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Life of Windmills / Vida de los molinos de viento / Vie des moulins à vent / Vida dos moinhos de vento 17.07.2018 06:49:20

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In English: Life of traditional Windmills The life of traditional windmills can be compared in some way to human life. Think about this, suddenly one day it does not exist, it will remain in our memories and photos. This happened to the windmill in Keminmaa, which was abandoned, but one day its life run out […]... mehr auf sartenada.wordpress.com

Two lock Canals / Dos canales de esclusas / Deux caneaux à écluses / Dois Canals de bloqueio 05.06.2018 06:46:51

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In English: In Finland we have 31 lock canals which connect lakes and waterways. In this post I show to You photos from two lock canals. I love them, because they are situated on scenic places which means the beauty of the nature. I prefer to slow down my car by them and take a […]... mehr auf sartenada.wordpress.com

Former convent in Naantali /Antiguo convento en Naantali / Ancien convent à Naantali / Antigo convento em Naantali 20.11.2018 06:30:21

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In English: Seven churches’ tour – introduction In July 2018 we made a bus tour of seven churches. We noticed this awesome tour in a local newspaper and loved the idea immediately. The tour lasted all day and it included one coffee with snacks and one meal. One coffee meal we paid ourselves. Tour passed […]... mehr auf sartenada.wordpress.com

Recap and coffee 15.12.2016 18:00:17

coffee café december inspiration bavaria ingolstadt essen city guides lifestyle places to visit
Contains a small coffee-guide for Ingolstadt!... mehr auf sundaysattwelve.wordpress.com