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(Re)Narrations about (re)narrations 08.01.2016 15:43:08

russia usa germany idealism stilfragen re-narrations collectivism mysticism narrations economism struktur und akteur
To generalise and with a de-personalised/ideal-type simplificational narrative reconstruction: The German way: Idealism, with much love and much hate from different constructed groups for perceived goals (self-percepting as working for these goals/ideals) and against perceived enemies from other groups and from within. Importance of the role of the... mehr auf nestroyesk.wordpress.com

The Pigeon Movie Database » 10.03.2018 17:30:00

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Ein Blog, in dem das Vorkommen von Tauben in Film und Fernsehen analysiert wird. Weil… das Internet sowas vorher scheinbar noch nicht hatte. (via Coudal) ∞ Permalink∞ Permalink ... mehr auf eayz.net