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Pressure Molding: Ceresana Report on the European Market for Plastic Injection Molding 30.11.2022 15:55:53

injection industry english press releases producers packaging markets manufacturers polypropylene polyethylene processing production demand imports sales molding consumption revenues plastics exports
From raw material directly to finished part: Injection molding is one of the most important processes in the plastics industry. „3D printing may be faster and does not require expensive molds,“ says Oliver Kutsch, Ceresana’s Der Artikel Pressure Moldi... mehr auf inar.de

Paper versus plastic: Ceresana examines the European flexible packaging market 25.11.2022 11:19:15

demand forecasts production bopet flexible packaging manufacturers bags english press releases bopp producers packaging market report sacks films plastics labels study consumption paper
Is the unpackaged trend over again? Recently, numerous small stores that were committed to organic and fair-trade products have had to give up. On the other hand, large supermarket chains are trying to reduce the Der Artikel Paper versus plastic: Ceresana exami... mehr auf inar.de

A Material in a League of Its Own: Ceresana Publishes New Study on The Global Market for Thermoplastic Elastomers 23.11.2022 16:09:58

export plastics study consumption capacities sales plants import price licenses demand rubber forecasts production elastomers manufacturers trade application sites english press releases chemical chemistry producers industry technologies report market
Soft and flexible, yet easy and inexpensive to process: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are elastic like rubber at room temperature, but can be melted and repeatedly moulded like standard plastics. „Thermoplastic elastomers offer high strength and Der Artikel ... mehr auf inar.de

Fresh Figures: New Ceresana Report on the European Food Packaging Market 16.11.2022 12:22:58

foils market industry prices food english press releases producers packaging market study bags manufacturers trade metal forecasts production demand import paper capacities consumption glas export applications turnover plastics bioplastics
Defying the trend, food retail revenues increased in many countries during the pandemic, as restaurants were closed and consumers had plenty of time to cook for themselves. Now, people are increasingly cutting back on food Der Artikel Fresh Figures: New Ceresana Report on... mehr auf inar.de

Biopolymers Are Flourishing: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Bioplastics 14.11.2022 11:45:42

starch producers packaging english press releases circular economy market demand polylactic acid production manufacturers data sales resources biobased bioplastics bioeconomy plastics revenues renewable materials
For some time now, bioplastics have been used for more than just garbage bags or mulch films: Biopolymers are increasingly found in durable high-performance products, for example in demanding automotive applications, casings for the electronics Der Artikel Biopolymers ... mehr auf inar.de

Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The European Market for Plastic Films 09.11.2022 15:06:47

pet consumption films sacks construction bioplastics turnover plastics applications export import capacities polypropylene trade manufacturers demand agriculture production forecasts polyethylene prices industry foils market study bags markets packaging producers bopp english press releases
Is the plastic bag going extinct? By no means has it come to that. Yet consumption of plastic carrier bags has been falling ever since the EU and various governments started to take action against Der Artikel Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The Europ... mehr auf inar.de

Pro Tools Quickies – I 24.08.2012 15:16:21

mixing effekt production studio mischung tips & tricks basic tracks tutorial musicproduction know how mix a record pro tools editing
Zu lange schleifen gelassen, aber ab jetzt gibt es wieder regelmäßig Tipps und Tricks. In Zukunft erstmal in Form von Pro Tools Quickies, die dem ein oder anderen evtl. das Leben bei der Arbeit erleichtern und ein bisschen Zeit sparen… Wenn‘s mal wieder länger dauert… …und jeder einzelne der 120 Tracks aus aktuellen Produktion all... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Lebenszeichen 15.09.2011 11:07:19

mixing commercial mischung tonstudio studio production mikrofon musikstudio recording musicproduction mix a record pro tools news
Lange nichts lesen lassen. Da gerade alles nach dem Motto „busy is my best friend“ läuft, ein kurzes Lebenszeichen, denn im Moment ist alles recording, recording, recording…gestern zu Gast, die Jungs und Mädels aus dem Starlight Express. Great Musicians, and a pleasure to work with them. Aber demnächst wieder mehr, … … stay tuned.... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Rumble in the Jungle… 09.11.2012 15:50:47

