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La Scarzuola, Umbria: New Life of St. Francis Monastery 19.03.2018 14:47:43

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The 'holy city' (the former Franciscan monastery, La Scarzuola) and the allegorical city (La Citta Buzziana) exist side by side. Umbria, Italy.... mehr auf victortravelblog.com

Winter Update 18.02.2018 01:44:30

thailand life lessons life applying for jobs esl life updates asia shopping cafes winter art japan snowpocalypse travels jobs expat life kanazawa tokyo museums snow
A bit has happened since I last posted. Life happens. Almost immediately after I hit publish, I traveled in Thailand for 10 days. This was my second Asian country that I’ve visited after Japan- and I couldn’t imagine a starker contrast. Although closer geographically to Japan, the feeling I had in Thailand was much closer … ... mehr auf travelsofmo.wordpress.com

Neadom Rodgers & Hanorah O’Brien 18.04.2017 14:15:27

george lincoln rodgers (1865-1939) kenneth stubbs mary jane rodgers (1867-1916) history family edwin ambrose webster (1869-1935) karl freeman rodgers (1895-1971) mahala bedford (1800-1864) jonathan cape cod jannai miriam stubbs ella ancestors allegra estelle hamilton (1900-1992) stephanie thibault jacob rogers (1793-1872) neadom rodgers (1837-1897) timothy rodgers nova scotia aunt delorma memory portraits elijah rodgers (1834-1925) new england georgianna rodgers (1875-1941) museums zippora ann horton (1838-1920) hanorah o’brien (1846-1921)
Tim’s 2nd-great-grandparents: Neadom Rodgers, son of Jacob and Mahala (Bedford) Rogers, was born 11 June 1837 in Guysborough (Guysborough) Nova Scotia, and died 30 June 1897 in Provincetown (Barnstable) Massachusetts. He married 3 April 1866 in Boston (Suffolk) Massachusetts, Hanorah “Nora” O’Brien, who was born 12 December 1846 in Massachuse... mehr auf ingebrita.net

pollinators 12.03.2017 10:30:42

life clover dream prairies emily dickinson bee science north carolina poetry museums nature
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, One clover, and a bee, And revery. The revery alone will do, If bees are few. ~ Emily Dickinson (The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #1779)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Whimsical Kingdoms 19.10.2015 19:50:58

sculpture autumn janet trees magic greg j. grady walking t. arthur donnally maple billie tannen florence griswold wind imagination robert nielsen exhibit sharon didato fairy william vollers nancy macbride tom vernon friends laurie mcguinness carol hall-jordan kathy hurricane lisa reneson tammi flynn kathryn stocking-koza creativity kristin vernon rivers cheryl poirier madeline kwasniewski museums storms jared welcome pam erickson amy hannum
The theme of this year’s Wee Faerie Village at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme is Whimsical Kingdoms. Last week Janet, Kathy and I visited and had a lovely morning and afternoon walking through the outdoor exhibit, enjoying the cool, crisp autumn air and fanciful creations. I love this time of year! We stopped … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Discover Canada’s Canoeing Culture & History in Peterborough 20.03.2017 23:40:58

ontario canoeing peterborough museums
If you’re a paddler of any type of craft, a...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

into the mist 03.03.2017 11:30:54

life curiosity family katherine mist dimitri larisa timothy rodgers portraits science north carolina water museums
Last weekend we flew down to North Carolina to see the little one, and her parents, of course. 😉 A visit to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham proved to be a great adventure. The museum’s tag line is “know wonder.” We spent most of our visit at the “Into the Mist” outdoor exhibit … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

weekend in the mountains 15.12.2016 14:58:03

mountains trees otter daniel r. celebration light sun frances family nathaniel signs katherine exhibit shannon food dimitri trillium coyote birds larisa timothy rodgers owl maps north carolina stones museums nature cougar journey
Last weekend we flew to a different part of North Carolina, where Tim’s brother had rented a vacation house in the southern Appalachians. So we had a little family reunion and an early Christmas there. We spent the better part of Saturday at the Western North Carolina Nature Center in Asheville. It was very cold there in spite … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

How the Artifacts ISIS Destroyed Are Being Digitally Reconstructed 26.03.2015 04:00:00

3d imaging heritage iraq geschichte mosul crowdsourcing culture images futures isis museums
brightsblog.wordpress.com - In February, video footage emerged appearing to show ISIS fight​ers destroying artefacts at the Mosul Museum in Iraq. Figures in the video pushed over statues and took sledgehammers to the museum’s ancient relics. By Victoria ... mehr auf skeptator.blogspot.com

Faerieville, U.S.A. II 30.10.2017 19:17:41

sculpture autumn janet trees magic walking signs billie tannen florence griswold imagination robert nielsen exhibit fairy jessica zydeek friends lisa reneson tammi flynn creativity cheryl poirier museums
More favorites from this year’s Wee Faerie Village at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Of course there were many more places in this fairy village but unfortunately I cannot include them all. It was difficult to even limit my favorites to two posts. 🙂 To view my pictures from past Wee Faerie … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Faerieville, U.S.A. I 27.10.2017 17:54:50

sculpture autumn janet trees magic walking signs tom donnelly florence griswold imagination exhibit gary urbanik linda turner dragonfly fairy nancy macbride butterfly tom vernon friends artichoke diana dewolf-carfi creativity kristin vernon zinnia rivers madeline kwasniewski museums gardens
The theme of this year’s Wee Faerie Village at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme is Faerieville, U.S.A. I think we spent the most time mesmerized at the Underwater Academy for Seafaeries! Sadly, autumn seems to be very late in arriving this year. But Janet and I stopped for lunch at the museum’s Café Flo, and … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net