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Approve Of Yourself 18.01.2019 11:36:27

life god kindness is positive great creator approve of yourself beauty heart inspiration patient change love louise hay higher power loving attitude chance gratitude feelings smile motivation choice happy tolerant faith soul spirituality beautiful
. . “You have been criticising yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens!” . ~Louise Hay . If you are being ugly to yourself, how can you be kind to anyone else. Today, think positive, enter the world with a smile and be prepared to do the […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Gratefully and Quietly 15.01.2019 05:03:47

appreciate calm contemplate draw quiet life chatter gratitude exist doodle peaceful
Sometimes I have nothing to share with the world. Nothing to give. Not because I’m empty, But Only because I can’t think of what there might be from me That the world might need. So I just exist Gratefully and quietly.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

But It Does Stop 09.01.2019 05:03:41

harp peace life harpist draw divine comfort life chatter sadness gratitude doodle loss grief emotion music
I am fifteen feet from a harp, and behind the harp sits a harpist.  And from that harp comes the most exquisite emotion.  I don’t think there have ever been words created that echo emotion like music does. From this harp this emotion floats out to surround us.  It weaves around, above and through us.  […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Dienstags-Doodle: Danke 08.01.2019 09:00:00

leben und all das. handlettering gratitude dankbarkeit doodle
Ich glaube, ich sage das zu selten. Daher habe ich in meinem schönen, neuen Bullet Journal eine Seite gestaltet, wo viel Platz ist, mal zu notieren, wofür ich alles dankbar bin. Das hier war mein Übungs-Doodle, um zu testen, ob ich die ganzen Schnörkel hin kriege. 🙂 Danke für deine Aufmerksamkeit.... mehr auf zweifragezeichen.wordpress.com

Must Have 28.12.2018 11:36:56

peace life god blessings great creator must have 1 corinthians 13:2 beauty heart inspiration love is change love higher power loving attitude chance humble gratitude hope corinthians 13:2 corinthians motivation choice faith soul spirituality beautiful
. . “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.” . 1 Corinthians 13:2 (NIV) . . To be the person your loving Higher Power wants you to be, love. […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

on the year’s shortest day 21.12.2018 12:00:40

light time winter carl larsson solstice robyn sarah gratitude sun portraits perception interiority houses place poetry
A sly gift it is, that on the year’sshortest day, the sunstays longest in this house — extends the wand of its slowslant and distant squintfarthest into the long depths of our wintry rooms — to touch, withtremulous light, interior placesit has not lit before. ~ Robyn Sarah(Solstice)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Never Be Destroyed 21.12.2018 11:36:41

peace life god kindness is blessings great creator kindness beauty heart jacqui senn forgiving patient change love kind happiness higher power loving attitude gratitude philosophy never be destroyed motivation choice happy tolerant spirituality souls beautiful
. . “Material possessions can be burned or stolen, but the true essence of a person can never be destroyed!” . ~ Jacqui Senn . . Hopefully your true essence reflects the will of your loving Higher Power. Hopefully the will of your Higher Power is for you to be kind, loving, patient, tolerant and […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Unloved 14.12.2018 11:36:08

unconditional love peace life god blessings unloved great creator heart inspiration change love life is happiness ella wheeler wilcox higher power loving attitude chance gratitude hope feelings philosophy motivation choice soul spirituality beautiful
. . “A weed is but an unloved flower.” . ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox . . God loves everything, who gave man the right to determine what and who should be loved or unloved ? ? Today, let us all learn to use the word “like“. You can ‘ like ‘ some things more than […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Who Brings You Christmas 08.12.2018 16:13:07

draw create memories share children love heart beats create christmas book life chatter gratitude doodle celebrate lulu.com self publish book
    Christmas walks in the door when they arrive. And I want them to know.         My Christmas book. If you click on the picture you can see a preview. Thank God for the children.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

A State Of Mind 07.12.2018 11:36:32

peace life god blessings great creator thought friendship kindness heart inspiration change love state of mind harmony happiness higher power loving attitude chance gratitude daphne du maurier hope feelings philosophy motivation choice happy brain faith friend helping soul happiness is muscles spirituality souls help compassion joy a state of mind
. “Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind.” . ~ Daphne du Maurier . . If you move a muscle you can change a thought, and the best muscles to move are the ones that are reaching out to help others. If you want […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Lucky Enough 06.12.2018 05:05:49

ireland draw biking love safety life chatter gratitude security appreciation hiking doodle travel home joy
I think it’s a good life When you look forward to going home, From wherever you are lucky enough to go. I’m lucky to have a job to go to. I’m lucky to have activities I enjoy. I’m lucky to have places I love. But home. Home. Home. I’m never sad to go home.   […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Chloe’s Review 02.12.2018 15:58:53

short story life chatter gratitude book review appreciation book
    I mean…my gratitude overflows. Thank you Chloe ❤️♥️❤️... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