rec musicproduction recording mix a record pro tools news akua naru mixing funkhaus europa niko valastro production studio mischung
… finished the new Niko Valastro Single – check. … recorded some pro Obama-Songs for the US-Elections with Akua Naru for Funkhaus Europa – check. … and the beat goes on and on… … new Pro Tools Quickies in the pipeline. Bestes! Werbeanzeigen... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Tipp des Tages | pt. VI 20.03.2011 20:59:03

news plugin pro tools musicproduction kompressor produzieren production mischung tips & tricks effekt fx soundtoys mixing
Die SoundToys Jungs haben ein PlugIn zu verschenken und zwar „Devil-Loc“. Mit dem nachfolgenden Link gehts zum Donload für die Lizenz: https://www.soundtoys.com/sxswpromo/&rc=322-2404-706 Stark suchtgefährdend das Ding!!!😉 Achtung: Ihr braucht einen iLok-Account. Cheers... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Bruce Swedien heute zu Gast bei Pensado’s Place – nicht verpassen! 21.04.2011 13:12:43

production tonstudio studio mischung tips & tricks bruce swedien musikstudio interview mixing q & a livestream q & a stream live news dave pensado musicproduction recording
Heute ist der Großmeister selbst zu Gast bei Dave Pensado. Also nicht den Livestream verpassen! Ab 21 Uhr auf http://thisweekin.com/live/ und http://thisweekin.com/pensados-place/ .... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Session with Rene Tinner & Martin von Ehrenfeld 30.09.2012 19:04:36

pro tools mix a record musicproduction recording rec know how production studio basic tracks mixing
In the studio with the master himself René Tinner and Martin von Ehrenfeld. Such a great session and a pleasure to work with you guys!... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Back and alive… – with Niko Valastro 23.08.2012 16:21:19

mixing production studio tonstudio mischung produzieren music musikstudio musicproduction recording rec mix a record editing news tontechnik
Die Aufnahmen für die erste Niko Valastro Single sind im Kasten. Gerade gibt‘s das Editing und anschließend den Mix. Die Aufnahmen haben sehr viel Spaß gemacht und werden hoffentlich auch noch vielen da draußen sehr viel Spaß machen! 😉 An dieser Stelle nochmal viele Grüße nach Nizza! See you soon. Da freut man sich doch […]... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Devil-Loc Deluxe von Soundtoys 15.04.2011 17:06:49

kompressor parallelkompression tips & tricks devil-loc production sounddesign fx effekt devil-loc deluxe mixing soundtoys news editing pro tools new-york kompression plugin
Und zack…wird aus Soundtoys Devil-Loc die Vollversion Devil-Loc Deluxe!😉 Absolut genial für Overheads und Raummikros mit seinem Mix-Regler für Parallelkompression. Und erst recht für jede Art von Lo-Fi Sounddesign. Pumpen, zerren und dann den Drumloop oder Sound per „Darkness“ in den Hintergrund ziehen – perfekt! Antest-Tipp: Preset Dru... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

2. Dezember 2015: Sourcefabric about mikrotext’s beautiful e-books 02.12.2015 09:59:21

sourcefabric mikrotext presse cooperation production epub e-book booktype beautiful
Sourcefabric is an NGO producing open source code for journalists all over the world, one of their projects being Booktype, a platform for the easy production of epubs. mikrotext and Booktype are cooperating…... mehr auf mikrotext.de

Waiting for the Mavic Pro 09.12.2016 22:10:02

time waiting status technik delivery delay production dji background problem mavic nur so....
Disclaimer: Do not take this too serious, it is just speculation for the fun of it. I just played around with some numbers, based on the assumption that there are currently about 60 * 10 comments in the official thread, representing 0.5% of the people that pre-ordered. Let’s say then ~ 100,000 pre orders in […]... mehr auf tinyentropy.wordpress.com

