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This, I Believe 11.05.2021 06:03:00

2017 life chatter believe poetry positive create breath 2018 love prose 2016 breathe exist faith
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like a buttercup 10.05.2021 20:38:28

morning poem the student buttercup love poetry
Like a buttercupcupped in my armslike a delicate piece of stringentwined next to me The warmth of a bosombreathing so slowsilence and peacepervades throughout Holding her closeeyes adriftembrace and beholdthat morning gift the student... mehr auf brigwords.com

Bullet and Arrow 10.05.2021 06:03:00

bullet poem arrow opportunity word spoken life chatter regret say it poetry speak
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I Am Witness 09.05.2021 14:44:42

laugh poem scream whisper write exhausting exhalted cry life chatter oblivious poetry intrigued day
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Wake Me! 08.05.2021 13:53:47

aware ability 2018 poetry possibilities gloaming purpose knowledge wake life chatter abilities poem skill dawn educate discover
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I Hear 07.05.2021 06:03:00

silence fear poem crying sound life chatter write contradictions hate love laughing 2018 poetry sobbing shouting
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Mountain 06.05.2021 06:03:00

poetry intent break through ambition self purpose conquer rise up succeed aspiration mountain life chatter goal poem
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At Ease 05.05.2021 06:03:00

poem prose frantic peace of mind exhausting at ease endlessly pace life chatter it's not a competition obliged greener grass comparison peace poetry
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Eurydice to Orpheus 04.05.2021 23:26:57

devotions big night music elegy art and heart love spirituality oran poetry pagan hours cooling heart the dead grief the dark otherworlds myth and archetype greek mythology notes from underground additions and subtractions culture creativity noir luminaries mystery immrama death shamanism blue
space You sing about loss: I am lament. Comb your blues with my black throat, in meters that have no feet to wind the moody shade. Your songs are suitors: you lured Persephone from her loom, Cerberus bawled for his … Continue reading →... mehr auf blueoran.wordpress.com

A blue poem 03.05.2021 10:14:26

poetry love poetry
Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ] All Rights Reserved As the nets of the night weave the moon,And he calls himself a cricket on the grass.I watch the horizon silently,The hand of the evening is slightly blue. The moon will intertwine the golden threads of being.In my mindWhat are they walking with you?Dreams wanderUntangle your hair,Gently caresses ̷... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Go There 03.05.2021 06:03:00

discover life chatter truth seek poet go 2018 poetry lyric find
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It Falls 02.05.2021 13:58:57

purple feel saturate night absorb comfort life chatter blue poetic emotion 2018 poetry express hues
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You Will 30.04.2021 13:22:32

poem dawn opportunity relationship life chatter night farewell dusk goodbye greet 2018 poetry
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Miniatur: Abendwind (17/52) 30.04.2021 06:02:32

nähen miniaturen das große jahr der miniaturen sticken kreatives kleinod lyrik auf stoff papier mixed media poetry reduced miniatur das jahr der miniaturen poetry das groãŸe jahr der miniaturen lyrik abendwind
Hui, der “Abendwind” wurde gestern Abend in letzter Sekunde fertig…Eigentlich mag ich bei meinen Miniaturen immer ein paar Wochen vorgearbeitet haben. Zum einen entspannt mich das zeitlich, zum anderen werde ich dann nicht so stark von euren megamäßigen Umsetzungen beeinflusst.… ... mehr auf nahtlust.de

Song for Oran 29.04.2021 21:49:45

poetics oran poetry mind the sea folklore mythology celtic myth creativity
space Yes, this work reflects Your ocean in pocket fjords of blue — yet more than ghosting mirrors, You sail each toward the next. Your smile is the roller which falls on every next white shore. The poems proceed from … Continue reading →... mehr auf blueoran.wordpress.com

My soul is full of joy 27.04.2021 23:20:13

poetry love poetry
by Maxima Don’t dwell in the days that passedMy soul was in a mess until I met youEmbrace the time before usIt is the time for me to kiss you As our pillars grow year by yearRise high to the sky aboveAn old gypsy standing at our cornerSings a song of you, my love I … ... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Up, and Down 26.04.2021 06:03:00

rain poetic opposing poetry something to think about sun life chatter
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No One Taught Me This 24.04.2021 16:08:20

reverberate exist life chatter eternal pure poetic love faith truth believe poetry
But I’ve always known it. (c)... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Been There 23.04.2021 06:03:00

poetry poetic journey 2017 life chatter do over life replicated can't do it
No do-overs. (c)... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Miniatur: Kokon (16/52) 23.04.2021 05:47:00

mull das große jahr der miniaturen miniaturen mullverband lyrik auf stoff kleinod papier sticken kreatives poetry reduced miniatur das jahr der miniaturen poetry cocoon kokon gaze textilverstã¤rker lyrik das groãŸe jahr der miniaturen textilverstärker
Was für wunderbare, zerbrechliche, zauberhafte, fragile, wachsende, entpuppende Kokons ich bereits gesehen habe! So so so schön! Mein Herz geht auf! “Kokon” als Thema ist großartig, und es lassen sich so viele Assoziationen damit verbinden. Mein Kokon habe ich aus… ... mehr auf nahtlust.de

Rêves dans vos cheveux 21.04.2021 09:19:27

Originally posted on Compilation de poèmes: Rêves dans vos cheveuxPendant que j’écris ce poèmeJe dérive sur l’odeur de tes cheveuxCe poème que j’écris juste pour toiIl est rempli de souhaits pour vousQu’il vous porte chance, Que chaque matin est doux etQue tous tes rêves se... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

