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NROP: Psychology of fear; Are we afraid of the right things? 18.03.2019 14:00:27

boeing opinion psychology nrop accident fear news related opinion pieces airplane news crash
We all fear something, but sometimes are fears aren't as logical as we think.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: Robots; How far can they go? Where are the boundaries? 11.03.2019 14:00:13

opinion technology robots medicine news related opinion pieces compassion comfort news
Robots have infiltrated another field of the human domain. Are we willingly giving up control?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: Ban on freedom of speech – public service, or oppression? 04.03.2019 15:00:17

social media freedom of speech freedom news related opinion pieces vaccines controversy pinterest block
"It's for your own good" - they say. Is it, though?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: “Do not ask who I am.” – Identity in the age of fluidity. 25.02.2019 15:00:33

opinion nrop security news related opinion pieces airports airline identity news
You used to be able to take a glance at someone and say a few words about them with certainty. Not anymore. ... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: Do we learn through justice, or through mercy? 18.02.2019 15:00:52

opinion nrop isis news related opinion pieces discussion return prodigal daughter news
A prodigal daughter wants to return home. Do we invite her back in and throw a party, or do we keep our gates closed and leave her to sleep in the bed she had made?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: The hidden faces of masked celebrities – a personal tale. 11.02.2019 15:00:15

masks nrop hiding news related opinion pieces reveal anticipation thrill identity
Masks - figurative and literal. An answer to why I wear mine.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

NROP: Selfishness; When is it about us, and when should we consider others? 04.02.2019 15:00:47

selfishness opinion nrop consideration road rage news related opinion pieces suicide disregard humanity news
Love yourself, but love thy neighbor, too.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Are kids different today than they were 20+ years ago? [5/14/17] 14.05.2018 06:11:56

opinion kids epidemic then vs now bullying news related opinion pieces suicide news
A reblog of a post that I wrote a year ago.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

The Zombie Apocalypse is already here! [6/9/17] 11.06.2018 15:18:07

smartphones culture apocalypse phones people society zombies news related opinion pieces mindless
Would you notice if a zombie walked past you? You would like to think so, but... - a post from a year ago.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

When sick becomes too sick to work. 06.08.2018 04:02:44

opinion aces sick news related opinion pieces illness work wnbma news excuse
What does it take for you to call in sick to work.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Customer service – your job or your nightmare? [7/30/17] 31.07.2018 03:36:16

stores minimum wage pride customers customer service news related opinion pieces attitude job
A throwback to a post from last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Living with your parents; The value of family. 05.06.2018 00:56:46

opinion living society blogging family news related opinion pieces humanity news
Come leech on me.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

An apology. [5/28/17] 29.05.2018 05:46:51

apology culture government sorry society empty words church meaning news related opinion pieces news pope
A throwback to 5/28/17.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Driving home for Christmas; How to survive your family. 23.12.2018 23:39:40

survival stress guide christmas anxiety howto family holidays family time news related opinion pieces how to uncategorized
Because we all know families can be a bit much - a guide how to survive.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Death is funny like that. [7/22/17] 23.07.2018 01:37:01

throwback laughter nomorals nohelp reblog inappropriate sick drowning news related opinion pieces teens
A throwback to a post from last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Ruled a suicide. Can money buy happiness? 30.04.2018 02:59:33

friends power happiness avicii mini me family support money news related opinion pieces suicide
Money can definitely help with the comfort of your life. But will it also keep you warm at night?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Those deadly avocados… [5/14/17] 15.05.2018 04:31:26

avocado kids injury news related opinion pieces stupid reblogging news watchout warninglabels
A reblog of a post that I wrote a year ago.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Responsibility; stop blaming others for your own failures. 03.12.2018 03:36:01

stupidity responsibility society babynames news related opinion pieces airline plane names airport
Be accountable for your errors. Remember that only YOU are responsible for your own happiness.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

We owe it to ourselves and others to learn and to teach. [5/21/17] 22.05.2018 04:10:03

culture upbringing society news related opinion pieces education
Throwback to last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

