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how to start healing yourself and eat mindfully 13.07.2018 13:27:30

experience body health nutrition mindset soul mindfulness mind spirituality care growth personal motivation
Vor etwa einem Jahr begann ich damit, vollkommen intuitiv und achtsam zu essen. Ich befreite mich entgültig von all den allen Vorgaben und vertraute meinem Körper so sehr wie ... mehr auf leachristin.com

making your happiness a priority 23.06.2018 12:52:02

mindset soul mindfulness mind spirituality thoughts growth personal motivation
Ich habe die Entscheidung getroffen, mich selbst zu einer Priorität in meinem Leben zu machen. Ich verbringe all die freie Zeit die mir nun in dieser Phase des Lebens gegeben wurde damit, an meinem po... mehr auf leachristin.com

breaking free 18.06.2018 13:15:18

soul spirituality growth
Eins zu sein mit der Lebenskraft, die jedem menschliches Wesen auf diesem Planeten mit auf diese Erfahrung gegeben wurde. Das Leben wirklich mit Liebe zuzulassen, ja, Kontrolle abzugeben. Morgens aufzustehen mit der Inte... mehr auf leachristin.com

being enough to choose a creative life 01.06.2018 13:41:30

life mindset soul expression mindfulness mind spirituality creativity thoughts growth personal inspiration
Jetzt, in diesem Moment realisiere dass ich ganz bin. Einfach so, wie ich jeden Tag aufs neue die Augen aufschlagen darf um das Leben auf dieser Erde zu erfahren. Einfach so, mit diesen aufgeschlagenen A... mehr auf leachristin.com

books to grow your mind 28.05.2018 03:23:09

experience soul mindfulness mind spirituality growth personal
Das mit den Wörtern, Buchstaben, Sätzen und Büchern ist bei mir schon immer so eine Sache gewesen. Als Kind bin ich in lange Romane versunken und war schon in der dritten Klasse ein großer Fan der Bis(s) Bücher. Ich überzeugt, ... mehr auf leachristin.com

Self-Compassion and a Little Awkwardness 25.05.2018 20:52:00

personal development forgiveness coping self-reflection positivity blogging lifestyle writing growth musings and ramblings
I didn’t expect to feel so much weight lifted when writing this. I didn’t honestly know what to expect. ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

A Midnight Black Heart 25.05.2018 16:24:45

forgiveness coping stress management blogging lifestyle writing growth musings and ramblings
I learned not all friendships are meant to last, some are meant to teach us something about ourselves or the world and then end. ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

Red Clouds in the Morning 24.05.2018 21:49:46

forgiveness coping self-reflection blogging writing growth musings and ramblings
Red clouds in the morning is a sailor’s warning. A letter to Red.... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

The Past Persists: Forgiving 24.05.2018 21:45:31

forgiveness coping stress management self-reflection blogging lifestyle writing growth musings and ramblings
The past rears it’s head in unsightly ways sometimes but facing the beast is the only way to calm it. ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

Netflix and Hide 24.05.2018 03:51:38

personal development health coping stress management self-reflection blogging mental health lifestyle writing growth avoidance inspiration musings and ramblings
With so much going on at once, sometimes it’s very easy to hide away and hope it all just goes away despite how damaging and dangerous the habit is.... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

A Hundred Tries with More to Come 21.05.2018 18:54:08

self care health coping stress management habits self-reflection blogging lifestyle writing growth motivation musings and ramblings
A little self-reflection is good for the soul. May it guide me through a journey to find peace and joy in a world littered with stress and challenges.... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

creative book collection 17.05.2018 23:43:09

experience creation soul spirituality creativity growth personal inspiration
In so ziemlich jedem Bereich meines Lebens fokussiere ich mich darauf, immer minimalistischer zu werden und mich von Überfluss zu befreien. Ich möchte nur die Dinge besitzen, die ich wirklich liebe; Essen, sodass ich me... mehr auf leachristin.com