The Anesthetic 30.11.2018 11:36:48

peace life god blessings great creator kindness heart inspiration love is patient change love kind cesare pavese higher power loving attitude chance humble gratitude the anesthetic hope feelings philosophy expectations motivation choice happy tolerant soul spirituality souls beautiful
. . “Life is a pain and the enjoyment of love is an anesthetic.” . ~ Cesare Pavese . . . Enjoy the love, God made it in His own image and the way to Heaven is paved with love. Endure the pain, it goes away when you know love, feel the love, enjoy the […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Courtesies 23.11.2018 11:36:41

peace life god kindness is blessings great creator friendship kindness beauty heart change henry clay love kind higher power loving attitude chance gratitude courtesies feelings philosophy expectations motivation choice happy soul souls compassion
. Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart. . ~ Henry Clay . Do a small kindness and one of three things may happen: the object of your kindness will not notice/ignore the effort, they will accept the kindness as something they deserve, or […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (205) 21.11.2015 13:47:25

life grounded creation elisabeth connelley stillness thanksgiving inner-flame morning trip shamaan ochaum climbing eagle feeling "elisa's spot" gratitude passion elisa george winston expression
“Keep your passion alive– it will warm you when the world around you grows cold. It will not allow comfortable familiarity to rob you of that special glow that comes with loving deeply. It can lift you over stone walls of anger and carry you across vast deserts of alienation. But its greatest gift is […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (210) 27.01.2016 15:45:35

energy don't leave ellie goulding elisabeth connelley whole morning trip "elisa's spot" gratitude spontaneous fullness seven lions spontaneity elisa grounding gift union expression merge
“The ability to be spontaneous is granted when we touch something deeply important: a moment of clarity in which we see an eternal truth. We give our truest reactions and utterances when we stand at the moment in question, all previously prepared words and actions suddenly voided in the face of the moment. A spontaneous […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (192) 18.08.2015 13:48:49

afrocelt soundsystem elisabeth connelley morning trip acceptance loneliness "elisa's spot" gratitude mary oliver cyberia solitude elisa noticing joy
“When loneliness comes stalking, go into the fields, consider the orderliness of the world. Notice something you have never noticed before, like the tambourine sound of the snow cricket whose pale green body is no longer than your thumb. Stare hard at the hummingbird, in the summer rain, shaking the water sparks from its wings. […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 08.04.2018 13:34:32

word for the day life humanity reflections accountability gratitude action truth
The more you sense the rareness and value of your own life...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

a single evergreen sapling 27.11.2016 11:30:53

dorothy morrison trees light evergreen winter oak st. boniface sacredness helga ancher jesus christ gratitude spirit anna ancher portraits quotes celebration winter solstice
Even though the use of evergreens dates back to the Greeks and Romans, the use of the holiday tree is said to have originated in the eighth century Germany. Legend has it that the Christian St. Boniface was trying to convert a group of Druids. Try as he might, though, he couldn’t convince them that … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

feeling gratitude 22.09.2016 16:21:35

autumn light people family gratitude creatures sun months katherine portraits quotes henry david thoreau autumn equinox
Happy we who can bask in this warm September sun, which illumines all creatures, as well when they rest as when they toil, not without a feeling of gratitude. ~ Henry David Thoreau (A Week on the Concord & Merrimack Rivers)... mehr auf ingebrita.net

safely gathered in 24.11.2016 11:30:40

autumn winter storms people gratitude hjemme henry alford harvest portraits frederick morgan celebration music poetry
Come, ye thankful people, come, Raise the song of Harvest-home! All is safely gathered in, Ere the winter storms begin. ~ Henry Alford (The Poetical Works of Henry Alford) Happy Thanksgiving!... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Sound Recording: “A Million Diamonds” 09.05.2018 13:59:26

sonnets beauty gratitude literature metric poetry poems
It's much easier to be contented in a tent in the springtime than it is midwinter -- but there were moments in which the poet managed to be so.... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

“Yes” to WordPress (Reprise) 02.05.2018 03:12:55

writing gratitude literature metric poetry poems
Put me in a place Where I have always longed to be To share my words with everyone I suddenly am free... ... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

A Matter Of Love 13.07.2018 12:36:50

illusion peace life god blessings great creator kindness beauty heart inspiration love is change love happiness a matter of love higher power loving attitude chance gratitude stranger feelings philosophy motivation choice vladimir nabokov soul memory spirituality joy
. “I think it is all a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stranger it becomes” . ~ Vladimir Nabokov . Love does many a strange thing and one of the strangest is how it can warp the thinking of a normally sane thinker. Love can make a memory […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Your Own Actions 20.07.2018 12:36:14

peace life god blessings great creator friendship dalai lama xiv kindness beauty heart inspiration dalai lama change kind harmony happiness attitude chance gratitude hope your own actions feelings philosophy motivation choice happy friend friends happiness is spirituality joy beautiful uni-verse
. . “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” . ~ Dalai Lama XIV . . Happiness is an action. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself, the happier you will become. Thinking about being happy will never make you happy. Today, be spontaneous, without […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Bumper Crop 19.07.2018 06:05:01

corn weather draw agriculture bumper crop demand farmer life chatter gratitude supply crops food doodle farm
I always breathe a sigh of relief When I see the farmers Start bringing in their crops.     Thank you to all of the growers.         ©          ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

