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New opportunities in old buildings: Ceresana presents study on the world market for insulation materials 01.09.2023 10:58:56

polyurethane materials energy efficiency insulation market export demand producers production pur import construction building xps english press releases eps stone wool polystyrene energy-saving consumption
Whether it is hot or cold, there is no such thing as bad weather for insulation manufacturers. However, they are being hampered by the weakening residential construction sector, especially the slump in the real estate Der Artikel New opportunities in old buildings: ... mehr auf inar.de

Thick growth in thin packaging: Ceresana Report on the World Market for Bioplastic Films 31.08.2023 11:17:15

pet import plastics construction packaging manufacturers bioplastics turnover bopp sacks market study bags production markets prices industry export applications agriculture producers demand polypropylene consumption films polyethylene foils english press releases trade capacities forecasts
Wafer-thin films, often less than 1 millimeter thick, are one of the first areas of application in which bioplastics are able to establish themselves. Although casings made from petroleum products are still usually sold cheaper Der Artikel Thick growth in thin packaging: Ceres... mehr auf inar.de

All data at a glance: new Ceresana study on the European label market 29.08.2023 11:58:35

pvc production prices industry export applications market producers paper demand retail pet import plastics packaging manufacturers companies turnover logistics labels market study sites industrial goods capacities forecasts technologies licences consumption english press releases trade plants
Are mini shampoo bottles or stickers on bananas redundant? The EU Commission wants to ban „unnecessary packaging“ with a new regulation. This would also affect label manufacturers. Other EU regulations, however, are increasing the demand Der Artikel All data a... mehr auf inar.de

Bumper Crop 19.07.2018 06:05:01

food crops bumper crop draw supply farm weather corn doodle demand gratitude agriculture life chatter farmer
I always breathe a sigh of relief When I see the farmers Start bringing in their crops.     Thank you to all of the growers.         ©          ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Uptrend of the Stand-Up Pouches: Ceresana Analyzes the Global Market for Bags and Sacks 14.11.2018 11:00:15

sacks price share bags sites plastics import manufacturers packaging sales export report demand producers paper market: study production industry pouches trade english press releases plants application innovation consumption growth licenses polyethylene technologies forecasts capacities supply industrial goods
Should single use carrier bag... mehr auf inar.de

Strong Growth: Ceresana Analyzes the European Market for Fillers 08.07.2019 12:09:34

applications market producers demand production additives kaolin fillers pcc manufacturers talc english press releases carbon black gcc
KONSTANZ, Germany, 2019-Jul-08 — /EPR Network/ — Fillers not only make many... mehr auf inar.de

Lifesavers in Demand: Ceresana Publishes New Market Report on Flame Retardants 03.07.2019 12:18:51

construction manufacturers bromine production ã¤th revenues additives applications producers demand consumption chemicals äth english press releases flame retardants
In the event of fire, additives can provide the... mehr auf inar.de

A Material for Everything and Everyone: Ceresana Report on the European Market for Plastics 13.09.2022 10:54:53

price sales manufacturers plant import plastics demand producers report export market industry production study application english press releases trade consumption forecasts capacities chemical industrial goods
Plastics play a major role in the „Green Deal“ that aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. EU initiatives for circular economy and bioeconomy promote recycling and bioplastics, whereas plastic waste and microplastics are to Der Artikel A Material ... mehr auf inar.de

More Paper, Less Plastic: New Ceresana Study on The European Market for Bags, Sacks, and Pouches 14.09.2022 10:29:42

study production industry pouches export market report demand paper producers import plastics manufacturers packaging sales price sacks bags forecasts capacities consumption polyethylene trade english press releases application
The circular economy and bio-economy are reaching everyday life: European Union regulations determine how heads of lettuce are wrapped and what packaging ends up in household garbage cans. Laws initiated by the EU’s „Green Deal“ Der Artikel More Paper, Less... mehr auf inar.de

A Material in a League of Its Own: Ceresana Publishes New Study on The Global Market for Thermoplastic Elastomers 23.11.2022 16:09:58

sales manufacturers import plastics sites price industry production study demand producers report rubber export market licenses consumption application plants elastomers english press releases trade chemistry forecasts chemical capacities technologies
Soft and flexible, yet easy and inexpensive to process: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are elastic like rubber at room temperature, but can be melted and repeatedly moulded like standard plastics. „Thermoplastic elastomers offer high strength and Der Artikel ... mehr auf inar.de