Three Days, Three Quotes; Onward and Upward 16.05.2018 18:41:01

personal development coping happiness positivity blogging lifestyle writing growth quotes inspiring & whimsical musings and ramblings
“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” - Martin Luther King Jr.... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

My Caffeine Crutch 15.05.2018 19:54:38

personal development self control health coping stress management self-reflection positivity willpower lifestyle growth inspiration inspiring & whimsical musings and ramblings
I did it again... I broke down and committed my fatal folly. Where in the world do self discipline and will power originate?? ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

Eos 23.02.2017 15:15:56

life love poem poet's corner recipes resonance connection relationships growth
i’ve been waking in the early hours of dawn these past few days.. i know that usually means i have something i need to write an experience or feeling waiting for pen on paper- and so here it is.. a... { This is a content exerpt only.. Please click on the Blog Title to continue reading this post, share your love, browse Just a Smidgen and... mehr auf justasmidgen.com

Morning Trip (224) 02.05.2016 14:07:22

if i be wrong elisa moment faith elisabeth connelley seed right wrong morning trip thomas merton creativity wolf larsen growth inspiration doubt "elisa's spot"
“Every moment and every event of every man’s life on earth plants something in his soul. For just as the wind carries thousands of winged seeds, so each moment brings with it germs of spiritual vitality that come to rest imperceptibly in the minds and wills of men. Most of these unnumbered seeds perish and […]... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Growth: My Journey Of Spiritual Growth To Emotional Healing And Forgiveness (English Edition) 19.11.2016 16:33:57

spiritual english forgiveness edition emotional healing growth journey ebooks
... mehr auf dofollow.de

Quotations 28.04.2018 02:50:33

quotations growth vampirism
Wash You Clean... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Fake It Till You Make It 30.04.2018 13:42:49

literature learning metric growth poetry poems
Can't quite "get" A practice yet?... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Quotations 30.04.2018 13:54:43

quotations growth independence
Uniquely Your Own... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

a chance to grow with mike rowe 19.01.2018 08:30:10

mike rowe current events life change discovery channel background ultra-right-wing conservative cnn how the universe works shift growth tribunist somebody's gotta do it critics
I’ve been thinking about changing my tagline. When I created Shift, my tagline...... mehr auf jesscy.com

dealing with human emotions, thoughts and feelings 13.05.2018 00:23:00

experience mindset soul mindfulness mind growth personal
Gestern Abend lehrte mich das Universum etwas. Ich kam spät und hungrig gegen 11 nachhause. Nachdem ich angekommen war wurde ich auf einmal traurig. So richtig traurig über die momentane S... mehr auf leachristin.com

child of earth (reprise) 30.04.2018 14:10:28

literature seeker free verse growth poetry poems
child of earth raise thine eyes to the laws which move thy universe!... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Who am I, Really? 09.02.2018 13:00:46

bad-ass self-judgment change being real self-image beach awareness be your own change agent perspective birds growth philosophical criticism
I used to wonder about anorexics who still thought they were fat when they were rail-thin. How could someone not see themselves as she is? I am beginning to relate just a tiny bit. I still have shirts that were always too small at the back of the […]... mehr auf peacewithmylife.com

Hello Frankenstein (story) 26.03.2018 12:58:44

faith hope strength blessings fortitude stories recovery reality growth horror poetry challenges gratitude
Written By © KLF/PlanetDreamDiaries Please start the music above the picture before reading. Thank you. A Bit Grim But My Story Isn’t Over Yet! ↓ I was hurt, needed help, I cried, no longer strong … from an outpatient surgery gone terribly wrong. Isolated, peeking out from old window panes … Nearly everything changed, but … ... mehr auf planetdreamdiaries.wordpress.com

Sound Recording: “In Any Moment Be” 17.04.2018 04:46:18

transformation ascension uncategorized growth
I am no advocate of overthrow Sweet transformation is much more my style...... mehr auf timelessclassics.wordpress.com

Capstone Chaos 07.05.2018 16:56:07

educational personal development student capstone college study tips self-reflection blogging lifestyle writing growth musings and ramblings
A short list of things I should have done to prepare myself for my capstone project! ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

