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Video mit Ski und Schnee: Imagination mit Tom Wallisch 28.02.2018 07:45:29

ski vermischtes video nelson freeskiing british columbia winter tom wallisch kanada
Das eiskalte Wetter hat Deutschland fest im Griff. In dieser Woche sind je nach Region Temperaturen im zweistelligen Minusbereich gemessen worden. Erst am Wochenende droht Entspannung, wenn die Quecksilbersäule wieder deutlich nach oben steigen soll. Dann wird es vorbei sein … ... mehr auf ostwestf4le.de

My Vancouver: Jimi Hendrix’s grandma and Black Strathcona 19.02.2018 01:01:48

photography urban photography hogan's alley north america strathcona african-canadian vancouver black strathcona british columbia nora hendrix jimi hendrix canada black history month
African-Canadian history in Vancouver, BC... mehr auf fotoeins.com

25 of the Very Best Outdoor Adventures in British Columbia 12.02.2018 21:53:18

hiking biking backpacking british columbia kayaking
If you’re traveling to British Columbia in search of adventure,...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Kanadischer Wein-Krieg: Albertas Regierungschefin als Handlanger für Öl-Konzern Kinder Morgan 08.02.2018 06:08:25

öl kapital, ressourcen british columbia alberta kinder morgan energy partners wein
Sofortiger Handelsboykott für Weine aus British Columbia durch die Provinz Alberta, um die Interessen der Öl-Industrie zu bedienen. Es gibt derzeit in Kanada ein anschauliches Beispiel dafür, wie sich führende Politiker für die Energiewirtschaft ohne Bedenken zum Affen machen. Es geht um die geplante, heftig umstrittene Erweiterung der Trassenführ... mehr auf radio-utopie.de

Settling Into Victoria 06.06.2013 16:42:59

escaping the grind victoria british columbia the travel lifestyle travel plan life cost of travel
  We have found a groove. Today will mark our 27th day in Victoria, BC, Canada.  By far, this is the longest amount of time our children have lived in any place other than Boston, and the impact of staying put is starting to reveal itself. I have always despised the idea of settling.  I...... mehr auf greatfamilyescape.com

The Most Unforgettable Walk You’ll Do – in Golden, BC 11.04.2016 21:25:58

golden british columbia wolves walking with wolves blog banner
The town of Golden, British Columbia is ringed by three...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

7 Ideen für deinen Kanada-Trip: Bären-Safaris, Polarlichter & mehr! 01.10.2016 11:45:14

niagara falls backpacking nordlichter british columbia backpacker alleine reisen wale nordamerika destinationen icefields parkway reiseplanung abenteuer kanada rocky mountains
Warst du schon mal in Kanada? Wenn ich an Kanada denke, dann sehe ich das hier vor mir: Berge, Meer, Bären, Ahorn, wunderschöne Natur, Wale, große Städte, Naturschutzgebiete … kurz: Kanada hat viel zu bieten. Es liegt zwischen Atlantik und Pazifik und reicht oben bis zum Arktischen Ozean. Kanada ist so groß, dass...... mehr auf travelicia.de

Leo Houlding und Will Stanhope rocken die Howser Towers 06.10.2017 18:42:53

klettern howser towers british columbia leo houlding news kanada
Rekord – Leo Houlding und Will Stanhope besteigen die Howser Towers an nur einem Tag Gemeinsam mit Will Stanhope machte sich der Berghaus Althlet Leo Houlding Ende August auf zu einer historischen Kletter-Tour: der Besteigung der drei Howser Towers in British Columbia, Kanada – und zwar an nur einem Tag. Eine Herausforderung, die vor den beid... mehr auf via-ferrata.de

Destination Cranbrook: A City for Nature and History Lovers 08.06.2015 13:21:39

hiking biking british columbia ktunaxa cranbrook
The city of Cranbrook is a great destination if you love the outdoors. It’s also got a long and interesting history, dating back ten thousand years when the Ktunaxa walked the lands. I heard part of their story – the sad part dealing with residential schools, first hand from Dr. Christopher Horsethief, a brilliant man […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia 23.06.2016 07:30:35

reisebericht reiseberichte kanada british columbia reisen kanada
... mehr auf reisen-fotografie.de

