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Moonpoop and friends: lost stories and childhood memories 17.12.2018 10:45:17

reading and writing with children writing stories for children oral tradition parenting children & literacy
I grew up with her! ... mehr auf traceyupchurch.com

I Owe You 29.11.2018 05:05:46

protect nurture safety morals parenting childhood teach parent raise values child life chatter
I owe you. A world to grow in. A good, decent, safe world. I owe you The foundation For the rest of your life. I owe you. I value you.               ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Said The Mother 23.11.2018 14:09:11

son daughter redraw parenting rewrite joy parent heartache mother child life chatter father love
I will give you two of my joys For one of your heartaches.         ©  ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Just popping in to say hi 14.11.2018 03:21:17

senior dog life update motherhood uncategorized parenting furry family life diggingest dog sole parenting love bug funny puppy love dogs family
I feel like I haven’t written in forever. Maybe because I actually haven’t?! I keep thinking I should write a little update, or post about something specific that has happened, then the day passes, and a week passes, and a month passes. Is it just me or has this year flown by faster than any... ... mehr auf bumpyroadtobubbadotcom.wordpress.com

{Parenting/Kids} You’re the first generation to stop spanking their kids, how’s that working out for you…?  10.09.2015 19:34:00

baby parenting family
“It’s just a little smack.” ... mehr auf hatemeorlovemethe2nd.blogspot.com

Helikopter-Eltern und der Fluch von Messenger-Gruppen 01.02.2017 12:48:04

helikopter kinder kind parenting eltern erziehung social media schule messennger helikopter-eltern selbstständigkeit whatsapp parents allgemein
Messenger sind in unserer heutigen Zeit sowohl Fluch als auch Segen zugleich. Einerseits ermöglichen sie einen schnellen unkomplizierten Austausch miteinander, andererseits können sie einen manchmal auch den einen oder anderen Nerv kosten. Und das vor allem, wenn man Kinder hat, und als Elternteil auf einmal mit Whatsapp kommunizieren muss. Der ... mehr auf katharinaschnitzer.de

{Link Up | Life} Be My Valentine 05.02.2016 21:39:00

parenting personal everyday life linkup family
... mehr auf hatemeorloveme.net

{Journal} Life Reviewed #12 22.05.2016 22:17:00

pets weekly journal parenting everyday life journal last week
... mehr auf hatemeorloveme.net

Kleine und große Wunder am Weg | Schritt für Schritt an Deiner Seite 22.03.2017 07:00:52

grosswerden trends mamablog wunder familienblog parenting mamacoaching erziehung elternblog gehen die kleine botin weg
Kleine und große Wunder gesucht. Es gibt sie, diese Tage, die scheinbar verknotet beginnen: Ein falsches Wort oder eine unbedachte Handlung bringen die Stimmung zum Kippen. Was dann folgt, ist allen bekannt: Wortwechsel, die nicht liebevoll sind, Tränen der Wut und Verzweiflung und im schlimmsten Fall komplette Verweigerung. Aber wer kann es ihnen ... mehr auf diekleinebotin.at

{Kids/Family} 10 Days 10 Attachment Parenting Challenges - Day 1 Cuddling 27.09.2015 18:42:00

baby parenting linkup family
I am not a mom blogger and I might never be, I think I will never be one - nonetheless I actually do like to blog about the kids, about par... mehr auf hatemeorlovemethe2nd.blogspot.com

How to Tame Your Teen Without Really Trying 18.05.2015 17:57:29

lifestyle the straight dope humor life in the suburbs caffeine parenting hyperactivity musings sugar organization health food health and nutrition healthcare
Recently, when I drove my teenage son home from tennis practice, I watched him spend the first half of the ride chugging a 32-ounce root beer and the rest of the drive drumming his palms on the dashboard with such force I feared he’d deploy the dual front airbags. The radio wasn’t even on. “Next […]... mehr auf mainstreetmusingsblog.wordpress.com