Grace. 05.11.2013 16:59:36

psychology power peace life sacredness god thought for the day living love insight blogging from the heart and not the head simplicity post a day awareness strife centeredness revelation relationships writing understanding how to growth holy good vibrations truth
Being easily pushed or pulled by the demands or expectations of others is much like a branch too easily swayed by the constantly shifting wind; it breaks. Snaps off from its source and dies. Be planted, rooted firmly, in love. Centered in His presence. Be peace and you will have peace. When the solution is […]... mehr auf thoughlifebeaday.wordpress.com

E Pluribus Unum 29.03.2018 19:11:35

debate fresh start judgment life lessons enlightenment best self teachy peace life god light spiritual healing emotional pain freedom love faith awakening daily offerings oneness choosing daily living beyond the veil forgiveness emotional pain ease health grace daily practice simplicity dealing with upset daily inspiration facing upset sharing awareness communion self realization self daily wisdom honesty all is well healing happiness self-help highest self gentleness clarity heaven on earth learning decision making spirituality good living guidance equality connection fear relationships finding yourself focus eternal love understanding inner life healing wounds healing upset growth back to basics choice compassion facing adversity higher self consistency inspiration self mastery gratitude truth
This is the way of Truth.... mehr auf kenfales.wordpress.com

letting love be your motivation 05.04.2018 00:20:00

mindset soul mind growth motivation
Wenn ich meinen Blick auf die letzten Monate werfe scheint rückblickend alles so undenkbar perfekt vom Leben aufeinander abgestimmt gewesen zu sein. Es hat mich an diesen wundervollen Zustand gebracht an dem ic... mehr auf leachristin.com

raising your vibration 24.04.2018 02:09:00

mindset soul mind growth
Neben dem Abitur, allen Veränderungen und allem Ungewissen, dem Loslassen und dem Neuen, musste mein Blog diesen Monat ein bisschen kürzer treten. Mir kamen durch all die neuen Eindrücke und Erfahrungen in der letzte... mehr auf leachristin.com

Life and Emotions and the icing on the cake…. 07.04.2013 19:36:00

abuse trauma children wellness life change adjusting neglect growth emotions
Complex. Challenging. Even, at times unbearable. Not easy to admit this, and I can testify. But here is a friendly *heads up* I came here to write my feelings about it all despite the negativity I may encounter for “putting it out there”. So here is just a little of my take on life, human […]... mehr auf sarahsinspiration.wordpress.com

topics I want to learn about 05.05.2018 11:59:00

mind growth personal motivation goals
Ich liebe das Konzept zu lernen. Ich habe eine wirkliche Freude daran mir selbst, über mir noch unbekannte Themen, Wissen anzueignen. Ich mache mir liebevoll meine Notizen und lerne nach und nach. Nun gehe ich nicht meh... mehr auf leachristin.com

a chance to grow with mike rowe 19.01.2018 08:30:10

mike rowe current events life change discovery channel background ultra-right-wing conservative cnn how the universe works shift growth tribunist somebody's gotta do it critics
I’ve been thinking about changing my tagline. When I created Shift, my tagline...... mehr auf jesscy.com

How to Fight for Focus 10.05.2018 18:34:16

personal development coping productivity stress management self-reflection blogging lifestyle writing growth inspiring & whimsical
Focusing isn’t always easy particularly considering we live in a world of instant gratification, distractions, and undiluted mayhem. If you’re looking for some ways to figure out focus here is a great start! ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com

The Next Time We Meet I’d Like For Us To Be Strangers 02.02.2018 13:00:52

intentional intentional living awareness purpose relationships self-worth growth
#growth during 20 different years is not the same as living the same year 20 times. #IntentionalLiving... mehr auf crazypanamanianunplugged.wordpress.com

The Questions Of Life 25.04.2018 14:55:39

creative writing positivity blogging creative creativity lifestyle writing growth poetry
In a world riddled with questions, where are all the answers? ... mehr auf witandwhimsy87508112.wordpress.com