8 of the Best Things to do in Sidney, British Columbia 30.03.2015 17:48:34

british columbia sidney spit western canada sidney canada
The seaside town of Sidney, located just five minutes down the road from the BC Ferries Schwartz Bay Terminal on Vancouver Island, offers a surprising number of things to do. Judging by the stream of ferry traffic on the highway, most people give Sidney a pass and head straight for Victoria. But the town is worth a stop, especially in […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Splendour of Sun Peaks Resort in 21 Gorgeous Photos 30.01.2017 23:05:08

photos photography british columbia sun peaks resort downhill skiing hikebike travel cross-country skiing
With 135 trails covering the full gamut from perfect corduroy groomers...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Stunning Hike to the Kokanee Glacier Cabin 02.08.2016 16:55:07

kootenay british columbia kokanee lake kaslo lake backcountry huts blog banner
You’re in for a treat on the hike into Kokanee...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Why It’s Time You Stopped in Golden 20.04.2016 22:05:46

kicking horse mountain resort golden british columbia blog banner
Have you ever stopped in Golden? At a minimum I’ve...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

How to Have a Great Time at Silver Star 14.01.2016 21:43:58

british columbia silver star cross-country skiing skiing
I’m just back from three fabulous days at Silver Star Mountain Resort. I’ve heard about the place for years, seen all the colourful photos of the quaint “village” but it wasn’t until friends rented a condo for a month on the ski hill that John and I finally made it here. I can now say […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

9 Fun Winter Activities on the Warm Side of the Rockies 29.12.2015 01:27:54

whiteway panorama mountain resort radium hot springs british columbia winter columbia valley fairmont hot springs
The Columbia Valley located in southeast British Columbia and only three hours from Calgary bills itself as the “warm side of the Rockies” as temperatures are often warmer than the eastern side of the Rockies. In the winter the Columbia Valley really is an outdoor adventure playground. Every time I visit I discover something new […... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Challenge yourself to take the SnowSeekers Challenge 06.01.2016 23:44:34

canyon ski resort lake louise ski resort big white resort british columbia alberta kicking horse whistler blackcomb kinosoo ridge skiing
Did you know that the plaza at Whistler Blackcomb used to be the village dump? Did you know that Big White near Kelowna was found by a local pilot? And the snow packed slopes of Whitehorn Mountain were bypassed for years by the vacationing European elite? It’s interesting to find out that our favourite ski […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Discovering Small Town Canada: Port Renfrew, British Columbia 24.07.2015 00:30:56

small town canada port renfrew vancouver island british columbia
Travellers to Vancouver Island who are looking for a chilled out time surfing and wandering through the rainforest almost always make a beeline for Tofino. But just 110 kilometres from Victoria, the tiny town of Port Renfrew has plenty of surf, giant trees and incredible hiking — without the crowds. It’s the type of place […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Discovering Small Town Canada: Parksville, British Columbia 14.12.2015 05:45:57

small town canada british columbia vancouver island parksville hiking/backpacking
Parksville is a city of 12,000 people nestled on Vancouver Island’s sheltered east coast best known for its large sandy beaches and warm swimming waters (warm by coastal B.C. standards anyway). It’s also one of those places many Vancouver Islanders drive through several times before realizing it’s worth stopping. I recently visited for a girls’ [&#... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Horseback Riding in the Breathtaking Nemaiah Valley 14.09.2015 21:09:17

british columbia nemaiah valley horseback riding chilcotin
I wake to the sound of fat raindrops hitting the tin roof of my lodge. The smell of breakfast wafts up the stairs and into my room as I roll over and drift back into a blissful sleep. I’m a two-hour drive down a gravel road in the Nemaiah Valley and I’m safe in the […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Wohnmobilübernahme und auf zum Porteau Cove Provincial Park 03.06.2016 09:00:29

reisebericht reiseberichte kanada british columbia reisen kanada
Der Porteau Cove Provincial Park war unser erstes Ziel... mehr auf reisen-fotografie.de

FOTOS: bunter vancouver mix! - BLOG & BLEISTIFT 25.04.2015 11:44:46

link photography auslandsemester vancouver leben link in die vergangenheit british columbia canada kanada
FOTOS: bunter vancouver mix! - BLOG & BLEISTIFT: 7 Jahre bloggen. Das muss gefeiert werden! Auf annalena0815.blog.de habe ich 2008 mit dem Bloggen angefangen. Dort liegt seitdem so einiges, was in Vergessenheit gerät. Deshalb poste ich hier demnächst immer m... mehr auf blogbleistift.de