What You See 20.04.2021 06:03:00

it's personal eternity poetry vision horizon simplicity personal what you believe life chatter draw
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In this eve 19.04.2021 20:53:47

love poetry poetry love
I feel deep inside my heartGives my eyes gleamBecauseShe is my only desireIn this eve. I want to be embraceAnd to hug her,While the Sun going downI want to give hands,her beautiful hairI want to be everything, That she needs now and forever. ​‎‎... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

In her arms 17.04.2021 20:11:57

poetry love poetry
Written: © Maxima Our Love is undying.In her arms;I wish I were really there.Theremy love is trueand joy moves in my eyes.I thank the Lord for bringing you into my lifeAnd admitshe is my…My starry sky.Our love was written in the stars,On all the constellations of the worldI love her... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Hide and Seek 16.04.2021 22:01:07

love poetry poem life poet's corner
hide and seek you’ll find me on a hillside dressed in sturdy flowers, crocuses of periwinkle blue, sky blue and violet, laughing.. blossoming on prairie dresses with woven flaxen plaits and downy... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and m... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Hushed and Somber 15.04.2021 13:54:05

poetry empathy lonely wind sympathy earth compassion life chatter draw doodle 2016 poem
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She burn in my every sigh 14.04.2021 10:42:32

love poetry poetry
Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ] All Rights Reserved I am very proud becauseI see you everywhere.In beautiful blue waves in the seaYou are the most beautiful star in the night sky.You are in the flowers,in the breeze caressing my faceUntil I am drunk and enthralled by your beautyacross limitless expanse of meadows,Surrounded by the sweet little … ... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Who is conducting the dawn chorus? 10.04.2021 12:05:39

robin poetry lyrik foto jack ridl allgemein haiku rotkehlchen
Lovely, the dawn chorus – who is conducting? Reizend, das Morgenzwitschern – wer dirigiert? Haiku for the friend and wise poet Jack Ridl whose birthday is today, April 10. We featured his latest book Saint Peter and the Goldfinch here … Weiterlesen ... mehr auf reklamekasper.de

Don’t close your eyes 09.04.2021 19:43:14

Enough smile is onea smile on his face to returnIt’s hard to find someoneWho will give you a smile.is the Abyss I stand over,What makes your dreams,And mysteriousl callingThat abyss of life is called.are you afraid of himOut of fear of closing your eyes ?!from him,you will not be able to escape.... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Miniatur: Webkunst (14/52) 09.04.2021 05:47:00

miniatur poetry reduced stoffspielereien poetry das jahr der miniaturen das groãŸe jahr der miniaturen lyrik nähmalerei nähmalen nã¤hmalerei nähen miniaturen das große jahr der miniaturen webkunst handweben nã¤hmalen kreatives kleinod lyrik auf stoff papier
“Webkunst” ist eine wundervolle Kunst – und das dieswöchige Thema der Miniaturen. Ich bin sehr verzückt, was man alles mit Stoff, Papier, Stoff und Papier, Wolle, und am besten von allem etwas weben kann. Zauberhaft und so vielschichtig – im… ... mehr auf nahtlust.de

The River 08.04.2021 21:38:36

narrative poem art and heart oran poetry music history mystery additions and subtractions noir otherworlds grails myth and archetype aging blue immrama memoir
space It was coming on Christmas 40 years ago when I found myself alone with Dena in her bedroom, down at the end of a dark hall in her parents’ high-rise over Lake Shore drive: A bitter cold night, wind … Continue reading →... mehr auf blueoran.wordpress.com

Power Source 08.04.2021 06:03:00

source inspire power source inspired poetry create 2018 wish pursue doodle prose hope power life chatter dream draw
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Existing Here 06.04.2021 06:03:00

exist existence doodle prose eternal comfort life chatter draw prepare poetic peace poetry
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Happy Ester 04.04.2021 10:40:54

poetry happy ester
    Ode to youThere is in the world37 billions kinds of loveLove for the mother,For women, for children,For a friend,For a friendFor homelandFor natureAll animals, particularly limp!Lives with special fervorAnd a blazing flameThat touches our heartsAnd refines our soul.It is not a sin to love;But a sin to kill,Kill the birdManNice thoughtNice word,... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Shattered Form 02.04.2021 06:03:00

character doodle fail cape traits life chatter faults draw faulted learn peace pride imperfect shattered poetry
(c) (While doodling with an old image I noticed a droopy cape image. Great prompt for a post and self reflection.)... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Tempest or Breeze 01.04.2021 13:29:52

poetic earth blockeditorsucks suggestion breathe tempest exfoliate scour wind poetry life poem ihateblockeditor 2017 life chatter rewrite breeze power
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Echoes 31.03.2021 06:03:00

poetic blockeditorsucks echoes renew cessation resonation restart poetry repercussions doodle poem descending ihateblockeditor calm life chatter draw pounding theywillneverlistentous reverberations
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Moonlight 26.03.2021 19:13:22

love poetry love poetry
Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ] All Rights Reserved Brighter than the brightest moonlight,The most enchanting,Charming,Magical thing, beautiful wovenEvery nightIn my dreams,It causes me to shivering.Knows not,How hardI keep trying to hide.This burning longing I have insideA gift,More beautiful thanThe blue night constellation,Even better than... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Whisper 25.03.2021 21:42:35

love poetry poetry
Copyright © 2021 © Maxima ] All Rights Reserved In your warm house.Quite a modest and rather plain heart,A heart that genuinely loves to the end.And that love can.Gently, he placed his hands around her neck plait.With fingers passionately.In my hair and fluff in the evenings and weaved.Love… whisperAnd speak.Beautiful sonatas.Of eternity.So laugh a... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Roar, Spirit, Roar 24.03.2021 05:03:20

hushed life chatter empower draw harsh spirit doodle motivation hushed no more thunder reclaim poetry motivate poetic roar image
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