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Photo Blog: Day 2258 16.07.2018 07:00:49

pebble photo stone view light sun moment love beach watch weather art work health worthing west sussex hygge wildlife photography daily fitness balance blogging richard cooper-knight general britain colour project entertainment 2018 look blue sky daily life water nature communication
#2258 – White (Hygge 16) Worthing, July 2018. Advertisements... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2257 15.07.2018 07:00:45

photo travel view bare light sit people sun love leg beach weather relax lie art health sunbathe man worthing west sussex hygge photography daily lay fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment 2018 age look sky legs daily life water nature
#2257 – Legs (Hygge 15) Worthing, July 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2256 14.07.2018 07:00:10

photo view light sun love beach watch weather art sea worthing west sussex hygge wildlife photography daily fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment tent 2018 look blue sky daily life water nature
#2256 – Pitched (Hygge 14) Worthing, 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

A Matter Of Love 13.07.2018 12:36:50

illusion vladimir nabokov peace life change god stranger love blessings great creator feelings philosophy soul happiness a matter of love memory spirituality kindness higher power loving beauty motivation choice joy heart inspiration attitude love is chance gratitude
. “I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” . ~ Vladimir Nabokov . Love does many a strange thing and one of the strangest is how it can warp the thinking of a normally sane thinker. Love can make a memory […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

When The Heart Is Beeping 13.07.2018 06:05:11

love humor childhood bicycle bandaid laughter helmet bike safety heart life chatter
I couldn’t wait to show him his new ‘prises.  We were told he could now ride his bicycle without training wheels! In our world that is something to celebrate.  We went and found a bicycle for him, used, but in great shape.  We bought him a new helmet.  Blue looks good on that precious little […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Sighs of Fulfillment 12.07.2018 07:31:27

love poem love poetry women poetry
Written: Maxima I am drowning in a sea of tender impatience. The tremor of your beautiful lips tempt me with seductive mischief and your curves are as sensuous as your enticing smile. When words cease and transform into sighs of fulfillment it is there we will succumb to the fiery yellow dawn. I love you …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

He Blew Me A Kiss 12.07.2018 06:05:54

children kisses peace toddle hugs love comfort innocence acceptance life chatter
She told me how she had her very young son at the public pool. There was an elderly lady they didn’t know sitting in the pool, the shallow child’s pool, where little kids can splash around.  She was just sitting there by herself in the water. Her very young son went up to the elderly […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

It Really Is Okay 11.07.2018 06:05:51

love hope draw encouragement good deeds dog inspire relief permission smile doodle troubles good people life chatter
Even in troubled times, It is okay.             I hope you see, give and get, many smiles today.   ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Dienstag, 10.Juli 10.07.2018 06:35:45

bücher ulm simon lyrik love books albertalli romane jugendbuch gedicht kinder- & jugendbücher buchhandlung jastram blog carlsen
Heute haben Marcel Proust * 1871 Günther Wiesenborn * 1902 Paul Wühr * 1927 Alice Munro * 1931 Kurt Brasch * 1937 Geburtstag ______________________ Heute im Gedichte Kalender: August Kopisch Der Nöck Es tönt des Nöcken Harfenschall: Da steht sogar … Weiterlesen U... mehr auf jastramkulturblog.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2251 09.07.2018 07:00:26

photo light sit moment love relax throw art health snuggle worthing west sussex hygge photography chair cushion daily seat fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment room 2018 age look daily life communication
#2251 – Cushions (Hygge 9) Worthing, June 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

I Listen For The Whisper 09.07.2018 06:05:28

empathy jealousy love poem ugly anger laughter words only fear poetry sorrow life chatter whisper
Love whispered Sorrow roared Anger shouted Fear screamed Laughter rang Ugly growled Empathy sang Jealousy snickered It’s the whisper I listen for the whisper. It will not be silenced.  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Wer TRANSPARENT schaut, mag auch… 08.07.2018 18:18:20

love bored to death wxysma fleabag pushing daisies red oaks transparent
So, wir sind schon durch mit der ersten Runde unserer Reihe „WXYSMA“ – wir hoffen, es waren einige lohnenswerte Empfehlungen für Euch dabei. Jetzt kommt also meine zweite Empfehlungsrunde, und […]... mehr auf serieslyawesome.tv