A Good Man’s Life 31.12.2013 12:28:53

god higher power guilt choices joy hope spirit philosophy actions life collage free william wordsworth heaven happy great creator a good man's life shame heart friend tolerance remembered chances selfish dreams prayer production change unremembered love joyous truth kindness is soul
. “The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love” . ~ William Wordsworth . You and your God know how kind and loving you have been. Live a life that is happy, joyous and free: free from the guilt and shame of selfishly doing […]... mehr auf meandtheboss2013.wordpress.com

TDK und item vereinbaren strategische Partnerschaft 08.01.2019 17:37:25

item pluspartner maschinengestell technische dienste kleinschmidt automation neue medien und kommunikation hans kemeny item tdk partnerschaft kooperation retrofit industrietechnik production automatisierung deutsche marketing consulting
(Mynewsdesk) TDK Technische Dienste Kleinschmidt GmbH, technischer ... mehr auf inar.de

Videographen Mitspieler gesucht! 13.09.2015 17:49:55

nrw spiegelreflex ausbildung musikvideo freelancer freelance cologne bild azubi film lernen production nord filmschule spiegelreflexkamera nordrheinwestfalen zusammenarbeit job köln ton deutsch mediengestalter blog dslr video rhein selbstständig partnerschaft selbstständiger mediengestalter showreel westfalen allgemein
Ja, die Zeit ist gekommen – auch wenn der Gedanke schon lange bewusst war – ich brauche und möchte einen... The post Videographen Mitspieler gesucht! appeared first on offtonewadventures .... mehr auf offtonewadventures.com

Are we living in a dystopian future? 17.03.2018 18:43:32

self-preserving of life activist human dignity radical smartphone altruism loose jobs adaption of technology illness theologie dystopian world psychosomatic disrespect computer collapse philosophie national socialism dystopy survival democracy freedom dystopian future ai life fatal riots capitalism urbanisierung fascism vital energy maschinentheorie selected diseases creating history mental illness self-preserving burnout activism skills ill computerkritik economics soziologie energy of life rechenmaschinen proletarians hatred out-selection trust dystopian human logic syndrome logic people consumer products future robots charity making history humanism computers society humanist activism factories holocaus economic restrictions selection corrupted violence machine operator restart real estate teamwork out-selected destroy machines machines disease human reason human skills human beings destroy computers computer operator reason history operator smombi depression economic responsibility amok artificial intelligence technologie jobs value added socialism technology human being demolishen production humans computer technology psychologie weak enviousness destruction evolution restart history computing raumfahrt bullying humanist activist consumer globalisierung love machine desperation critics cyber-bullying
Can it be that history went wrong and we actually live in a dystopian world? Can it be that the evolution of society was once meant to empower people, to give them ultimate freedom and responsibility of their own life and even the life of other people? Didn’t we trust in human mind and reason? […]... mehr auf monstermaschine.wordpress.com

TDK und item vereinbaren strategische Partnerschaft 08.01.2019 17:34:27

item hans kemeny automation item pluspartner maschinengestell technische dienste kleinschmidt partnerschaft tdk industrietechnik werbung, druck und kommunikation kooperation retrofit automatisierung deutsche marketing consulting production
(Mynewsdesk) TDK Technische Dienste Kleinschmidt GmbH, technischer Dienstleister für Modernisierung und Automatisierung bestehender und neuer Anlagen, und item Industrietechnik GmbH, weltweiter Marktführer im Bereich Systembaukästen für industrielle Anwendungen, haben zum 1. Januar 2019 eine Kooperationsvereinbarung abgeschlossen. Im Fokus der Zusa... mehr auf pr-echo.de

Woohh! Woohh! Fast Forward! 30.08.2010 19:33:51

production news
Yes! |mix-a-record| is producing and mixing the song for the new Kreidler Motorbikes TV-Spots with Jennifer Weist from Jennifer Rostock. The spots be premiered on wednsday the 01. September 2010 at the EUROBIKE Int. Bike Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The new spots will be linked, soon. Cheers Jules... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

