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Halfway to 90: on flying, smashing the patriarchy, and other dreams 21.05.2019 19:23:53

longer essays those conversations middle-age feminism patriarchy birthday
I turn 45 this  month—this week—this day, hey, it’s today!—and I suppose now, when you call me middle-aged, I can’t say fuck off, because what else is this? My native language has a much better term for this time of life—it translates as “in the strength of life,” and it’s a term that’s applied, incidentally, … ... mehr auf nothingbythebook.com

We “celebrate” mothers but we neither value nor support them: if you’re not gonna walk the talk, take your hallmark holiday and shove it 12.05.2019 19:13:23

longer essays mother's day political feminism
Flora made me the most amazing, glorious card for the Mother’s Day, a work of art with every doodle a symbol—and a beautiful letter inside. Cinder, when he wakes up, will give me, I expect, chocolate, and Ender is out biking around with his friends, oblivious—but of course he will give me love, he always … ... mehr auf nothingbythebook.wordpress.com

Kick like a girl 28.04.2019 14:13:57

at least mildly sappy longer essays kick like a girl perseverance black belt test tang soo do martial arts wales
i. I plug up the charging port of my phone with chocolate—dark, Bernard Callebaut, delish—on the plane on the way to London, so, in the gym of a college in Brigend, Wales, I need to borrow a phone equipped with international roaming to text Calgary. People are good; I’m given not just the phone but … ... mehr auf nothingbythebook.wordpress.com

Anger as Fuel: Latin History For Morons, Microaggression Defined, Calgary Artist Eman Elkadri’s Social Justice Art #raceissues 12.01.2019 17:25:07

longer essays race issues eman elkadri canadian cultural mosaic foundation
Flora and I are watching John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons. It’s funny and heartbreaking—the same style of comedy-but-not that Hannah Gadsby presents in Nanette. The premise of the piece is god-awful (in the heartwrenching sense): Leguizamo’s son is experiencing racially motivated bullying in school. And so here’s the thing: this is John Le... mehr auf nothingbythebook.com