It Has Begun 24.03.2018 18:18:30

ken fales inspiration it has begun guidance writing gratitude field of flowers new beginning
Last night, I laid down to sleep, and when I closed my eyes, it was there.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

Quotations 17.05.2018 12:07:09

quotations gratitude
The Fullness of Life... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

mindfulness of gratitude 21.11.2017 16:03:26

autumn life story interdependence blessings periodicals mind nature phillip moffitt family clarity gratitude spirit forgiveness harvest awareness portraits connection quotes generosity celebration william-adolphe bouguereau joy
Practicing mindfulness of gratitude consistently leads to a direct experience of being connected to life and the realization that there is a larger context in which your personal story is unfolding. Being relieved of the endless wants and worries of your life’s drama, even temporarily, is liberating. Cultivating thankfulness for being part of... mehr auf ingebrita.net

The In-Between Time 16.04.2018 14:34:27

life nature gratitude sunrise expression music poetry
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. Originally Posted June 4, 2014 ღ I awoke to magic and mystery, dawn playing a game of peek-a-boo, the moon waving at the sun as if to say “see you soon.” The birds began to sing, rustling sounds in the … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

Thankfulness And Gratitude 06.07.2018 12:36:37

life god kindness is blessings great creator kindness heart inspiration patient change love thankfulness kind happiness words higher power loving attitude chance gratitude henri frederic amiel feelings philosophy expectations motivation choice actions thankfulness and gratitude soul spirituality joy beautiful
. “Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” . ~ Henri Frederic Amiel . Kindness is both words and actions. Smile, say thank you, hold the door, pay a compliment, be positive and share the love. Today, be it […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

#WednesdayWisdom 29.08.2018 15:19:09

hashtags hashtagweek wednesdaywisdom gratitude wisdom feet
People are like feet. Come, take a read to see how that is so. ... mehr auf dailyflabbergast.wordpress.com

wind, sun, water ~ gifts 03.07.2017 19:46:01

energy blessings wind plants water people gratitude wisdom sun science quotes sunflower robin wall kimmerer earth georgia o'keeffe
The earth gives away for free the power of wind and sun and water, but instead we break open the earth to take fossil fuels. Had we taken only that which is given to us, had we reciprocated the gift, we would not have to fear our own atmosphere today. ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer (Braiding … ... mehr auf ingebrita.net

Nothing Casual 22.07.2018 06:05:57

life draw people concern observe thoughtful behavior life chatter gratitude hope doodle opinions world
                              ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 12.04.2018 13:29:40

word for the day life rainbows reflections stars family gratitude dawn dreams dew truth
A star at dawn...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

A Letter To Life 17.01.2018 02:48:08

beautiful life inspiration live and learn grateful gratitude spiritual inspiration becoming conscious a letter to life keep your eyes open life is beautiful lovin' life spirituality
Dear Life, I was sorta wondering what is the deal with time? Why does it fly by so fast? How is it that I have a teenager and all of my babies are growing up so fast? And while we’re … Continue reading →... mehr auf eatrunwritelove.wordpress.com

Their Own Attitude 29.06.2018 12:36:00

peace life god great creator kindness heart inspiration patient change life is higher power loving attitude humble gratitude feelings philosophy motivation choice happy tolerant beautiful
. “The last, if not the greatest, of the human freedoms: to choose their own attitude in any given circumstance.” . ~ Bruno Bettelheim . There was a wise old man that taught me one of the greatest lessons about life: ” you can choose to start your day over again, anytime you want to and […]... mehr auf meandtheboss.wordpress.com

Word For The Day… 10.04.2018 12:51:06

word for the day life humanity heart gratitude feast goodness transparency scripture faith truth
Goodness of heart is...... mehr auf awisewomansjourney.wordpress.com

For My Children 13.05.2018 20:09:24

beautiful life self-reflection mothering gratitude mother's day from my mind from my heart a letter to my children
If I could, I would be invincible. I would have super health and super strength. I could make it through any day without getting exhausted. We’d have fun all day and I’d be able to make you all the food you … Continue reading ... mehr auf eatrunwritelove.wordpress.com

Hello Frankenstein (story) 26.03.2018 12:58:44

strength blessings recovery stories horror challenges gratitude hope reality growth faith fortitude poetry
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. A Bit Grim But My Story Isn’t Over Yet! ↓ I was hurt, needed help, I cried, no longer strong … from an outpatient surgery gone terribly wrong. Isolated, peeking out from old window panes … Nearly everything changed, but … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com