{Parenting/Link Up} Day 2 Challenge 2 - 15 mins undivided attention for each kid  28.09.2015 19:49:00

baby parenting linkup family
Time for day 2 and challenge 2 of the attachment parenting blogger project - today’s “challenge” again doesn’t really sound and seem c... mehr auf hatemeorloveme.net

{Life} Did I do everything or did I just forget everything…? 17.08.2016 21:41:00

parenting everyday life family
... mehr auf hatemeorloveme.net

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 223 24.05.2017 14:14:27

graduation friends epcot parenting movies magic kingdom festivals restaurants flower and garden festival food
Goodbyes, Graduation, and a Garden Fairy.... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

Quotations 14.05.2018 03:02:02

quotations parenting
The Most Precious Jewels ... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Father and son Epiphanies 26.01.2018 01:49:57

writing spirtuality a letter to my son acknowledgement epiphany essays healing parenting learning from the past growing in faith musings being redeemed by faith parenthood the power of fatherhood ancestors god inspiration flashbacks reflections on fatherhood lessons on humility evolution genealogy lesson lessons from our parents faith soliloquies human nature fathers family
"I promised that I ..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

A birthday dedication to my son 27.05.2018 06:13:39

happy birthday writing acknowledgement birthday reflections parenting birthday inspiration birthday card honor sons birthday message family
"You are the best person that I know..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 234 09.08.2017 15:14:44

splitsville parenting la nouba drag brunch magic kingdom drag queens restaurants cirque du soleil disney springs new experiences
The End of an Era.... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 220 03.05.2017 15:51:57

bowling friends parenting animals movies restaurant food video games family
Bowling, chicks, black beans and rice.... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

{Family Life | Parenting}  We’re raising little sociopathic Tarzans - about Attachment Parenting  24.09.2016 19:59:00

parenting family
... mehr auf hatemeorloveme.net

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 215 29.03.2017 15:49:01

costumes hello kitty epcot mardi gras parenting animals illness movies universal studios mardi gras flower and garden festival harry potter transformer universal studios family
On a magic carpet ride to our last Mardi Gras.... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 232 26.07.2017 17:07:06

costumes friends parenting hair hollywood studios firsts restaurants disney springs star wars
Haircuts and Hide & Seek.... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

And Fix The Broken 17.02.2018 17:18:40

law responsibility children safety parenting guns culture politics grief crisis life chatter schools
The ten year old sleeps in the other room. Earlier we spoke.  I asked her if her school had talked about what happened in Florida.  She said they had.  I asked her what they said.  She said that they talked about the children and then the school network television was turned on to the president […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Fancy Drinks and Conway Twitty 24.06.2018 14:23:24

frappe children lyrics parenting coffee childhood parent video draw fancy life chatter conway twitty doodle
When you share fancy drinks, Enjoy the company of one another for walks, And can both sing the lyrics to Conway Twitty songs, That’s something to celebrate.         ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

The brightest colours fill my head 23.05.2018 04:03:22

dare to dream apples don't fall far from trees vegan motherhood uncategorized the greatest showman parenting musicals music joy happiness musical cruelty free world favourite song dreams love bug tightrope never enough a million dreams singing hugh jackman rewrite the stars pure joy animal lover show tunes
Love Bug has a FAVOURITE song. Do you remember your first favourite song? Not one you just liked and turned up a little louder when it came on the radio, but one you sought out, played, paused and replayed. Over and over. Until you knew every note and word by heart. And then some. THAT... ... mehr auf bumpyroadtobubbadotcom.wordpress.com

Quotations 04.05.2018 11:59:08

quotations parenting love
I Lurfed Her... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

A Message for my Daughter About Acting Her Age 22.01.2018 17:29:36

raising teens parenting teenagers
 I am writing a message for my daughter about acting her age as part of the #DisruptAging campaign. This post is made possible with support from AARP’s Disrupt Aging. All opinions are my own. When my children were young, they were very tall for their age.  That means at age five, they were the size of an […]... mehr auf suburbia-unwrapped.com

