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twisted 14.02.2018 23:49:18

soft pretzel recipe homemade pantry & kitchen bavarian
in bavaria, there is no real need for homemade pretzels. almost any pretzel you buy is superior to anything you will produce at home, especially when it comes to the crisp, salty, honey colored and distinctly sweet scented crust. however, living on the other side of the ocean, this is a totally different challenge. ... mehr auf nikkioutwest.com

sharing wisdom 08.07.2017 02:50:05

recipe german cheesecake workshops & classes pastry baking pantry & kitchen
earlier this year, I started sharing wisdom. i pulled out the cookbook my mother had given me when i left my original home. it is the most seasoned of my travel companions, not only in appearance, but also my closet one with many of the recipes telling stories of my journey through life. it . . . → Read Mo... mehr auf nikkioutwest.com

wurzeln schlagen – putting down roots 13.09.2016 17:33:02

süsses sommer backen search & wander pantry & kitchen rezept
Fein sind sie noch, harwurzelgleich, feiner Flaum spriest jeden Tag ein wenig mehr, wir wurzeln uns ein und strecken unsere Fühler aus in der neuen Heimat. Der Kopf sagt, es waren nur zwei Wochen seit unserem Sprung über den Ozean, das Gefühl sagt, es war jede Menge mehr. Der neue Alltag hat uns umfangen, . . . ... mehr auf nikkioutwest.com

pink lining 04.03.2017 04:28:18

streusel cake pastry baking baking homebaker sweets pantry & kitchen rasberry bars
in february, some time around valentine’s day winter left us. the young ones had hoped for a blizzard to keep them from school at least for a week. instead, there was not a single snow day, only some two hour delays occurred due to heavy winds and some flurries. winter left us utterly disappointed. . . . U... mehr auf nikkioutwest.com

fresh start 13.02.2017 03:03:06

brotbacken homebaker pantry & kitchen sauerteig bread sourdough
twentysixteen turned my world upside down. after packing up for more than six months and finally crossing the ocean in late summer we set out to conquer a new world. however, late in that year this happy endeavor came to a grinding halt. enthusiasm evaporated, energy waned. i had underestimated the power of change ... mehr auf nikkioutwest.com