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Two lock Canals / Dos canales de esclusas / Deux caneaux à écluses / Dois Canals de bloqueio 05.06.2018 06:46:51

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In English: In Finland we have 31 lock canals which connect lakes and waterways. In this post I show to You photos from two lock canals. I love them, because they are situated on scenic places which means the beauty of the nature. I prefer to slow down my car by them and take a […]... mehr auf sartenada.wordpress.com

Amsterdam in April – I’m on a boat  15.04.2017 12:15:06

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Patrick and I were very happy that my dad’s health was stable enough for us to take our vacation as planned.  This was my first real vacation since my new job started 3 years ago and first time out of … Continue reading &... mehr auf jerseyjoshii.wordpress.com

When I Didn’t Go To Italy 27.03.2018 06:07:42

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I want to see the world. There are not many of us who can travel as much as we want. But I’ve found a way. Join me, Please, For when I didn’t go to Italy. … Me, feeding the birds in Venice. Me, atop the Tower of Pisa, I could see the very charming city […]... mehr auf bikecolleenbrown.wordpress.com