Paper versus plastic: Ceresana examines the European flexible packaging market 25.11.2022 11:19:15

plastics packaging manufacturers bopp labels sacks bags production study market paper producers demand report films consumption english press releases bopet flexible packaging forecasts
Is the unpackaged trend over again? Recently, numerous small stores that were committed to organic and fair-trade products have had to give up. On the other hand, large supermarket chains are trying to reduce the Der Artikel Paper versus plastic: Ceresana exami... mehr auf inar.de

Aging resistant: Ceresana examines the global market for plastic stabilizers 27.01.2023 12:57:47

application trade english press releases elastomers chemicals consumption capacities forecasts price manufacturers sales plastics import stabilizers report producers demand market export industry additives study production
Cables, pipes and window frames should ideally last forever. In most cases, they do if they are made of PVC – provided the material is protected with stabilizers against the harmful effects of oxygen and Der Artikel Aging resistant: Ceresana examines the global market for p... mehr auf inar.de

Supple and relaxed: Ceresana expects further growth for plasticizers 02.02.2023 14:15:48

production varnishes additives applications phthalates paints dehp producers demand plastics manufacturers dinp plasticizers chemcials didp english press releases elastomers
The world is often hard and brittle, but plasticizers make life easier: Chemicals are added to plastics, elastomers, paints and coatings, adhesives, and also, for example, textiles, deodorants and perfumes to make these materials soft, Der Artikel Supple and relaxed: Ceresana ex... mehr auf inar.de

Biobased Growth: Ceresana Study on the Global Market for Polylactic Acid (PLA) 05.04.2023 14:39:30

circular economy renewable english press releases starch resources biobased plastics bioplastics manufacturers sales packaging (pla) polylactic acid revenues production market bioeconomy materials biodegradable data producers demand
Cutting-edge technology from the field : Polylactic acid, or PLA for short, is one of the most important raw materials for 3D printing but also for medical sewing thread and implants. Less spectacular but strongly Der Artikel Biobased Growth: Ceresana Study on the Global Market... mehr auf inar.de

Sustainable packaging: Ceresana study on the global market for biobased packaging 13.06.2023 12:52:19

biobased closures adhesive tapes resources containers loose-fill english press releases starch films renewable circular economy materials cups bioeconomy market demand producers production lids bottles revenues labels polylactic acid plastics packaging sales bioplastics manufacturers
Are bioplastic bags compostable and can they be disposed of along with organic waste? In some places, there is a passionate debate about how environmentally friendly bioplastics really are. But that doesn’t change the fact Der Artikel Sustainable packaging: Ceresana st... mehr auf inar.de

Green Dynamics: New Ceresana Report on the Global Printing Inks Market 03.07.2019 12:13:58

flexographic digital printing consumption english press releases exports printing inks printing colors revenues markets production imports producers demand manufacturers gravure electronic printing offset
Digital printing and digitization of media: The market for prin... mehr auf inar.de

Mixed prospects: new Ceresana study on the European market for windows and doors 02.06.2020 11:56:00

consumption english press releases doors plastics import construction manufacturers frames production pvc market export windows producers demand
The corona pandemic and the respective global containment measures are causing massive economic disruption, which is also damaging the supposedly solid construction industry. With this study, Ceresana has already examined the European market for windows Der Artikel Mixed prospect... mehr auf inar.de

Colorful growth: Ceresana examines the European market for paints and coatings 29.05.2020 11:02:13

consumption trade english press releases coatings chemistry chemical import manufacturers sales price study production varnishes industry export market paints report demand producers
Paints and coatings are not only useful for decoration, they can also provide protection. Hospital walls, for example, are increasingly often given antibacterial properties. Extremely thin but very durable coatings protect vehicles against rust. Ceresana Der Artikel ... mehr auf inar.de

Black Prospects: Ceresana Analyzes the World Market for Carbon Black 08.03.2022 15:22:11

import plant manufacturers sales price fillers study production industry site market export report producers demand consumption licenses chemicals trade english press releases application carbon black chemistry industrial goods pigments technologies capacities forecasts
Can rubber go “green”? The recycling of old tires is a major step forward on the path towards a circular economy. Major tire manufacturers, pyrolysis companies, and research institutions have launched pilot projects with the Der Artikel Black Prospects: Ceresana A... mehr auf inar.de

Colorful Labels: Ceresana Publishes New Study on the World Market for Printing Inks 14.12.2021 12:52:48

flexographic digital printing english press releases exports consumption imports producers demand printing inks printing colors revenues markets production electronic printing offset manufacturers gravure
The Corona pandemic pushes digitization forward. Since the beginning of 2020, the disruption of the printing sector has accelerated significantly. “Traditional customers of the printing ink industry are disappearing, but at the same time new Der Artikel Colorful Label... mehr auf inar.de

