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Annie, Hündin, Geb . 15. Nov 2018, wird ca. Mittelgross 11.02.2019 11:26:15

jahrgang 2018 mischling annie hündinnen welpen & junghunde größe: 31-54cm - mittel hündin
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Holy Mother of Oopsie Babies 07.03.2018 00:26:10

pistol ava annie i'm the one in charge oopsie babies breeding goats vinnie kidding haley harley
I’ve had a hard time this year deciding who settled for spring break babies and then why I didn’t see several girls come into heat when I put them back in with Fionn for June kids.  It’s just been hard.  Lots of udders that are small, which isn’t unusual for such a cold winter.  But […]... mehr auf edenhills.wordpress.com