New Kreidler Spot…und bitte! 02.10.2010 19:30:18

musicproduction advertisment mix a record songwriting news mixing commercial mischung production produzieren music
Der erste Kreidler Spot ist online. Wie heisst es so schön: „Music for the masses“. Bitte schön. Wie hier schon angekündigt und versprochen, der Link: Cheers, Jules.... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

Industrie 4.0 und IoT RFID Reader 11.11.2020 09:28:02

iot production logistics industrie 4.0 rfid energie, strom und gas
RFID Lösungen für industrielle IoT Prozesse in Lager und Produktionen (c) by iDTRONIC GmbH Industrie 4.0 und IoT verbinden sich zu einer Einheit in Produktion oder Logistik. Das Ziel der industriellen IoT ist, die Effektivität und Produktivität betrieblicher Prozesse nachhaltig zu optimieren. Unsere RFID Reader für Industriebereiche sind dank integ... mehr auf pr-echo.de

Uptrend of the Stand-Up Pouches: Ceresana Analyzes the Global Market for Bags and Sacks 14.11.2018 11:00:15

plants sales capacities licenses paper import price plastics market: export pouches sacks share consumption study packaging producers sites english press releases bags supply report technologies industry production forecasts polyethylene innovation demand trade application manufacturers industrial goods growth
Should single use carrier bag... mehr auf inar.de

Strong Growth: Ceresana Analyzes the European Market for Fillers 08.07.2019 12:09:34

applications gcc additives talc demand carbon black production kaolin manufacturers pcc fillers producers english press releases market
KONSTANZ, Germany, 2019-Jul-08 — /EPR Network/ — Fillers not only make many... mehr auf inar.de

Lifesavers in Demand: Ceresana Publishes New Market Report on Flame Retardants 03.07.2019 12:18:51

english press releases flame retardants producers production äth demand manufacturers additives revenues applications construction bromine consumption chemicals ã¤th
In the event of fire, additives can provide the... mehr auf inar.de

Panasonic GH4 – „Review“ 07.09.2015 17:36:33

bild freelance tipps ausbildung spiegelreflex 2k musikvideo 4k freelancer tutorial cinema film lernen azubi production filmschule deutsch behind blog mediengestalter dslr tricks cinematography selbstständiger mediengestalter video selbstständig
Nach über 6 Monaten ist es für mich an der Zeit, meinen neuen Gefährten einmal kritisch zusammengefasst zu betrachten. Die... The post Panasonic GH4 – „Review“ appeared first on offtonew... mehr auf offtonewadventures.com

Our responsibility towards textile producers 12.07.2021 12:52:19

employees verantwortung tchibo act on living wages myanmar framework production initiative responsibility fair treatment producer act website unternehmen aktuell tschibo
... mehr auf blog.tchibo.com

A Material for Everything and Everyone: Ceresana Report on the European Market for Plastics 13.09.2022 10:54:53

industrial goods manufacturers application trade forecasts production demand report market industry english press releases chemical producers consumption study export plastics price import capacities sales plant
Plastics play a major role in the „Green Deal“ that aims to make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. EU initiatives for circular economy and bioeconomy promote recycling and bioplastics, whereas plastic waste and microplastics are to Der Artikel A Material ... mehr auf inar.de

More Paper, Less Plastic: New Ceresana Study on The European Market for Bags, Sacks, and Pouches 14.09.2022 10:29:42

import price paper capacities sales consumption study export plastics sacks pouches report market industry english press releases packaging producers bags manufacturers trade application polyethylene forecasts production demand
The circular economy and bio-economy are reaching everyday life: European Union regulations determine how heads of lettuce are wrapped and what packaging ends up in household garbage cans. Laws initiated by the EU’s „Green Deal“ Der Artikel More Paper, Less... mehr auf inar.de

Green Dynamics: New Ceresana Report on the Global Printing Inks Market 03.07.2019 12:13:58

consumption electronic printing gravure revenues exports flexographic digital printing imports printing colors manufacturers printing inks production demand english press releases offset producers markets
Digital printing and digitization of media: The market for prin... mehr auf inar.de