Stainless: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Plastic Pipes 14.07.2022 12:22:15

plastics pipelines construction pvc production applications producers demand polypropylene polyethylene english press releases infrastructure pipes
The construction industry is increasingly suffering from higher prices for building materials. The war over Ukraine and the ongoing corona lockdowns in China are also directly or indirectly affecting plastic pipe manufacturers. So far, the Der Artikel Stainless: ... mehr auf inar.de

Serial production efficiency: Ceresana examines the European market for plastic extrusion 17.01.2023 12:09:23

industry pvc production study markets producers demand report export sales packaging manufacturers import plastics construction price supply capacities forecasts extrusion polyethylene foils films consumption application english press releases trade
Pipes, sheets, profiles and hoses in almost any length: next to injection molding, extrusion is the most important process in the plastics industry. In fact, more thermoplastics and elastomers are forced through molding dies at Der Artikel Serial production efficiency: Ceresa... mehr auf inar.de

Colorful and organic: Ceresana study on the world market for biobased paints and coatings 16.06.2023 11:24:37

trade english press releases organic paints "sustainable consumption biobased chemical coatings eco paints price vegan paints construction import building biology natural paints manufacturers sales market export paints report biodegradable demand producers study production varnishes industry
Construction sites going green: the construction sector and other industries are increasingly working with sustainable materials, for example biobased insulation materials, biobased adhesives and bioplastics. Ceresana has now for the first time examined the global Der Artikel C... mehr auf inar.de

Demand of the Day 14.03.2020 14:34:57

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                        ©... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Green Renovation Wave: New Ceresana Study on the Global Market for Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) 04.10.2021 12:15:07

manufacturers packaging construction import plastics producers demand export applications market insulation materials industry production foams eps english press releases chemicals polystyrene capacities expandable polystyrene
Crude oil helps with climate protection and energy saving. Less in heating or engines, but rather in the house facade: better building insulation is a key objective of the “European Green Deal”. Real estate is Der Artikel Green Renovation Wave: New Ceresana S... mehr auf inar.de

Concentrates for Plastics: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Masterbatches 13.09.2022 10:41:40

manufacturers masterbatches plastics import colors producers demand market applications export industry additives production english press releases chemicals capacities processing
Small granules with a big effect: plastics only become colorful, durable and usable through the incorporation of additives. Therefore, granules with a high concentration of colorants, other additives or fillers, so-called masterbatches, are often added Der Artikel Concentr... mehr auf inar.de

Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The European Market for Plastic Films 09.11.2022 15:06:47

production markets prices industry agriculture applications export demand producers polypropylene import plastics pet construction packaging turnover bioplastics manufacturers bopp sacks market study bags forecasts capacities films consumption foils polyethylene english press releases trade
Is the plastic bag going extinct? By no means has it come to that. Yet consumption of plastic carrier bags has been falling ever since the EU and various governments started to take action against Der Artikel Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The Europ... mehr auf inar.de

Pressure Molding: Ceresana Report on the European Market for Plastic Injection Molding 30.11.2022 15:55:53

imports polypropylene producers demand revenues markets production industry injection plastics manufacturers sales packaging molding processing english press releases exports consumption polyethylene
From raw material directly to finished part: Injection molding is one of the most important processes in the plastics industry. „3D printing may be faster and does not require expensive molds,“ says Oliver Kutsch, Ceresana’s Der Artikel Pressure Moldi... mehr auf inar.de

Additives in Transition: New Ceresana Report on the Global Market for Plasticizers 19.07.2022 10:38:53

dehp demand producers applications phthalates paints varnishes additives production dinp plasticizers manufacturers plastics health didp elastomers english press releases
Sugar in flooring or packaging films? Researchers are working on bio-based plasticizers made from waste from the production of food and wood. However, until now, these chemicals have been almost exclusively made from petroleum, and Der Artikel Additives in Transition: New Ceresa... mehr auf inar.de

Improving Insulation: Ceresana Presents New Report on the European Market for Insulation Materials 25.07.2022 11:27:39

construction import pur production export market insulation energy efficiency materials climate-protection polyurethane producers demand consumption energy-saving polystyrene eps english press releases "sustainable stone wool building xps
Defense with foam? Foamed plastics could contribute to making the European Union independent of oil and gas from Russia by 2030 and climate-neutral by 2050. The EU Commission now wants to mobilize up to EUR Der Artikel Improving Insulation: Ceresana Presents New Report o... mehr auf inar.de

