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The Kettle And My Woes 20.05.2018 06:05:01

stone hope fright shame fire despair poem kettle soul poetry hearth life chatter
By hearth of stone where fire glows I set the kettle and my woes. As fire rises to the night I send the shards of shattered frights. No room to spare in this home so fair For worry, shame or despair. Peace I plead for my soul, Love in my heart and nothing more. Advertisements... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com

Misconceptions of Grief: Trusting Your Mind with Loss. 23.03.2018 04:47:31

judgment anger shame depression uncategorized loss brain grief meaning grieving mental health patience compassion
Grief is one of this world's hardest necessities. Learn how to not get in your own way with loss.... mehr auf balancedcounselor.wordpress.com

Morning Trip (289) 15.05.2017 18:00:55

guilt elisa's spot motivators shame fear brene brown being enough elisa elisabeth connelley intentions not being enough morning trip silent whisper of the twin flame (piano only)--jonathan louis accountability
“The difference between accountability and blame is very similar to the difference between guilt and shame. Guilt gets a bad rap, but the emotional discomfort of guilt can be a powerful and healthy motivator for change. Of course, feeling guilty about something over which we have no control or something that isn’t our responsibility is ... mehr auf elisasspot.wordpress.com

Gehört und gesehen: Die Januarmusik auf einen Blick 05.02.2018 17:00:21

kettcar fzw musikalisch gehört shame fortuna ehrenfeld empfehlung gesehen gisbert zu knyphausen razz heimspiel tocotronic
Musikalisch ging das Jahr 2018 sehr ordentlich los. Gleich zum Start gab es das Debutalbum von Shame, die ich vor ziemlich genau einem Jahr bei den Cardinal Sessions in Köln kennen gelernt habe. Ein großartiges Album, dringlich, laut und mitreißend. Da beansprucht schon früh jemand einen Platz in den Jahrescharts! Das erste Konzert des Jahres [R... mehr auf alltagundkultur.wordpress.com

Kammerflimmern 28 – Video-Round-Up mit ♥ und Moaning, Prada Meinhoff, Speedy Ortiz u.a. 01.03.2018 15:21:52

wellness in tall buildings shame moaning night flowers soviet soviet city calm down speedy ortiz jo passed prada meinhoff videos
... mehr auf nicorola.de

Loving the (Inner) Critic 07.03.2018 04:08:55

therapy humanity bullies shame criticism change love for everyone self compassion judgmental compassion
Sometimes the choice of compassion and love leads us to people who may not deserve it. What are we supposed to do then?... mehr auf balancedcounselor.wordpress.com

A Good Man’s Life 31.12.2013 12:28:53

choices life god kindness is spirit guilt hope great creator remembered philosophy a good man's life shame free selfish heart dreams happy change love heaven friend actions production prayer joyous soul tolerance collage chances william wordsworth higher power unremembered joy truth
. “The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love” . ~ William Wordsworth . You and your God know how kind and loving you have been. Live a life that is happy, joyous and free: free from the guilt and shame of selfishly doing […]... mehr auf meandtheboss2013.wordpress.com

5 Ways To Begin Healing Your Shame 30.12.2017 22:36:53

spiritual healing shame healing shame transformation self love self-compassion overcoming shame
Shame is the most disturbing experience individuals ever have about themselves; no other emotion feels more deeply disturbing because, in the moment of shame, the self – feels wounded from within. ~ Gershen Kaufman ~ Guilt and shame are often used interchangeably and although they are often related, it’s important to understand there is... mehr auf taylorcares.com