Photo Blog: Day 2250 08.07.2018 07:00:09

photo view light chocolate moment love bad watch pastry art health food worthing west sussex hygge photography plate daily fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment 2018 look cake danish daily life naughty communication
#2250 – Bad Things (Hygge 8) Worthing, June 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Why I love… Sense8 #5a: Amor Vincit Omnia – Review #1 (no spoilers) 08.07.2018 15:36:49

sense8 special #sfsense8mural love sense8 queer lana wachowski i am also a we nachgedacht diversity neutrality in the face of evil is complicity amor vincit omnia mural project unity sense8 finale love conquers all sex film und tv
First up, it’s impossible to fully express my thoughts on the so-called finale without spoilers. So there will be a second review soon (it’s already in the works) that will deal with all the parts of the special that I wouldn’t want to spoil for people who haven’t watched the special yet. I will also … ... mehr auf singendelehrerin.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2249 07.07.2018 07:00:58

photo view peace history light moment love weather relax art health tranquil prayer worthing west sussex hygge photography flag daily fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment 2018 age look religion daily life nature structure communication
#2249 – Flagged (Hygge 7) Worthing, June 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

rien ne va plus — Cristian Lisandru 07.07.2018 08:09:31

madame cafea love paris scrieri
m je ne regrette rien părea a spune privirea ei în timp ce își bea cafeaua la distanță de un singur clic de lumea în care eu calculam taxa pe valoarea adăugată a unui regret suplimentar ♣ Cristian Lisandru via rien ne va plus — Cristian Lisandru Merci beaucoup, Cristian! Încorporată poftă, Uite o fată, Lunecă […]... mehr auf nscutaru.wordpress.com

Thankfulness And Gratitude 06.07.2018 12:36:37

patient life change god kindness is love actions thankfulness blessings kind great creator thankfulness and gratitude feelings philosophy soul happiness expectations spirituality words kindness higher power loving motivation choice joy heart inspiration beautiful attitude chance gratitude henri frederic amiel
. “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” . ~ Henri Frederic Amiel . Kindness is both words and actions. Smile, say thank you, hold the door, pay a compliment, be positive and share the love. Today, be it […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Peace among Pieces 06.07.2018 17:08:16

abuse choices peace love humanity neglect life thoughts uncategorized death loneliness searching sadness truth
Chances to thrive were tossed aside Cold hearts numbed the one they made... mehr auf noelliesplace.wordpress.com

Ein Wort macht oft den Unterschied 06.07.2018 16:40:59

fx finanzberatung geld statement business zukunft priceless finanzcoaching startup trading love leben & geld mission leben finanzen banking & fx key's blog fx trading freude investieren forex psychologie alltag jetzt sparen forex signals liebe stress dankbarkeit finance fitness lifestyle money devisen erfolg banking coaching
Zwischen Erfolg und Niederlage ist es oft nur ein schmaler Grat... mehr auf blackwaterdotlive.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2248 06.07.2018 07:00:57

photo barefoot view foot grass light people sun moment walk love garden weather feet art health worthing west sussex hygge wildlife photography daily fitness blogging richard cooper-knight general britain project colour entertainment 2018 age look daily life nature communication
#2248 – Grass (Hygge 6) Worthing, June 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Vom Single-Sein. 05.07.2018 15:22:29

küssen coop love allgemein partner leben freiheit single partnerschaft freund coopzeitung liebe freunde kã¼ssen jungautorin beziehung natalie marrer
In den letzten 10 Jahren war ich 8 Jahre in einer Beziehung. Um genau zu sein, waren es mehrere. Sie waren wunderbar, aber es hat aus verschiedenen Gründen einfach nicht geklappt oder nicht gepasst. Es gab Pausen, aber nicht wirklich. Eine Pause verdient nur dann wirklich diesen Namen, wenn eine gewisse emotionale Distanz besteht, aber [...]... mehr auf natalies-welt.ch