Perawatan kulit bayi #IniMika 19.03.2018 06:00:30

produk bayi minyak telon pregnancy parenting produk perawatan bayi young living bayi minyak young living sleek baby perawatan kulit bayi zwitsal
Sebelum #IniMika nongol, duile mamak ini udah rempong banget nyiapin ini itu. Biasalah sindrom baru punya bayi, semua harus dipersiapkan meskipun nantinya gak kepake karena pas bayinya udah nongol yang dipake ya itu lagi itu lagi😆. Ternyata keperluan bayi gak gitu banyak, emaknya aja yang udah parno duluan. Bener kata orang “Mendingan jangan ... mehr auf sanguinhijabi.wordpress.com

The Child Changed Her 21.07.2018 06:05:58

foster opportunity parenting adoption never expected child life chatter love
I sat with her while the child played, first at our feet, then in the other room.   Back again he would toddle and give us something. She told me she had been given this gift, this child, when she didn’t think she would ever have the chance to be a parent. I remained silent while […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Words for my Father on Father’s Day 17.06.2018 14:13:52

being thankful for fathers a family affair wisdom writing life lessons acknowledgement message to my dad a message for my dad essays parenting memories more value than gold appreciation for fathers reflections on fatherhood father's day faith blogging fathers family
"With the understanding..."... mehr auf shunpwrites.wordpress.com

Fulfilled and Happy Be 26.04.2018 06:41:16

literature self metric hope psychic fulfillment parenting poetry happiness spirit poems
They departed, a hundred pounds apiece Rolling away new lifted shoulders from...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

If You Ever….. 12.05.2018 06:05:23

2014 re-write protect children fresh pressed 2014 mother's day parenting childhood momma mother mom life chatter love
If you ever birthed, adopted or fostered a child. If you ever held a baby for endless hours because you wanted the child to sleep, whether you did nor not. If you ever held a vomiting child.   Or had a child projectile vomit in your face.   Or held a baby high, laughing at […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Top 5 Friday! 13.04.2018 06:05:10

just for fun entertainment top 5 friday parenting life television family
Our Top 5 Books With Cats In!... mehr auf caroleheidi.com

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 219 26.04.2017 14:44:44

friends disney hotels disney restaurants parenting hotels swimming hollywood studios restaurants disney springs star wars launch bay food family
When droid sass meets D sass...... mehr auf minkflamingos.com

At The Table 18.02.2018 05:05:35

nourish laughter parenting childhood teach life chatter nostalgic dinner family
One of my most favorite memories of my children’s teen-age years came from one of the thousands of dinners at our table. No matter what was going on in our lives I insisted on dinner at the table.  Every single night.  Some nights were full blown cooked from scratch dinners.  Some nights were pizza or […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Good Ole Nintendo 22.03.2013 23:58:00

games for laughs human yoshi parental control parenting 2013 life duck hunt happily ever after dating humanity merging families classics living nintendo
So much in my life has changed since my last blog. I started the job in childcare and quit less than a month later. I have a boyfriend now and his children are growing on my heart the more time … Continue reading →... mehr auf lovejunkey.wordpress.com

Quotations 30.04.2018 02:44:16

quotations parenting empty nest
After They Leave Home... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

FAMILY CONTENT // „COOL MOMS DON’T JUDGE“ 11.06.2018 07:53:46

löwenzahn organics parenting kampagne coolmomsdontjudge family
Anzeige / Advertisement Es fing alles mit einem „Wie? Du hattest einen Kaiserschnitt?“ an. „Warum tut man sich und seinem Kind das freiwillig a... mehr auf primerandlacquer.com

March & All The Things I Did Not Read 28.03.2018 06:05:38

family time depression just for fun books home & garden parenting life fighting fantasy gardening family
I wrote a TBR at the start of the month but it didn't happen. Find out what did happen instead...... mehr auf caroleheidi.com

But She Does Say It… 17.04.2018 06:12:56

#kidssaythefunniestthings humor children discipline parenting laugh grandparent cuss life chatter 2013 re-write
A few years ago my husband came in the house to tattle on a little one.  He told one little man not to run through the yard.  His little cousin, sticking up for her cousin,  told my husband “you’re a dumb ass”. Here’s the thing- She said it. She heard it somewhere.   She has […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com