The Sunshine Coast Trail: What You Need to Know Before You Go 04.10.2016 21:53:49

backpacking sunshine coast trail british columbia hikebike travel long distance hiking trails
The Sunshine Coast Trail is a 180 kilometre hut to...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Juan de Fuca Trail: What You Need to Know Before You Go 15.06.2017 20:36:08

hiking backpacking british columbia vancouver island juan de fuca trail
I’m just back from a four day backpacking trip on...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

I’m in. Are you? The Kootenay Rockies Gran Fondo in September 03.07.2015 20:49:32

biking british columbia gran fondo kootenays cranbrook
I don’t know what possessed me – perhaps all the talk of what a friendly, welcoming world-class event Cranbrook’s Gran Fondo happens to be – but I signed John and I up to do the full enchilada – the 152 kilometre Gran Fondo on September 12th. I’ve done one Gran Fondo before – from Vancouver to […]... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Mount Revelstoke National Park – unser letzter Park in Kanada 31.08.2016 07:30:36

mount revelstoke reisebericht reiseberichte kanada british columbia national park kanada
... mehr auf reisen-fotografie.de

5 of the Best Things to do Near Nelson, BC 11.08.2016 01:21:49

nelson british columbia ainsworth hot springs mountain biking sup kokanee creek provincial park kaslo blog banner
Although Nelson, British Columbia is a destination in its own right, the...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Backpacking the Sunshine Coast Trail: Mt. Troubridge to Saltery Bay 06.10.2016 21:48:21

backpacking sunshine coast trail british columbia saltery bay hikebike travel fairview hut mount troubridge
I’m just back from a week of backpacking on the...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Why You’ll Want to Try Heli-Hiking with CMH in the Bugaboos 25.07.2016 15:39:18

cmh bugaboos kootenay british columbia heli-hiking columbia mountains blog banner
I’ve been envious for years hearing the wild stories of heli-skiing...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Shorebirds, Surfers with Brain Freeze & Flaming Gin 27.04.2016 18:27:30

birding shorebird festival british columbia tofino blog banner tofino surfing
What do you get when you combine 150,000 birds, surfers...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

5 Awesome Hikes With a View Near Penticton 04.01.2017 21:04:45

hiking penticton british columbia okanagan hikebike travel
For the best views in the Okanagan Valley, take a...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Beauty of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in 20 Photos 29.01.2017 01:16:27

photography kicking horse mountain resort british columbia hikebike travel skiing
“You’re skiing at Kicking Horse” my friend Judy says to...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

20 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Big White in Winter 25.01.2017 00:31:56

crosscountry skiing big white resort british columbia snowshoeing
Not only is Big White Ski Resort one of Canada’s...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

5 of the Best Bike Rides You’ll Want to do in the South Okanagan 14.04.2016 20:55:53

penticton naramata british columbia okanagan kettle valley railway blog banner
Did you know that the South Okanagan offers some of...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

A Sea Kayaking Trip in the Broken Group of Islands 18.05.2017 22:01:10

broken group of islands british columbia sea kayaking kayaking
For the better part of a week three of us...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Top 5 Things To Do in Summer in Prince George 06.06.2016 17:18:02

british columbia summer festivals prince george blog banner
Prince George has this funny way of surprising you. The...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

The Top 5 Outdoor Adventures in Prince George 14.06.2016 17:29:50

canoeing nature british columbia cutbanks prince george leidlih t’enneh park blog banner
Few towns throw down outdoor adventure like Prince George. Yet,...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Muddy but Fabulous: The Cape Scott Lighthouse Hike 07.11.2017 16:16:43

hiking cape scott british columbia vancouver island
There are few places in the world as remote, muddy...... mehr auf hikebiketravel.com

Kanada – British Columbia – Die Planung 19.04.2016 07:30:44

reisethemen allgemein british columbia road trip reisen wohnmobil reiseplanung kanada
Jetzt ist es bald soweit, unser lang erträumter Road-Tripp durch de... mehr auf reisen-fotografie.de

Black Tusk, Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake 24.08.2016 07:08:53

squamish black tusk mount garibaldi roadtrip 2016 (kanada / u.s.) british columbia trailrun garibaldi lake trailrunning panorama ridge kanada
Nennen wir es den Hattrick in British Columbia - Black Tusk, Panorama Ridge und Garibaldi Lake - Ein kanadischer Trailrunning-Porno uptothetop - Trailrunning, Außergewöhnliche Projekte, Tourenberichte, Interviews, Ausrüstungstests u.v.m. ... mehr auf uptothetop.de