Mixed prospects: new Ceresana study on the European market for windows and doors 02.06.2020 11:56:00

market producers english press releases manufacturers production pvc demand import frames windows consumption plastics export doors construction
The corona pandemic and the respective global containment measures are causing massive economic disruption, which is also damaging the supposedly solid construction industry. With this study, Ceresana has already examined the European market for windows Der Artikel Mixed prospect... mehr auf inar.de

Flexible and robust: new Ceresana study about the global market for polyethylene-LLDPE 27.05.2020 12:47:17

lldpe films plastics study consumption bags english press releases packaging market report forecasts polyethylene production
Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is one of the most widely used types of standard plastics. Other varieties of polyethylene, especially LDPE and HDPE, are sometimes easier to process; however, LLDPE is more flexible and has Der Artikel Flexible and robust: new Ceresan... mehr auf inar.de

Colorful growth: Ceresana examines the European market for paints and coatings 29.05.2020 11:02:13

manufacturers trade paints production coatings demand market report industry english press releases chemical chemistry producers consumption study export import price varnishes sales
Paints and coatings are not only useful for decoration, they can also provide protection. Hospital walls, for example, are increasingly often given antibacterial properties. Extremely thin but very durable coatings protect vehicles against rust. Ceresana Der Artikel ... mehr auf inar.de

Addon 28.12.2010 00:22:28

mix a record news editing pro tools mixing mischung production
Für alle die es interessiert! Das neue Schlakks Album „Menschlich“ ist ab sofort auch auf Amazon.de erhältlich. Und demnächst dann auch bei allen anderen gängigen Downloadportalen. Also „go for it“! Cheers Jules... mehr auf mixarecord.wordpress.com

„Musikvideo zu verschenken“ – Retrospektive 13.12.2015 14:03:20

azubi film lernen production artistisch studio filmschule panasonic spiegelreflexkamera music tutorial rekorder atomos musicvideo shogun cinema kunst spiegelreflex ausbildung musikvideo freelancer 4k freelance bild weiß tipps video gh4 selbstständig making of hilfe selbstständiger mediengestalter double exposure jahresrückblick cinematography tricks lumix ton deutsch musik behind mediengestalter schwarz blog dslr
Die Entscheidung Ob ich überrascht war, oder einfach nur erfreut, das weiß ich inzwischen nicht mehr so genau. Auf jeden... The post „Musikvideo zu verschenken“ – Retrospektive appeared first on ... mehr auf offtonewadventures.com

Black Prospects: Ceresana Analyzes the World Market for Carbon Black 08.03.2022 15:22:11

production forecasts demand carbon black trade application industrial goods manufacturers chemistry producers english press releases fillers report market technologies industry pigments export chemicals consumption study site sales capacities plant licenses import price
Can rubber go “green”? The recycling of old tires is a major step forward on the path towards a circular economy. Major tire manufacturers, pyrolysis companies, and research institutions have launched pilot projects with the Der Artikel Black Prospects: Ceresana A... mehr auf inar.de

Colorful Labels: Ceresana Publishes New Study on the World Market for Printing Inks 14.12.2021 12:52:48

printing colors imports flexographic digital printing revenues exports consumption gravure electronic printing producers english press releases offset markets production printing inks demand manufacturers
The Corona pandemic pushes digitization forward. Since the beginning of 2020, the disruption of the printing sector has accelerated significantly. “Traditional customers of the printing ink industry are disappearing, but at the same time new Der Artikel Colorful Label... mehr auf inar.de

Stainless: Ceresana Examines the World Market for Plastic Pipes 14.07.2022 12:22:15

pipes pipelines infrastructure applications plastics construction english press releases producers polyethylene pvc production demand polypropylene
The construction industry is increasingly suffering from higher prices for building materials. The war over Ukraine and the ongoing corona lockdowns in China are also directly or indirectly affecting plastic pipe manufacturers. So far, the Der Artikel Stainless: ... mehr auf inar.de