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Order – Weekly Photo Challenge 07.06.2017 21:00:31

photo-challenges 7.6.2017 by ben huberman photo challenge order 2017 © copyright by promocia
Order It’s in order (Click on the photo to see larger) This week the theme is By Ben HubermanEinsortiert unter:Photo Challenge Tagged: 2017 © Copyright by promocia, 7.6.2017, By Ben Huberman, ORDER, photo-challenges... mehr auf promocia.wordpress.com

Heritage – Weekly Photo Challenge 19.05.2017 15:30:13

photo-challenges by ben huberman heritage photo challenge 2017 © copyright by promocia 17.5.2017
Heritage Engelsberg Ironworks (Swedish: Engelsbergs bruk) is an ironworks in Ängelsberg, a village in Fagersta Municipality in Västmanland, Sweden. It was built in 1681 by Per Larsson Gyllenhöök (1645-1706) and Engelsberg is an outstanding example… Mehr... mehr auf promocia.wordpress.com

Narrow – weekly photo challenge 11.08.2016 12:12:13

photo-challenges by ben huberman photo challenge 27.7 narrow 2016 © copyright by promocia
Narrow The world is full of narrow things The cave is called the tunnel that was built in 1786 for a water-pumping works that would fill a landscaped small lake on top of the so-called… Mehr... mehr auf promocia.wordpress.com