University admissions – Is it getting easier or more difficult to get in? 18.06.2018 01:44:40

opinion admission old writing news related opinion pieces university college higher education news
In the world of selfies and vlogs, universities drop test scores as requirements.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Equality. How real is it? [7/17/17] 20.07.2018 14:23:49

social doctorwho justice privilege equality equity news related opinion pieces
A throwback to a post from last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

“Work smarter, not harder.” – Is that really such good advice? 23.07.2018 01:05:59

opinion ethics parents then vs now lifestyle news related opinion pieces smart motivation hard work quotes working news
Hard work sometimes pays off.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Standing up for yourself; Can it be done in a respectful way? 10.09.2018 03:07:36

us open tennis serena williams sexism naomi osaka news related opinion pieces sports controversy sportsmanship
A heated debate on sexism and standing up for oneself. Does collateral damage matter?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

A dog and a pig – a true fairy tale. 22.10.2018 19:29:56

travel animals security news related opinion pieces pig smuggling airport pig roast dog
A dog sniffed out a pig. Did they fall in love?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Dead at age 112; How long is long enough? 30.12.2018 23:56:50

opinion nrop old people lifestyle age news related opinion pieces news
Another "oldest" person had passed. A discourse on the length and the merits of such life.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

You are who you are. Wait… Are you? [6/25/17] 25.06.2018 22:48:01

opinion change people society news related opinion pieces acceptance comfort news
A throwback to last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Guinness World Record; How many Big Macs can YOU eat? 07.05.2018 04:23:58

record guinness world record mcdonald's bigmac news related opinion pieces hamburgers fast food
Have you ever had a hamburger and then regretted eating it? For some people McDonald's food is the main source of their diet. And they have no regrets.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

On solutions – a debate. 14.01.2019 17:49:19

debate opinion nrop problems solutions news related opinion pieces corporations starbucks
When solutions create more problems.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Employees making big time decisions; The effects of the Internet and social media. 11.06.2018 19:15:55

opinion decisions social media internet blogging employees writing news related opinion pieces work employers news
Where do the right of employees end?... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Free speech can be expensive. [5/19/17] 20.05.2018 01:51:53

onewaystreet speech freedom againstthecurrent bullying news related opinion pieces stupid university schools news
Throw back to last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Ghosting is a virus. It spreads. 16.12.2018 19:22:58

ghosting dating lifestyle news related opinion pieces work behavior news
Ghosting has been present in online dating for a little while now, but now it entered a whole new field.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Blue lives matter. [6/3/17] 08.06.2018 15:52:51

police protest society useofforce policeless news related opinion pieces how to protesters news
They are to protect us, but we also need to protect them! - A post from a year ago.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Playing with dolls – adult edition. 08.10.2018 16:41:58

sex dolls brothel adult houston robots news related opinion pieces pleasure kinkysdolls dolls sex
The future is here - pleasure is being obtained with the use of robots instead of other human beings.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Diversity, tolerance, and acceptance for all. 10.12.2018 02:32:18

satan freedom of speech christmas holidays satanic news related opinion pieces statues diversity
"Give them a finger, and they'll take the whole hand."... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Females – How should they dress? 07.01.2019 16:47:38

senator lgbtq opinion dress code bisexual female fashion news related opinion pieces feminism swear-in contradiction news
"Women shouldn't have to dress in a feminine way." "Women shouldn't have to dress like men to be taken seriously."... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Just do not have kids. 16.04.2018 02:27:52

abuse choices neglect harm kids parents news related opinion pieces child abuse
A child deserves a chance.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

It all ends April 23rd, 2018. 23.04.2018 02:09:12

opinion predictions rapture news related opinion pieces end of the world geography time zones time difference news
A look at the end of the world. ... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Change is ever-changing. [5/27/17] 27.05.2018 06:12:41

personality butter coffee change expectations chocolate people betterment news related opinion pieces
Throwback to 5/27/17.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

It’s not always about you. [6/17/17] 18.06.2018 02:26:25

selfishness opinion challenge people news related opinion pieces dontspeak think fame
via It’s not always about you. Advertisements... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

Does free will equal freedom of choice? [7/9/17] 19.07.2018 14:17:48

choices opinion privacy life government regulations freedom news related opinion pieces death laws news
A throwback to a post from last year.... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com