10 Dinge, für die ich dankbar bin 04.07.2018 07:00:37

zufriedenheit love gedanken body glück soul liebe dankbarkeit dankbar mind lifestyle thankful wellbeing
    Unsere Welt ist hektisch und unser Alltag manchmal sehr schnelllebig. Umso wichtiger ist es, sich da hin und wieder vor Augen zu führen, was einem wirklich wichtig ist. Für was bin ich dankbar?…... mehr auf by-juliak.com

My America 04.07.2018 06:02:13

america history 4th of july transgressions love hate 2015 re-write diversity friends charity usa current-events life chatter
My America is not perfect. I’m not perfect either. But the both of us Are hard working, Willing to learn, Charitable. We both have strengths immeasurable And Weaknesses we are willing to address. For all of the good deeds in our histories, We both have failings as well. We have both taken chances, And we […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

I did it! Mein Buch wurde veröffentlicht und ist nun erhältlich! 02.07.2018 20:45:03

wonderland angst neuanfang lebenssinn life poetryslam ewigkeit bulimie anorexia bulimia gedanken love allgemein melancholie toleranz positive vibes flashbacks alltag recovery traurigkeit liebe essstörung vergangenheit gedichte borderline soziale phobie gedicht depression selbsthass kampf magersucht
Mein Buch „Creating my own Wonderland with words“ ist nun fertig. Gestern Abend habe ich es veröffentlicht und auf epubli gibt´s das Buch jetzt schon zu kaufen:… ... mehr auf onedayafreeprincess.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2244 02.07.2018 07:00:40

photo light moment dance love tea fairies art work fairy health rainbow food west sussex hygge photography daily drink ginger fitness mug blogging richard cooper-knight general unicorn britain project colour entertainment 2018 look daily life muffin communication
#2244 – Tea and a Ginger Muffin (Hygge 2) Haywards Heath, June 2018.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

El pescador y las olas del río 02.07.2018 00:03:52

love women poetry
Written: © Maxima El pescador y las olas del río El pescador y las olas del río murmurando hilo de oro y lloviendo espuma suave las olas lavan la noche en nuestro río favorito Historias de pesca en la oscuridad barco flotando suavemente olas lejanas ocultándose de nuestra vista murmurando hilos de oro lloviendo en …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Grandma Marie 01.07.2018 06:05:05

grandparent love strength childhood country respect character nostalgia grandma city memories life chatter
She’s not my grandma.  But I never knew what else to call her.  My friend called her “Grandma Marie” because she is my friend’s grandma.   And I never heard her called anything but “mom”, “grandma” or “Grandma Marie”.  So “Grandma Marie” is what I called her.  No one seemed to ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2243 01.07.2018 07:00:22

photo warm hat view light people moment love weather art health man worthing scarf west sussex grin hygge photography daily monochrome fitness blogging smile richard cooper-knight general britain project 2018 age look laugh daily life warmth communication
The months have moved on, and already we’re halfway through the year. But another month means another theme for the CKPonderings blog. I thought a lot about what to go for this time around and, with June proving a focused month because I had consciously gone back to taking photos every day, this was more […]... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Love Things 29.06.2018 12:42:46

love courtesy what matters illustrate decency draw grace spoken speak doodle kindness life chatter
  I believe in telling people love things. Because Truthfully  Hate things just aren’t as endearing. I know I’ve lived Holding on to spoken love things said to me. Because they matter. And can be kept forever.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Flame Out of Dead Ashes 29.06.2018 15:56:28

love love poetry women poetry
Flame Out of Dead Ashes There are few who know the meaning of the phrase “flame out of dead ashes” whilst in this world; on this journey you’d want to stop for a moment, for a moment to admire the magic darkness between the light of two fireflies; a great hope is born as this …... mehr auf hillsofherchastity.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2241 29.06.2018 07:00:09

photo two view history light people technology love face watch art health selfie man worthing west sussex photography self daily monochrome fitness portrait blogging yesterday richard cooper-knight general britain project colour 2018 age look uncategorized daily life communication
#2241 – 28th June 2018 (Yesterday 29) Worthing.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Lovers and the Lakefront 28.06.2018 17:30:08

independance day freedom love art photography street monochrome fourth of july a simple moment chicago lifestyle relationships photojournalism
  Lovers Reading by the Lake in Chicago, Illinois – USA   JPEG image, made with the Pentax K-10D. 10MP CCD sensor. Pentax SMC DA* 50-135mm f/2.8 ED (IF). Post Processed with Apple Aperture Edit Software.   A man and a woman, who appear to be lovers, reading under a shaded tree by the Lake […]... mehr auf frankjcasella.wordpress.com

