck architecture hall in tirol oebb deutsche bahn vienna wien spring german rail rail pass wilder kaiser stubaital brenner eurail arts
First 13 days (of 27) in Austria and Germany, spring 2018... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: ‘DISOBEY’, Munich Eisbachwelle 25.05.2018 02:01:05

englischer garten seasons surfing winter urban photography upper bavaria photography culture munich bayern europe oberbayern eisbachwelle travel bavaria germany fotoeins friday sports muenchen
Breaking stereotypes... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: winter surfing at Munich’s Eisbach 18.05.2018 02:01:33

englischer garten seasons surfing winter urban photography upper bavaria photography culture munich bayern europe oberbayern eisbachwelle travel germany bavaria fotoeins friday sports muenchen
Surfing on a 1-metre standing wave in the middle of Munich... mehr auf fotoeins.com

In a Vase on Monday: Once in a Blue Moon 29.01.2018 13:13:52

seasons winter cut flowers in a vase on monday nature garden
This week we will not only see the second full moon within one calendar month, but also the third of four full moons for this season, making it a ‘blue moon’. This doesn’t happen very often – hence the saying ‘Once in a blue moon’. Now, if only I had one of those lovely Chinese […]... mehr auf wordsandherbs.wordpress.com

Fasching, Maschkera, Oimrausch: pre-Lent shenanigans in southern Germany 12.02.2018 04:01:27

loisachtal fosanacht maschkera easter seasons winter mask upper bavaria photography street photography culture bayern werdenfelser fosanacht tour de partenkirchen isartal lent europe oberbayern fosenacht travel mittenwald germany bavaria loisach river larven costume isar river fasching garmisch-partenkirchen holzlarven maschkera radl rennen arts werdenfelser land
Carnival, costumes, and mischief before Lent in southern Bavaria... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Am Quicken im Schnee (Mittenwald) 16.02.2018 01:01:43

wettersteinspitzen klais mountains kruen bergwelt karwendel alps seasons winter upper bavaria am quicken photography bayern europe oberbayern travel mittenwald bavaria germany fotoeins friday werdenfelser land
Through town and forest to open fields and views of the Wetterstein Alps... mehr auf fotoeins.com

every circle 15.03.2015 10:30:37

life light ralph waldo emerson months time seasons fauna by the sea nature journey theodor kittelsen
“March” by Theodor Kittelsen Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning; that there is always another dawn risen on mid-noon, and under every deep a lower deep opens. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (Circles)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

woods in spring 06.04.2015 11:30:18

seasons flora hal borland alfred sisley
“Along the Woods in Spring” by Alfred Sisley No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~ Hal Borland (Sundial of the Seasons)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

the january cocktail hour: preparing for adventure in the year ahead 01.02.2018 00:07:08

camino de santiago north america fairfax little difficult run stream valley park life colorado day outings road trip portugal seasons walks winter national gallery of art united states photography americas cocktail hour decluttering washington denver united states of america sculpture garden richmond oakton the renwick gallery virginia the washington post europe cinema arts theatre travel spain district of columbia new york pennsylvania cross county trail reston monthly cocktail hour museum-going fairfax county lake audubon orchids lewis ginter botanical garden
Wednesday, January 31:  It’s that time again – our January cocktail hour! 🙂 Please, come in out of the cold and make yourselves comfortable. I’m so glad the holidays are behind us and we can get back to the routines of everyday life. I would offer you a cocktail, my current favorite being a cucumber … ... mehr auf catbirdinamerica.wordpress.com

Fotoeins Friday: Skiing near Germany’s southernmost town 23.02.2018 01:01:58

allgaeu alps mountains alps swabia seasons winter snowboarding photography fellhorn bayern austria europe travel bavaria germany allgaeu fotoeins friday vorarlberg oberstdorf schwaben skiing
Yet another peak of many to ski and snowboard in the Allgäuer Alps... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Europe in May: the final 14 days (of 27) 09.07.2018 02:01:50

jewish-german history austrian federal railways mountains koeln seasons urban photography hallstatt photography street photography oberammergau culture berchtesgaden munich oberndorf bei salzburg austria salzburg europe ramsau travel mittenwald unesco world heritage germany architecture dachau grainau oebb kehlstein deutsche bahn cologne spring german rail rail pass garmisch-partenkirchen muenchen eurail arts
Final 14 days (of 27) in Austria and Germany, spring 2018... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: all that glitters is (not) gold, Samish Bay 02.03.2018 01:01:51

north america salish sea mountains seasons puget sound samish bay photography pacific northwest washington travel guemes island fotoeins friday spring skagit county chuckanut drive pnw bellingham
Samish Bay, all sparkly under sun... mehr auf fotoeins.com

$500+ savings with the Eurail AT-DE pass (2018) 12.03.2018 01:01:40

austrian federal railways road warrior seasons oesterreich austria europe travel germany rail train oebb deutsche bahn oesterreichische bundesbahnen spring german rail rail pass travel planning eurail
Traveling over 3000 km and saving over $500... mehr auf fotoeins.com

Fotoeins Friday: Zugspitze from Ehrwald, Austria 12.01.2018 01:01:53

wettersteingebirge mountains alps seasons winter photography tirol wetterstein mountains tyrol austria zugspitze europe travel germany wetterstein fotoeins friday ehrwald
Germany's highest peak, a little over on the Austrian side... mehr auf fotoeins.com