Polarizing White Pigments: New Ceresana Study on the World Market for Titanium Dioxide 03.05.2022 15:23:31

titanium dioxide english press releases glass consumption pigments ceramics construction catalysts import plastics manufacturers sales export paints colors demand paper producers markets production varnishes prices
Is white dangerous? Titanium dioxide, the brightest and most commonly used of all known pigments, is controversial: In the EU, the colorant E171 is considered potentially carcinogenic and is no longer allowed to be used Der Artikel Polarizing White Pigments: New Ceresana Stu... mehr auf inar.de

High-performance minerals: Ceresana publishes new report on the global market for fillers 05.05.2022 13:06:18

additives kaolin production producers demand market applications manufacturers pcc fillers talc gcc carbon black english press releases
Without stones, there’s no energy transition: mineral fillers help make cars lighter, bioplastics more durable, and wind turbines and solar plants more weatherproof. Insoluble additives make many materials, especially engineering plastics, cheaper and suitable for Der Artikel H... mehr auf inar.de

Standard Work in All Colors: New Ceresana Report on the World Market for Pigments 09.05.2022 11:20:49

pigments titanium dioxide english press releases carbon black consumption chemicals market paints colors demand producers production varnishes prices construction plastics
Warning or camouflage? Pigments can send signals, but also protect against sunlight or other dangers. The small, color-giving particles are hardly soluble in water or other application media: pigments are mainly added to paints and Der Artikel Standard Work in All Colors: New Ceresa... mehr auf inar.de

Solidified figures: fifth Ceresana report on the European adhesives market 18.01.2023 12:30:00

chemistry forecasts capacities technologies adhesives licenses consumption chemicals english press releases trade plants production study industry vinyl export applications market demand producers report import sales manufacturers price sites
Failures can become success stories. Cyanoacrylate was completely unusable as a transparent plastic – but as a superglue, the fast-curing material is now constantly inspiring new users: doctors use it to spray wound dressings, forensic Der Artikel Solidified figures: fif... mehr auf inar.de

Demanding Construction Site: Current Ceresana Report on the European Market for Plastic Pipes 30.01.2023 11:45:09

plastics construction pipelines production pvc market applications demand producers polypropylene polyethylene english press releases infrastructure pipes
Profiting from climate change and the energy crisis? Pipe manufacturers are certainly not short of tasks: Whether cities are preparing their infrastructure for more frequent heavy rainfall, new wind farms or heat pumps are being Der Artikel Demanding Construction Site: Cur... mehr auf inar.de

Beautiful Growth: New Report by Ceresana on the European Market for Paints and Coatings 16.11.2018 11:37:39

english press releases trade consumption capacities price import sales manufacturers paints export producers demand report production study market: industry varnishes
Paints and coatings do not on... mehr auf inar.de

Packaging Made from Strong Fibers: Ceresana Investigates the European Market for Corrugated Board, Solid Board and Cartonboard 06.04.2023 11:25:31

application trade english press releases corrugated board cartonboard consumption capacities forecasts price manufacturers sales packaging import report drums paper producers demand export market cans industry study production solid board
Taking a breather after Covid-19: during the pandemic, online retail virtually exploded – but now the development of e-commerce is slowing down again. Nonetheless, manufacturers and suppliers of shipping packaging can continue to expect growth, Der Artikel ... mehr auf inar.de

Growth with Frames: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Plastic Windows 09.09.2022 11:01:04

windows insulation market export demand producers production pvc revenues frames import construction sales manufacturers english press releases consumption
The construction sector and its suppliers are being hit – somewhat delayed – by the drastic measures to contain the Corona epidemic and by the consequences of the Ukraine war. Ceresana has studied the global Der Artikel Growth with Frames: Ceresana Examines the Wo... mehr auf inar.de

Talk About It 12.09.2021 06:03:52

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    (c)    ... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Versatile Plastic: New Ceresana Study on the Global Market for Polypropylene (PP) 10.12.2021 12:44:47

consumption films application trade english press releases forecasts capacities manufacturers packaging fibers sales plastics import construction industry automotive price industry study production report polypropylene demand producers market export
More and more countries are trying to limit the demand for plastic packaging. In Germany, for example, lightweight plastic bags will be banned from January 2022. Nevertheless, demand for polypropylene (PP) continues to grow. “This Der Artikel Versatile Plastic: New Ceres... mehr auf inar.de