Photo Blog: Day 2240 28.06.2018 07:00:29

photo warm rose green view petal light love weather lush art health worthing west sussex wildlife photography daily flower bloom fitness blogging yesterday richard cooper-knight general britain project colour 2018 age sky daily life warmth nature
#2240 – 27th June 2018 (Yesterday 28) Worthing.... mehr auf ckponderings.wordpress.com

Wenn der Ehemann während des Seitensprunges heim kommt 27.06.2018 14:29:43

1b_unterhaltung-ff love kurzfilme sex
„Love Is Blind“ ist ein herrlicher Kurzfilm von Dan Hodgson, der vielleicht nicht direkt zu Beginn zündet, aber ihr solltet ihm zumindest anderthalb Minuten geben. Dann gibt es nämlich einen schönen Twist, der nicht nur […]... mehr auf langweiledich.net

Life I Saw 27.06.2018 06:05:06

refresh love recover rain was real metaphor illustrate draw cleanse humanity rain insulate doodle isolate sorrow life chatter
At home On the porch With the rain Isolating me I rest From life I saw today.  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Love, Simon (spoilerfreie Film-Review) 26.06.2018 19:00:48

filmhighlight 2018 simon jennifer garner love queer greg berlanti filme/serien lgbt schwules kino nur drei worte love simon coming out simon vs the homo sapien schwul gay
Am kommenden Donnerstag startet endlich Love, Simon auch in Deutschland. Warum ihr unbedingt ins Kino gehen solltet: Darum geht’s: Simon ist 16 und mit seinem Leben zufrieden: Er kommt aus einer intakten Familie, versteht sich mit seinen Eltern und seiner kleinen Schwester und hat eine Handvoll wirklich guter Freunde. Trotzdem hat er bishe... mehr auf fantasy-news.com

23.06.2018 09:32:31

scars peace love marks fault in our scars pain uncategorized beautiful perfection
One night, when I was eight years old, I accidentally rolled off my bed after tossing and turning in a sleep-filled daze. The unfortunate aspect of this middle-of-the-night tumble was that my bed sat a mere six inches away from the dresser. A solid, wooden dresser. With sharp edges. My face hit said dresser, leaving me […]... mehr auf thesunoflife.wordpress.com

See others 22.06.2018 15:06:36

love hope helping others no judgement sharing understand planting seeds life thoughts uncategorized poetry self esteem dreams nature giving
Once a barren desert of broken dreams Now a field of desire and hope grows... mehr auf noelliesplace.wordpress.com

Seize The Moment 22.06.2018 12:36:36

yin and yang patient peace life tolerant black and white change god love blessings great creator feelings philosophy soul happiness is happiness friendship expectations orison swett marde spirituality kindness higher power loving motivation choice heart inspiration beautiful seize the moment attitude chance happy gratitude
. “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.” . ~ Orison Swett Marde . What are you waiting for ? ? ? What do you expect ? ? ? Don’t wait, don’t expect, seize the moment and if it doesn’t make you happy, move on, move over, and be assured […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

„Raw Beauty“ – Model Christina Kazala by Danish Photographer Thomas Agatz 21.06.2018 15:30:06

fashion / lifestyle love cozy colours booty eyecandy christina kazala raw beauty model film-/ fotokunst passion thomas agatz lingerie denmark
Die alltägliche Portion Eyecandy wird uns heute direkt von unseren Nachbarn aus Dänemark serviert. Verantwortlich für sie sehenswerte Bilder-Rutsche zum Donnerstag ist nämlich Fotokünstler Thomas Agatz aus Odense. Der gute Mann (hier bei Instagram + Behance) versteht es in der Regel bestens, seine Model-Musen in Cozy Colors zu hüllen und traumha... mehr auf whudat.de