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Paper versus plastic: Ceresana examines the European flexible packaging market 25.11.2022 11:19:15

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Is the unpackaged trend over again? Recently, numerous small stores that were committed to organic and fair-trade products have had to give up. On the other hand, large supermarket chains are trying to reduce the Der Artikel Paper versus plastic: Ceresana exami... mehr auf inar.de

Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The European Market for Plastic Films 09.11.2022 15:06:47

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Is the plastic bag going extinct? By no means has it come to that. Yet consumption of plastic carrier bags has been falling ever since the EU and various governments started to take action against Der Artikel Wafer-Thin And Durable: Ceresana Study on The Europ... mehr auf inar.de

Uptrend of the Stand-Up Pouches: Ceresana Analyzes the Global Market for Bags and Sacks 14.11.2018 11:00:15

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Should single use carrier bag... mehr auf inar.de

More Paper, Less Plastic: New Ceresana Study on The European Market for Bags, Sacks, and Pouches 14.09.2022 10:29:42

application trade consumption manufacturers study plastics production export forecasts polyethylene pouches sacks demand paper market report price import industry producers sales packaging english press releases capacities bags
The circular economy and bio-economy are reaching everyday life: European Union regulations determine how heads of lettuce are wrapped and what packaging ends up in household garbage cans. Laws initiated by the EU’s „Green Deal“ Der Artikel More Paper, Less... mehr auf inar.de

Light, practical, controversial: Ceresana study on the European market for bags and sacks 12.02.2020 12:53:13

study application trade consumption manufacturers pouches sacks demand plastics production export forecasts polyethylene industry paper market report price import bags packaging producers sales english press releases capacities
Products made from plastic are currently in the spotlight of the European public’s attention. Especially the thoughtless and excessive use of single-use bags has received a lot of criticism. The European Union stipulates to further Der Artikel Light, practical, controversial: Cere... mehr auf inar.de

At the library I felt free 10.05.2019 12:57:27

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At the library I felt free — free to look at the thousands, tens of thousands, of books; free to roam and to enjoy the special atmosphere and the quiet companionship of other readers, all, like myself, on quests of … Weiterlesen →... mehr auf log.netbib.de